British Unleash "Panama Papers" To Escalate Regime Changes Globally, Provoke War

April 6, 2016
Long-time Nazi collaborator and British stooge, George Soros, in the middle of yet another operation attempting "regime change". (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The release of thousands of documents from a Panama firm long involved in setting up shells for tax avoidance for the elites around the world, called the "Panama Papers," is transparently an operation set up and run by the British and their stooge Obama, funded by their favorite drug money launderer, George Soros, to the purpose of extending their "regime change" operations around the world. Several points should be noted, as documented below:

* The firm is run by the son of a former Waffen SS officer who went to work for the CIA after the war, and was eventually shipped off to South America, as were thousands of Nazis, under the auspices of Allen Dulles's "ratline" of former Nazis who collaborated with the CIA to "fight communism";

* The second partner was earlier the head of the party in Panama which was responsible for one of the CIA's early "regime change" operations -- the removal of Manuel Noriega by the US military. That party was itself run by a member of the Nazi movement over several decades;

* the highly selective release of the documents is aimed at orchestrating unsubstantiated attacks on Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, as part of Obama's escalation towards thermonuclear war against Russia and China.

Lyndon LaRouche immediately identified the operation as a British/Obama scam, but made the point that any effort to run "color revolutions" against either Russia or China is a fool's game. The reality is that the entire western financial system is disintegrating, while the vast majority of the world's population is turning to China and Russia, who, between them, are offering grand-scale infrastructure development and security against terrorists created by the British/Obama regime-change process, which has turned nation after nation into failed states.

Even in the United States, the LaRouche organization has observed a phase-change in the population, sparked in large part by the organization itself. The combination of a fight to restore Classical culture, characterized by the free concert by the Schiller Institute Chorus on Easter Sunday, performing Handel's Messiah in the classical tuning of c=256 in a beautiful Brooklyn church, together with a national campaign to restore NASA and the space program led by LaRouchePAC leader Kesha Rogers, and the mobilization over the past weeks for an international Schiller Institute Conference titled "Building A World Land-Bridge --Realizing Mankind's True Humanity," to be held in Manhattan on April 7, have captured a demoralized American population with a sense of optimism for the future, of what can be created by a creative people.

The time is short. A failure to grab this moment of opportunity, to create a new paradigm based on the common aims of mankind, will result in a new global war which could spell the end of civilization as we know it. The time to act is now.

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Behind the "Panama Papers:" London's "Anti-Corruption" Regime-Change Caper

With the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson Tuesday, the government of Iceland became the first to fall, in the wake of the orchestrated media frenzy over the so-called "Panama Papers" dumped upon the world. Their release was timely: just six weeks before an international "Anti-Corruption Summit" in London, called for by the British government for May 12, with the stated intent of creating a strengthened supranational "anti-corruption architecture" through which to overthrow designated governments of choice.

Rather shameless for an empire functioning for centuries upon the Venetian principle of "Private Vices, Public Good"!

Her Majesty's Prime Minister David Cameron first announced the anti-corruption summit on July 28, 2015, in a speech delivered at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. Cameron baldly declared that corruption of other governments creates migration and terrorism; that many refugees are fleeing "from corrupt African states where they have no economic prospects because everything is controlled by a corrupt elite," and Boko Haram, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, et al. demonstrate "how an oppressive and corrupt government can drive its people into the hands of the extremists in the first place."

Cameron cited Oxford University's infamous British colonialist (and former senior advisor to Tony Blair's Commission on Africa), Paul Collier, in proposing that this May's anti-corruption summit bring about "a fundamental change to the way the international community fights poverty," by using "international aid" to enforce "better governance."

Transparency International — created in 1993 under the direct instigation of Prince Philip — has been fleshing out the agenda for Cameron's summit. On Jan. 27, 2016, the UK branch of Transparency published their proposals for the summit, which they envision as "a coalition of the willing." Anti-corruption summits fail, because "serially corrupt" governments are allowed to participate, TI wrote, the only two countries mentioned by name in their proposal being China and Saudi Arabia. "Serial blockers—countries that use spurious excuses to stop any progress," must be excluded, and if diplomatic protocol requires they be invited, "it is vital that the blockers are not allowed to dictate the terms of the debate."

This rump caucus in London is then to agree upon such measures as adopting "a visa denial-of-entry regime for suspects of corruption;" "a corporate debarment regime between like-minded governments with the power to enforce it;" and "providing legal support for those living abroad to challenge the corruption taking place at home."

The key to success, however, is the use of the press and "civil society" to mobilize the victims of Bertrand Russell's cult of stupidity into Jacobin mobs which can bring down governments. In the words of TI: "Civil society and a free press are two of the (few) mechanisms that can promote transparency and accountability, particularly in countries that are not democracies."

Ergo: "the Panama papers"

'Panama Papers' Also Expose the Banks, Particularly HSBC

Amid the international furor over the April 4 announcement of a vast collection of "shell company" creation documents somehow obtained from a Panama law firm, Bloomberg News on April 5 and 6 carried two interesting reports. They contribute to the judgment of one of EIR's veteran intelligence sources, that the huge exposure of means of hiding money over the last 40 years, will hit the British financial empire offshore banks including its Hong Kong and Swiss elements.

Initially, worldwide coverage promised that "Putin" or "Chinese President Xi" were at the center of tax evasion networks. This is clearly not substantiated, has been ignored by those Presidents, and has already been dropped in many media accounts.

One of the Bloomberg reports, was that the United States, UK, Panama are among very few countries which have not accepted the OECD regulations on reporting of foreigners assets held in, for example, the United States. Thus America, with its very large banking system, is the largest tax haven in the world. This despite the United States' own FATCA regulations, which require other countries to report U.S. citizens' holdings abroad, and are very strongly enforced by U.S. sanctions.

"'The U.S. doesn't follow a lot of the international standards, and because of its political power, it's able to continue,' said Bruce Zagaris, an attorney at Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP who specializes in international tax and money-laundering regulations. 'Its basically the only country that can continue to do that.'"

"The latest reporting 'underscores the secrecy in Panama,' said Stefanie Ostfeld, the acting head of the U.S. office of the anti-corruption group Global Witness. 'What's lesser known, is the U.S. is just as big a secrecy jurisdiction as so many of these Caribbean countries and Panama. We should not want to be the playground for the world's dirty money, which is what we are right now.'"

The second report was that HSBC, London and Hong Kong's flagship bank since the opium wars and the biggest bank in Europe, is clearly the drug, tax-evasion, money-laundering bank of the world. "A trove of leaked documents casts HSBC Holdings Plc into a harsh light, as a consortium of investigative journalists said it found the bank was among the most active in registering shell companies that move money around the world on behalf of rich and politically connected clients. HSBC and its affiliates accounted for more than 3,300 of the 15,600 shell companies that Mossack Fonseca, a Panama law firm, helped form for clients of hundreds of international banks."

Nonetheless, the news service also reported from sources that "The U.S. plans to search the millions of documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm for information about people who may have helped companies or individuals evade sanctions related to Russia's role in destabilizing Ukraine." But here again, the sword is two-edged: Ukrainian coup-President Poroshenko hid money through the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama, while Ukrainian conscript solders were trapped and being killed just before the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine.