A Lot of Pants on Fire: London, Saudis, Obama Exposed at Once

April 11, 2016
President Obama in Saudi Arabia shortly after he was elected, 2009. CC-BY-SA

Just 10 days before his trip to kiss the Saudi royal hem one more time, President Obama has been hit by a "60 Minutes" program on what he will not release—the secret "28 pages" of the 2002 Congressional investigation of 9/11, which reportedly describe the Saudis' involvement in and support for those attacks. Democratic Party Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi called for the release of those secret pages, which is the promise to the 9/11 victims' families Obama has repeatedly broken throughout his dismal presidency.

Will justice finally be done for the victims of 9/11? Not by Obama. He is embarrassed and under pressure from the completely bipartisan demand for the declassification. But he is completely allied with the Saudis in a murderous and disastrous series of wars, still continuing—Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen. The Saudi government immediately denounced the "60 Minutes" program, making clear the sick Wahabi monarchy could not stand such exposure.

Obama, in an April 10 interview, called the Libya war "the worst mistake of his Presidency." He's lying about it—his cancellation of the U.S. manned space programs was a greater crime against humanity's future and this nation's mission. And he continues total U.S. support for the Saudi "coalition's" genocidal war in Yemen.

But the very lies show that the opportunity is there now, to remove him from office, the only way to really deal with these crimes before they include war—thermonuclear war—with Russia or China.

Then there is London, whose intelligence services have always controlled and used the Wahabi House of Saud. It has dominated Obama since he kowtowed to the Royal Family and Privy Council for a global bailout of Wall Street and London, at the April 2009 G-20 meeting.

London's imperial "offshore" financial empire stands exposed by the "Panama Papers" global scandal: Half of all the hundreds of thousands of dirty money shell companies exposed in the scandal are in the British Virgin Islands; 20% of them were set up at the behest of a single bank, HSBC, the British "opium war bank" whose real name is Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking company.

British Prime Minister Cameron is ensnared personally in the scandal and may be forced out. Each new day's action he announces in his suddenly discovered crusade "to end tax evasion" is a greater self-exposure and object of ridicule. Transparency International, the British weapon against developing countries, has suddenly "discovered" British tax evasion. The vast "London offshore" financial empire is under the spotlight.

And the entire London-Wall Street financial system of the trans-Atlantic countries is heading toward a complete collapse, as signaled by the emergency meeting of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governor's Monday morning and the equally sudden meeting between Obama and Federal Reserve chair Yellen Monday afternoon.

This opportunity will not come again. Leave the sinking London-Wall Street ship and take the alternative—the New Silk Road policy of the BRICS, for planet-wide great infrastructure projects, space exploration, and nuclear fusion science.

And throwing out Obama in the process, is the only action that could shake up the Presidential contest and bring out actually qualified candidates.

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Unexpected Crisis on Obama's Final Saudi Visit Agenda

A senior, bipartisan array of members of the two major investigations into the 9/11 attacks appeared on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, calling for release of secret documents which show Saudi Arabia's involvement in the attacks. The program appeared just before Barack Obama's final presidential visit to Saudi Arabia next week, and simultaneous with Congressional Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi's press statement calling for release of the secret "28 pages" of the Congressional 9/11 investigation.

The agenda of Obama's "crowning" visit to his war ally has surely now been "complicated." The Royal Embassy in Washington of the Wahabite Saudi monarchy, weakened and not so dismissive as with previous 9/11 exposes, immediately denounced the "60 Minutes" broadcast as "a compilation of myths and erroneous charges that have been thoroughly addressed not just by the Saudi government, but also by the 9/11 Commission and the U.S. Courts."

In the years since Obama first promised 9/11 victims' families that he would declassify the 28 pages, he and the Saudis have been hand-in-hand in so much genocidal, or merely disastrous warmaking — and still are — that revealing Saudi responsibility in the 9/11 attacks would be a charge of dynamite, which would hit London as well. The "60 Minutes" segment began by stating, accurately, that there is "deep distrust" between the war allies, part of which arises from the obvious Saudi support for Sunni jihadist groups and terrorist ideologies worldwide.

Yet justice must, at last, be done for the 9/11 victims. Representative Pelosi stated that "As the former Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee looking into the 9/11 attacks, I agree with former Senator Bob Graham that these documents should be declassified and made public." Graham, on the CBS-TV program, said the hijackers had to have support within the United States, and when asked, "You believe that support came from Saudi Arabia?", answered, "Substantially," and indicated that he included the Saudi government. 9/11 Commission members Adm. (ret.) John Lehman, former Sen. Bob Kerrey, former Colorado Gov. Tim Roemer, all confirmed that most members of both investigations — including their leaders — want the 28 pages declassified by Obama. Moreso do the families, and EIR.

Most notable was Kerrey's remark. The Saudi government for 14 years has relied on a single sentence in the 9/11 Commission Report, that it "did not find evidence that senior Saudi officials" were behind the attacks. Despite the extreme, deliberate ambiguity of "senior," the Saudis have claimed, publicly and in U.S. Courts, that the Commission exonerated them. Kerrey bluntly told "60 Minutes" host Steve Kroft, "No, we did not exonerate the Saudis."

Cameron Further Exposes Himself on 'Panama Papers' Scandal

Squirming under the spotlight of the 'Panama Papers' scandal on the British imperial "offshore" banking system and his own personal finances, Prime Minister David Cameron is further exposing himself. On a sudden crusade "against tax evasion," Cameron on Sunday announced a commission to investigate the Panama Papers—headed by a lawyer whose firm advised Cameron's father on setting up offshore dummy companies!

Cameron had to testify in the House of Commons Monday on the whole subject, and was attacked for allowing dirty money from these offshore havens to take over London real estate, one example of the tax evasion and money laundering by which London has victimized nations all over the world. When Labour MP Dennis Skinner called Cameron "Dodgy Dave," the 84-year-old Member was ejected from the House by the Conservative Speaker.

Cameron has also suddenly proposed new legislation making companies criminally liable for the tax advice their employees give. But it is his "world-class investigative commission" which has drawn ridicule.

It involves the Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority, both of which managed, for example, to miss the LIBOR-fixing conspiracy of Barclays and other major banks entirely. Cameron's nominee to head the commission is Edward Troup, head of the Revenue & Customs (HMRC, the British "IRS"); he turned a blind eye to the entire Credit Suisse tax-evasion operation in Britain, exposed last year by whistleblowers.

Moreover, Troup is a senior lawyer ideologically opposed to all taxes! In a 1999 newspaper article, Troup described taxation as "legalized extortion." His whole career was built on advising corporations on how to reduce their tax bills, before leaving Simmons & Simmons to join the civil service in 2004. And finally, Simmons and Simmons was the advisor, from 2001 while Troup was a partner, for Blairmore Partners, the set of dummy companies in the British Virgin Islands set up by Ian Cameron, the Prime Minister's father, to handle the family's wealth. The law firm's name appears on dozens of emails and documents in the Panama Papers in connection with a number of companies registered with Mossack Fonseca, the offshore agent at the center of the scandal.

The Guardian determined that in its 30-year existence, Cameron's Blairmore "has never paid a penny of tax in the U.K. on its profits."

Official HMRC spokesperson said: "Before joining the civil service in 2004, Edward Troup had a successful career in the private sector, during the course of which he dealt with many companies.... Edward Troup's role in HMRC has never involved responsibility for operational activities or direct dealings with companies on their tax affairs..."