Without a Mission, You're Dead

March 22, 2016
Drug overdose deaths by county, 2002-2014. Overdose deaths have skyrocketed in nearly every county across the United States during the Bush and Obama presidencies.

"The bankruptcy of the United States's economy, as a whole, is finished. It's absolutely finished," Lyndon LaRouche stated categorically in his March 21 webcast discussion with the LPAC Policy Committee. As most Americans look the other way and fearfully try to make believe it isn't happening, what we are actually witnessing is the death of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, which is bankrupt beyond all repair. But we are also witnessing the death of a nation, and of its people, because our sense of national mission--and individuals' sense of purpose and identity itself--has been systemtically erased by the British Empire, their agents, and their policies inside the U.S. Nothing has been more central to this operation than the takedown of NASA, culminating under the Obama travesty.

LaRouche stated yesterday

There are whole categories of people, who were normally productive people. They have no role anymore. And the fact that the role does not exist anymore, means that the people don't exist anymore. In other words, what we're on the edge of, is wiping out the people.

It is hard to imagine a more convulsed and dangerous strategic situation. First, we are sitting on top of a volcano which is the bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system, which can and will erupt into a hyperinflationary blowout at any moment. Do not think that the current policies of endless bailouts and "helicopter money," as former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke was fond of calling it, can hold. You cannot try to bail out $2 quadrillion in worthless, speculative financial assets with another quadrillion of financial trash, and not have it blow up in your face. The governments that are backing this insanity-- such as the Obama administration--are equally culpable of the crimes being committed.

The British Empire is totally doomed, Lyndon LaRouche stressed today, and they are acting in total desperation: they won't accept defeat, and they are prepared to kill en masse. There are strong indications that just that is afoot in the United States, as well as in Europe.

Besides the exploding financial system, we are also sitting on top of a second volcano, which is the stated intent of the British Empire--and their puppet Barack Obama--to bring about regime-change in Russia and China. As Lyndon LaRouche has been warning for years, the crises in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and international terrorism generally, are all vectored towards a thermonuclear strategic showdown with Russia and China. The latest "barbaric" acts of terrorism in Brussels, as Russian President Vladimir Putin called them, are no exception. Speaking of the international sponsors of terrorism-- which we know to be the British Empire, operating under diverse flags--Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was blunt: "You can't support terrorists in one part of the globe and not expect them to appear in others."

Russia and China continue to play their role in countering this insanity, and building a New Paradigm based on a mission for mankind centered on win-win-cooperation around basic science such as space exploration, and concordant great infrastructure projects here on Planet Earth.

But, to succeed, the United States must be brought on board to this New Paradigm. For starters, the Nazis who would turn the United States into a concentration camp have to be denounced for what they are--from the FBI hooligans, to the Obama killing machine, to the genocidal Wall Street banks. Giving them a long-overdue bloody nose is a good way to get your spirits up and rekindle optimism.

Then the country has to reestablish its sense of national mission around the NASA space project, as Kesha Rogers's campaign continues to spearhead our efforts to that effect. This will give people back, not just productive jobs, but their very sense of purpose and human identity. And that is a force that the British Empire can't cope with.

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