Zepp-LaRouche Denounces NATO's “Operation Barbarossa” What on Earth Is the Bundeswehr Doing in Lithuania?

April 30, 2016
A German Panzerhaubitze 2000 during Saber Strike 15, a long-standing U.S. Army Europe-led cooperative training exercise, 2015. U.S. Army Europe Images, Flickr.

“71 years after the crushing defeat of Hitler in his demented military campaign against the Soviet Union,” the chairwoman of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche wrote in an article dated April 29, Angela Merkel's recent decision to deploy German soldiers to Lithuania is simply “scandalous”.

“After President Obama had signaled ahead of his latest visit to Hanover, that he expected a greater military engagement and funding from Germany, Chancellor Merkel found nothing better to do, than to assure the Bundeswehr's contribution to NATO's expansion to the East 'behind closed doors', during the mini-summit with the leaders of Great Britain, France, Italy with Obama in Hanover.”

Indeed, the “permanent rotating mission” of the 1000-man battalion that Germany will be part of, is expected to be finalized at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July, together with a number of other offensive measures against Russia. All of this is clearly building to a Third World War.

But this time, she warns, “the over eagerness of Mrs. Merkel to comply and the vassal-like careerist military” have gone too far. “Germany's increased involvement in NATO's encirclement strategy against Russia, which is moving NATO close the borders of Russia and not the opposite–Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke of an "unscrupulous attempt to turn things on their head"—has put Germany's existence at stake, because in the event of a nuclear war, nothing will remain of Germany and no one will survive. And no one can convince us that Mrs. Merkel, [Defense Minister] Mrs. von der Leyen and the Bundeswehr leadership are not perfectly aware of that.”

Zepp-LaRouche then reviews the provocations against China, the sending of U.S. soldiers into Syria, all on the backdrop of the financial collapse in the trans-Atlantic system, before coming back to the question of Germany as such.

“71 years after the total defeat of the national socialists,” she wrote, “which inflicted untold suffering on the Russian population, but also on the populations of other countries—including our own, the idea that we could be part of a new Operation Barbarossa against Russia must be rejected in the strongest terms and in practice. If the escalations now planned—including NATO's granting of “associate status” to Ukraine and Georgia, which has long been defined as a red line by Russia, or the potential NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, or the deployment of German soldiers to Lithuania—are adopted at the upcoming NATO summit, we will in all likelihood end up on the direct path to hell.

“Therefore, we must use the remaining two months to launch the alternative. That means the win-win cooperation with Russia and China, without which the current life-and-death problems—war danger, financial crash, refugee crisis, terrorism—cannot be solved. And we could not show greater friendship to the real America than by insisting on such cooperation.

“There is a way out. We must build the New Silk Road together with Russia, China and India, to ensure the economic development of Southwest Asia and Africa and the reconstruction of our own productive economy, and we have to make it clear to America that we are not willing to commit suicide to save an empire, that overstretched itself long ago. However, for the America of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, the international community has reserved a place of honor."