Obama Has Been Weakened by Putin—Americans Must Remove Him Or Face World War

February 16, 2016

The flanking operation by Vladimir Putin in Syria, which has exposed the British/Saudi axis behind the terrorist networks across the region, has so weakened the British puppet Obama that only the fear and cowardice of the American people, and of their political leadership, is allowing him to remain in office for even another day. Putin's air power and cooperation with the legitimate Syrian government forces is now on the verge of crushing the terrorist insurgency in Syria.        

But Putin's brilliant strategic move into Syria was not simply local to the Mideast. Together with China, Putin has demonstrated the failure of the entire trans-Atlantic system. That trans-Atlantic banking system is now teetering on the brink, with trillions of dollars of fake speculative values being wiped off the books of the leading western banks over the past few weeks. Every insane effort to prop up the bankrupt banking system has now been exposed as a failure: quantitative easing; zero interest rates for 8 years, followed now by negative interest rates; bail-outs and now bail-ins; and deadly austerity conditions. All this has destroyed nearly all actually productive capacity in the US and much of Europe, but failed utterly to save the degenerate banking system. Nothing short of a Glass Steagall reform, wiping out the illegitimate portion of the debt, can stop the disaster now being played out.

As a demonstration of Putin's leading role internationally, the UN Security Council today, in a meeting called by Russia, acted upon a call from the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad to condemn the government of Turkey for criminally shelling areas in northern Syria over the past four days. The Turkish government of President Erdogan, Obama's closest friend in the region, is desperate to stop the offensive by the Syrian government and Syrian Kurd forces to close off the border, a move which will end Turkey's ability to arm the terrorist networks in Syria on behalf of Obama and the British/Saudi axis.        

"All members of the Security Council ... agreed to ask for Turkey to comply with international law," said Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez, who now chairs the Security Council after the meeting. Even the US and the British had to agree!.        

What Russia and China are doing across Eurasia through the BRICS, the AIIB, and other development initiatives, can and must be brought to the United States as well, as President Xi Jinping has proposed, and as the LaRouche movement has demanded.        

In India today, President Narendra Modi instructed his ministries to prepare applications to the AIIB, which will begin lending in the coming months, to help fund his plans for nearly 30 million new homes in rural areas, new high speed rail lines across the nation, and a new irrigation system to control the monsoons and droughts. God knows the US needs the same vision.        

Obama will do none of this, nor would any of the incompetents running for president from either party. The election has become a "reality show" farce, diverting the population from the dire crisis and the urgent solutions, which are well known to readers of this report.        

Obama, in the meantime, summoned the leaders of the ten ASEAN nations to California, where he lectured them on the dangers of China. He will get nothing from most of them, since they recognize China as a nation of vision, of development, of space exploration, of science, and of hope, while the US has become a feared, evil force for war and depression. Obama must be removed.

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Obama's Swan Song for ASEAN—Worse Than a Lame Duck

Obama brought leaders of the ten ASEAN nations to Sunnylands, California, for a two-day Summit starting Monday. The build-up for the event hyped the urgency that ASEAN speak with a common voice against China's "bullying" and "aggression" in the South China Sea. As a Global Times editorial Tuesday reported: "Washington has reiterated that the summit is not targeted at China. It is perhaps not because it does not want to, but because it dares not, for it knows if it does so, many Southeast Asian leaders would not attend at all."

Nonetheless, Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told reporters Monday: "We will be continuing to work with our ASEAN partners on a potential statement that we might issue together."

Obama is also pushing for more members of the anti-China, self-destructive TPP, and some countries are considering it. On this, the Global Times editorial says: "The TPP is considered to be partly aimed at China. But if more ASEAN countries join the TPP, it will not help the TPP isolate China, but it will only complicate the issue. China has long been ASEAN's largest trading partner."

China trade with ASEAN was $480 billion in 2014 — more than twice ASEAN trade with the US. The Maritime Silk Road and the AIIB are offering both additional development and stability to the region.

Obama's offer to ASEAN is pathetic. He will announce a plan to set up "innovation" centers within the US Embassies in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, part of his ASEAN-US Connect program. Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor, told the Straits Times: "That's what the US has to offer. I went to Laos in October. We are never going to invest as much in infrastructure in Laos as China or Japan, but we can bring a quality of investment and capacity building."

Obama did manage to get in a round of golf at Sunnylands, Monday morning, "with three high school friends." It was not reported whether or not they also got high, just like the good old days in Hawaii. 

At Russian Agenda Request: U.N. Security Council to Turkey: 'Comply with International Law,' Stop Shelling Syria

On Tuesday at the U.N. Security Council (UNSC), Turkey's shelling of Syrian territory was taken up, at the request of Russia, and the Council unanimously urged Turkey to stop its attacks. At the closed-door session, Council members received a briefing on Turkey's violations of Syrian sovereignty. Afterward, the UNSC Chairman, Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez, told reporters, as cited by TASS, that, "All members of the Security Council...agreed to ask for Turkey to comply with international law." The Council affirmed its commitment to the Munich agreement.

Ramirez said that, "UN Security Council members are concerned with the Turkish attacks on a number of Syrian regions..." He spoke specifically against attacks on the Kurds. "One of the issues expressed by some countries, including Venezuela, is that the Kurdish people have to be included in the discussion...Something that is important—the Kurds are fighting against the terrorist groups on the ground, and this is an important factor for everybody..."

Russian leadership in defending sovereignty and international law is evident in the UNSC process. Last week, the Syrian government had sent letters to the Council, reporting on Turkey's attacks on Kurdish militia forces inside Syria, and charging that Turkey was violating Syria's sovereignty. On Monday, Russia made the request for this matter to be put on the Council's agenda.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement Feb. 15, saying that Russia sees the Turkish action, "as direct support for international terrorism in violation of corresponding UN Security Council resolutions and the commitments that Turkey assumed as a member of the International Syria Support Group in Vienna, New York and Munich." Therefore, "Russia will support the initiative to put this issue on the agenda of the UN Security Council, which should provide an unambiguous assessment of Turkey's provocative policy that is threatening peace and security in the Middle East and beyond it."

Director of China's Space Science Center: "People Are Eager to See Some Breakthroughs..."

Dr. Wu Ji, director-general of the National Space Science Center in Beijing, has led the effort to get China to invest in making ground-breaking contributions to space science. As reported in a comprehensive article by Andrew Jones, in the Finland-based gbtimes Tuesday, Wu explains that in China, "in GDP we are second in the world. [but] that's only money. So we have to make some contribution to human beings and our knowledge." He notes that there is strong public backing for space science missions, beyond the concerns about budgets. He said, "People are eager to see some breakthroughs, to say that China has [made] a fundamental contribution to fundamental science."

Wu, himself, Jones reports, was in Europe's Space Technology and Research Center in 1986, when Halley's Comet visited our night sky. "That was very, very inspiring for a young engineer," says Wu. He and his colleagues have created the plans for China's space science missions for the current 12th Five Year Plan, and for the next plan, from 2016-2020. The first space science mission launched under the multi-year plan was the Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) in December. Three more should be launched this year, including an X-ray telescope. Eight experiments in fluid physics will also be conducted in the Tiangong-2 module, to be launched this year. Longer-term, more complex and challenging missions are also being planned, out to 2030. They encompass nearly every field of astrophysics, cosmology, and include biological science.

On the prospects for international cooperation that are being offered by China, Wu says that a selection of a new round of priority missions has taken place, one of which is a joint solar wind explorer mission with the European Space Agency. (This is a joint space science project with young scientists that China and ESA have under way, to develop a joint satellite). The next round of space science missions will be launched around 2020, Wu said.

In November, Wu told the press, at a briefing on the up-coming science missions: "China should not only follow others in space exploration; it should set some challenging goals that have never been done by others, such as sending the Chang'e-4 lunar probe to land on the far side of the Moon." And that is precisely what China is doing.