Obama Threatens War on Russian Forces in Syria

April 13, 2016
Russian forces responsible for driving ISIS to the edge of defeat are Obama's latest targets. Russian Hmeymim airbase, Syria. (

The Wall Street Journal was today supplied with a leak from the White House that a "Plan B" is being prepared for Syria, in the case that the ceasefire fails. Manpads - man-portable air defense systems, capable of taking down Russian and Syrian war planes - are to be supplied to terrorists (referred to as the "moderate opposition") in Syria, according to the unnamed official sources. The message in the Journal is not subtle:

The private message conveyed by U.S. officials to their Russian counterparts, who have backed the Assad regime with air power since last year, has been that the moderate opposition isn't going away and that a return to full-scale fighting could end up putting more Russian pilots in danger, according to U.S. officials.

I.e., Plan B is to launch a war on Russia.

It should be remembered that the US provided huge quantities of Stinger antiaircraft missiles to the mujaheddin in Afghanistan in 1986 to use against Russian planes and helicopters, a mujaheddin which had been recruited and trained by the British and the CIA from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states around the world, thus giving birth to al-Qaeda. The pattern today is the same.

That this is the plan is made clear by the fact that on the same day as the Wall Street Journal revelation about the war plan, Obama visited CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He will have discussed the urgency of stopping Russia and the legitimate Syrian government from consolidating their victory against the terrorist scourge in that war-ravaged nation. Then, next week, Obama flies to Saudi Arabia to meet with the funders and controllers of the terrorist networks internationally among the Saudi Royalty, before moving on to London to pay obeisance to the the Bloody Queen and to the Saudis' controllers in Buckingham Palace.

But things are not going well for the mass killer in the White House. Sunday night's CBS "60 Minutes" expose on the role of the Saudis in the 9/11 terror attack on the United States, moving the LaRouche movement's campaign into the popular limelight, comes only days before Obama travels to Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, Obama's role in destroying the American economy is exploding in his face, as the so-called "slow recovery" is now sliding rapidly into zero or negative growth, despite frantic measures to impose negative interest rates across the advanced sector, and increasing talk of "helicopter money" — literally placing newly printed money in banks, businesses and even private accounts, desperately trying to hold back the tide of the financial disintegration of the western financial system.

Even the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) admitted today that most of the leading banks have failed once again to demonstrate any capacity to survive the coming crash without yet another massive taxpayer bailout — which, in fact, is impossible in the current state of the economy. The former Kansas City Federal Reserve Chairman Thomas Hoenig, now the Vice Chairman of the FDIC, issued a statement on the state of the SIFIs (Systemically Important Financial Institutions, or the "too big to fail" banks):

No firm yet shows itself capable of being resolved in an orderly fashion through bankruptcy. Thus, the goal to end too big to fail and protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts remains just that: only a goal.

Another campaign led by the LaRouche Movement is also rising up to challenge Obama and his bankrupt Wall Street sponsors — the restoration of Franklin Roosevelt's Glass Steagall, to shut down Wall Street and restore the American System of creditary banking. Even a member of the Treasury Department's Financial Research Advisory Committee today ridiculed Obama's Dodd-Frank as a cover for doing nothing, and demanded restoration of Glass Steagall.

Nothing but cowardice and ignorance stand in the way of the United States and Europe joining China's New Silk Road process, building infrastructure and building nations internationally. Jin Liqun, the head of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), spoke today in Washington DC for the first time since taking the position. In response to a question from EIR, Jin called on America to join in the Silk Road process, noting that the US itself is in great need of rebuilding its infrastructure, and that China is ready and able to help. Will Americans wake up and join the new paradigm, or sink with Obama into chaos and war?

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Obama Administration's Plan B for Syria: War Against Russia

Just as some western governments and the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition are declaring that the US/Russia-brokered truce in Syria is on the verge of collapsing, the Wall Street Journal breaks the story, probably based on CIA leaks, that the Obama Administration is preparing a "Plan B" for Syria, should the truce fail. According to the Journal, the CIA and it's regional partners have drawn up plans to supply "carefully vetted," "moderate" rebel groups with heavier weapons, including shoulder-launched surface-to-air antiaircraft weapons (MANPADS). The Journal reports that the plans were discussed in a secret meeting of spy chiefs that took place just before the truce took effect on Feb. 27 and in a number of meetings since.

Unnamed officials said the CIA has made clear to its allies that the new systems, once agreed upon, would be given to the rebels only if the truce and the concurrent political track toward a lasting peace—Plan A—fall apart and full-scale fighting resumes. The Journal doesn't say whether or not the CIA has calculated how many of those weapons, if they're supplied, would end up in the hands of Syria's Al Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra, which in the past has acquired up to half of the weapons supplied to other groups by the US.

Most ominously, the Journal writes: "The private message conveyed by U.S. officials to their Russian counterparts, who have backed the Assad regime with air power since last year, has been that the moderate opposition isn't going away and that a return to full-scale fighting could end up putting more Russian pilots in danger, according to U.S. officials." This is a virtual declaration of war on Russia, and will be taken as such by the Russians.

Frants Klintsevich, first deputy chairman of Russian Federation Councils Committee on defense and security, told Tass, in effect, that the CIA plan will fail.

"The situation in Syria is now developing not in accordance with US plans," and that's why "Russia is practically pushed toward unreasoned actions," he said. "The attempts will not bring any result. We are rather thick-skinned. The US will not be able to return Syria to the state of chaos."