The British Factor in 9/11 and All Global Terror

April 21, 2016
President George W. Bush obediently toasts Her Majesty at a State Dinner in the White House, less than six years after 9/11. May 7, 2007

While the world media is focusing attention, legitimately, on Saudi Arabia’s hand behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and all subsequent jihadist terror around the globe, the real authors of that mass kill program are not found in Riyadh, but in London. It is fully fitting and proper that British agent and key 9/11 cover-up figure Barack Obama is headed directly from Riyadh to London later this week to pay homage, one more time, to the British Queen.

Saudi Arabia has always been a British Crown possession, dating back to the time of Lawrence of Arabia and the original generation of the House of Saud and the Wahhabi clergy. In fact, British control over the Persian Gulf emirates dates back to the heyday of the British East India Company in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But this British-run partnership with the Saudi Royals was put on a far more formal and active footing in 1985, when Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, a self-professed British agent, sealed the Al-Yamamah deal with Margaret Thatcher, setting up the oil for weapons barter scheme, under which hundreds of billions of dollars were sequestered into British offshore financial havens—to finance terrorism, coups and assassinations around the globe.

That is the part of 9/11 that has been so far missing from the long-overdue public revolt over the hiding of the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. Where did Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Prince “Bandar Bush” get the money to finance the two lead 9/11 hijackers in San Diego? From Al-Yamamah accounts at the Bank of England, that went into his personal bank accounts at Riggs National Bank in Washington. It was his “cut” of the Al-Yamamah loot, at minimum $2 billion.

Without the protection from Londonistan, there would be no Saudi Kingdom, no infrastructure for jihadist terrorism, no global drug epidemic, and no threat of global war of extinction.

From even before the actual 9/11 attacks, which Lyndon LaRouche witnessed on live television, while giving an interview to popular Utah broadcaster Jack Stockwell, LaRouche was warning about a looming “Reichstag fire” staged incident to drive the U.S. towards dictatorship under the Bush-Cheney Administration. In December 2000, Executive Intelligence Review had formally petitioned the US State Department to put Great Britain on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. The document detailed scores of formal complaints by governments around the world, against London’s harboring and financing of terrorist and violent separatists.

There were ample opportunities to stop the mass bloodshed, including 9/11, by taking on the real enemy of mankind—the British Empire. The failure to do so in the recent past has brought us to this grave moment of crisis. Now is the moment to knock out the Saudi terror machine, along with the British Empire that really runs the show. Break the 9/11 cover up and bring down Obama along with the Anglo-Saudis. It may be mankind’s last best chance for survival.

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Obama Being Overwhelmed with Pressure on 28 Pages

The public pressure on President Obama to declassify the 28-page chapter from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 intensified Wednesday, as President Obama arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to a cool welcome from King Salman. In his interview with Charlie Rose on the eve of his trip to Saudi Arabia, Britain and Germany, Obama had made clear that he intends to veto the JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) bill if it arrives on his desk, and he had also made clear that he had no intention of releasing the 28 pages, dodging the issue by putting the burden on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who is an Obama stooge. Claims that Clapper is “almost finished” with the intelligence review have been used as a stalling tactic by the White House for three years; the review actually began under pressure from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

After gloating that Republican Senate leaders were backing Obama's plans to sink JASTA, Sen. Lindsey Graham came out on Wednesday, reversing his position by announcing that, with minor changes in language, he will lift his hold, and allow the bill to come before the full Senate for a vote next week.

A growing chorus of public officials and Middle East experts have called for the release of the 28 pages in the past day, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who told Eleanor Clift of the Daily Beast that he will defer to the judgement of the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunez (R-Cal.), who came out a week ago, following the 60 Minutes airing, supporting the release of the chapter. Bruce Reidel, a former CIA officer now at the Brookings Institution, also called Obama's bluff on the 28 pages, arguing that the late Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud bin-Faisal, had said the pages should be released, claiming they would exonerate top Royal Family members.

Saudi expert Simon Henderson disputed those Saudi claims in an article today in Foreign Policy, in which he referenced a story he had published in 2002, based on reports from members of the Saudi Royal Family, who had confirmed to him that two very senior princes had paid Al Qaeda hundreds of millions of dollars in return for a promise that the House of Saud would not be targeted. He reported that recent efforts to determine whether those arrangements were ever terminated got negative responses.

Sen. Bob Graham also weighed in yesterday, with a powerful article published in TCPalm, a Florida publication affiliated with USA Today. Graham started out by saying that the government had not just covered up the truth about Sept. 11, 2001.

“It was a result of aggressive deception. Your government has purposely used deceit to withhold the truth. The reason for deceit: to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from its complicity in the murder of 2,977 Americans.”
Sen. Graham slammed the Obama Administration for stalling its so-called “review” for three years. He detailed the Sarasota story and the deep FBI cover-up of a prominent Saudi family, close to the Royals, who colluded with at least three of the hijackers, including Mohammed Atta. He concluded that in the name of justice, national security, and democracy, the truth has to be told.

Leaders of the 9/11 families have also been all over the media in the past 24 hours, with Terry Strada appearing once again on CNN (the third time in four days), and Sharon Premoli giving a lengthy interview to National Public Radio. The Florida Bulldog online newspaper, which sued the FBI over the Sarasota documents, published a new statement by four 9/11 widows, Kristen Breitweiser, Mindy Kleinberg, Lorie Van Auken and Patty Casazza, which blasted President Obama for threatening to veto JASTA and for blocking the release of the 28 pages. It read, in part:

“Mass murder through terrorism should never be qualified, excused or acceptable under any circumstances. President Obama ought to know that... JASTA is not a verdict of guilt against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. JASTA merely allows us to bring (it) into a court of law where, if warranted by the evidence, they can and should be held accountable.”

More Saudi Links to 9/11 Plot Revealed

Wednesday's Daily Mail has further evidence of the deep Saudi Royal Family role in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. After noting that President Obama was snubbed visibly on his arrival in Riyad for his meeting with King Salman—the King did not even show up at the airport to greet President Obama on his arrival—the lengthy article went on to detail the case of Al Qaeda bomb-maker Ghassan al-Sharbi, who was arrested in 2002. In the course of capturing documents in his possession, investigators found a Saudi embassy envelope, which contained a flight school certification in al-Sharbi's name. The details of the al-Sharbi links to the flight training prior to the 9/11 attacks and the evidence of contacts with Saudi embassy officials were contained in Document 17, the 47-page staff memo from the 9/11 Commission, that was declassified last year and is now publicly available on the website of the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP).

Between the contents of the newly declassified staff papers of the 9/11 Commission and the other revelations about high-level Saudi government ties to the Sept. 11, 2001 plotters, it is becoming almost impossible for the cover-up to continue. What is now obviously needed is a new, thorough, top-down investigation, focusing on the Anglo-Saudi apparatus behind the global jihad terror, including a long-overdue full investigation of the Al Yamamah British-Saudi barter scheme, under which hundreds of billions of dollars were squirreled into offshore accounts for use by terrorist networks, and other British-Saudi regime-change operations.