"Houston, We Do Have a Problem: It's Obama"

February 10, 2016
President Obama, Michelle Obama and Vice President Biden watch NASA's Lunar Electric Rover at the 2009 inaugural parade. By NASA/Bill Ingalls

As President, Barack Obama has driven the United States toward war with Russia and China, and has robbed its scientific identity by scrapping entirely the American mission of space exploration.

LaRouche Democrat leader Kesha Rogers of Texas today declared a new national mobilization to reverse Obama's destruction of the American space program. In 2010 and 2012, Rogers won successive Congressional Democratic nominating primaries in Texas around the banner, "Save NASA, Impeach Obama."

In an Internet broadcast today, Rogers said: "Obama's intention going back to that dismantling of the space program in 2010, is ... a complete ripping apart, of what was a visionary perspective of leadership, under President John F. Kennedy, that had been taken down under the Obama administration -- which was the intention to put forth a policy of zero growth.

"Yesterday, I attended an event called "The State of NASA." Many people saw this event, it was aired live with the NASA director Charlie Bolden as well as others.

"And what was just astonishing to me, was the fact that the President cuts the entire budget, continuing to cut the budget to the Orion mission, the manned flight mission, continuing to dismantle the Moon mission -- matter of fact, there's no Moon mission any longer; and at the same time cutting all fusion programs....

"The director of the space program lays out that `We are closer than ever to getting to the Red Planet.' I find this a paradox, from the standpoint that we've cut all missions to go back to and industrialize and actually develop the Moon.

"You have to go back and look at the history in terms of, visionary leadership started with those people who had a conception of the human mind that reached out far into the destiny of our Solar System. And it wasn't just a profit mechanism, or it wasn't just about budgets, and cutting budgets, or trying to go to space "on the cheap."

Rogers turned to "a real example of visionary leadership: the great spirit and mind of Krafft Ehricke, a pioneer in space flight, rocketry, engineering, who worked alongside and was a student developing the ideas of [werner] von Braun, and what really made our space program and the vision that took us to the Moon, with Apollo 11, through the Saturn V rocket.

"But he expressed something, again, which was a higher order of magnitude in terms of the philosophy and mindset in what, he understood, was the basis of the space program, which was, again, the defense of the human mind, and the creativity of the human mind. In Krafft Ehricke's Anthropology of Astronautics, he outlines his three fundamental laws:

"'1. Nobody and nothing under the natural laws of this universe [can] impose any limitations on man, except man himself.

"'2. Not only the Earth, but the entire Solar System, and as much of the universe as he can reach under the laws of nature, are man's rightful field of activity.

"'3. By expanding throughout the universe, man fulfills his destiny as an element of life, endowed with the power of reason and the wisdom of the moral law within himself.'

"Krafft Ehricke himself warned that a society that turned against true progress and adopted a trajectory toward zero growth, limits to growth, [would be] a society that would cease to recognize its true human potential.

"Ehricke wrote: "The conception of space travel carries with it enormous impact, because it challenges man to practically all fronts of his physical and spiritual existence. The idea of travelling to other celestial bodies reflects to the highest degree, the independence and agility of the human mind. It lends ultimate dignity to man's technical and scientific endeavors. Above all, it touches on the philosophy of every existence. As a result, the concept of space travel disregards national borders, refuses to recognize differences of historical or ethnological origin, and penetrates the fiber of one's sociological or political creed as fast as that of the next."

"And given the circumstances that we find society in right now, the continued escalation of conflict and tension among nations, what we're seeing in terms of the continued drive of warfare or the escalation against Russia, against China; it is an attack on this very conception, of the human mind."

Kesha Rogers has put her finger on the crime of Obama as President: The robbery of the mission of the United States, and therefore of the mental powers of its citizens. Her campaign aims to restore it.



Obama Destroys U.S. Future in Space

Barack Obama's budget request for NASA in Fiscal Year 2017 marks the first time that NASA has ever been cut to below 0.5% of the Federal budget — its share was near 5% during the years of JFK's Apollo Program.

In requesting $19 billion for NASA, Obama cut the Congressional authorization for the space agency by $300 million. But he called for much deeper cuts in "deep space" and "planetary" exploration, the area of NASA's work in which national missions for the future could emerge. These cuts, combined, were in the range of $1 billion, according to a review in USA Today.

In 2006, NASA, despite years of declining resources in real terms, still was making plans for a Moon base, with a future of scientific observation of the universe and preparations to exploit the Moon, including as a potential forward base for travel to Mars. In some versions of NASA's planning, the Moon base was to be on the far side.

Obama scrapped that in 2009-10 by killing the Constellation Program, thus making the Moon inaccessible for the indefinite future, and formally renouncing it as a goal.

Now China and Russia are the nations planning for robotic and human landings on the Moon — perhaps in collaboration — led by China's just-announced intention to start a base on the far side of the Moon by 2018-20.

Obama, when killing Constellation, claimed that the United States could, at some future time, go straight to Mars with a new Space Launch System (SLS) and "Orion" program. Now, in the FY2017 budget, he is killing them, in effect; he would have done so already if Congress hadn't insisted on investing about $10 billion in SLS/Orion since FY2011.

For SLS, for example, Congressional funding in FY2016 was about $2 billion; Obama calls for $1.3 billion in FY2017.

What Obama wants to increase, in NASA's budget, is "Earth sciences" — climate-change detection, in his diseased green mind, in the service of driving human science and technology back to the past. As EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche described it, "By canceling the space program, you [obama] actually turn back history."

House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) immediately denounced Obama's budget in a statement to Ars Technica, as an "imbalanced proposal [that] continues to tie our astronauts' feet to the ground and makes a Mars mission all but impossible."

But the real fight will come, not from austerity-addled Republicans, but from activists with leaders like Texas LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers, who won two Congressional primary contests with the plan: "Save NASA; Impeach Obama."