LPAC Manhattan Project: Town Hall event with Lyndon LaRouche, February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016, Manhattan Town Hall event with Lyndon LaRouche

Every Saturday the LaRouchePAC Manhattan Project hosts a town hall event featuring a dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche and activists in Manhattan.


DENNIS SPEED:  My name is Dennis Speed and on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee I want to welcome everybody here today.  I think our session is going to be lively, if the preconference of a moment ago between myself and our speaker is any indication.

Mr. Lyndon LaRouche is not known for being shy or unclear, as long as you're prepared to listen.  So, Lyn, I'd like you to do what you do best, give us an opening statement and we'll go right to the questions and answers.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, we know that the entire system of the United States is ready to crash and we have to rescue the United States, to prevent the crash from actually being accomplished. And I think that's the figure and the idea which he wishes me to express.

SPEED:  Yes.  So, let's go right to the Q&A.

Q:  Hi Mr. LaRouche, this is R— from Bergen County, New Jersey.  My question is about what's going on. My question is, there's an article in the Wall Street Journal —  I know I always go back to these article because I get kind of agitated by them, seeing them in light of what's been going on;  "Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Dilemma" and it cites some of the numbers of the amounts of money that she has taken from Wall Street.  And it's very clear that she has absolutely no intention of stopping Wall Street.  And I always go back to the statement you always make:  We have no need for Wall Street, we have to eliminate it. And the best way to do that is through Glass-Steagall.

So rather than citing any of the numbers, which are quite large, in the millions, and various statements from various people who say, "she's not going to have a hard line on Wall Street, she's going to facilitate their operations, maybe pretend to regulate it a little bit. But she has absolutely no intention of really coming down hard — and she cannot!  She's beholden to Wall Street.  She has taken a huge amount of money from them.

On the other hand, the Bernie Sanders situation is reflected in the very good article in EIR which I like the title.  It's by Gerry Rose, recently just came out.  And the title of the article is, "Hillary: The Obama Stooge; Bernie: The Bullshitter." [laughter]

I got some good information out of this.  Basically, he talks about his foreign policy and his record of voting for some pretty godawful foreign policy things in the past.  So we have these two characters.  And we have Martin O'Malley who has some positive stuff, that he's come out with some definitive statements on going after Wall Street in some sense.  Although in one of the quotes that I took from one of the articles, he talks about "breaking up" Wall Street, rather than eliminating it.  To me, those are not closely related; to me those are drastically different, and your position, I know is to eliminate Wall Street, which is totally different from breaking it up.

So here's my question:  O'Malley has pulled out of the race. He was the only one who seemed to be seriously talking about the Wall Street situation; is there any way that people around him or his trend or his faction or however you want to describe it, can still be involved in the game in some way, perhaps, as running for office as congressman?  Because after all in the past, I think some people have said that all it takes is for a congressman to get up and file articles of impeachment, in order to get the process going.

Now, looking at the cast of creeps who are running for office, you have no doubt that whoever is elected, if it's among those people, they're going to start screwing up pretty quickly. So what is your opinion as to how we can maintain the tenor, the tone of O'Malley, even if it's not O'Malley himself?  Is there something around that that we can continue to push and develop?

LAROUCHE:  O'Malley is essentially, honestly what he is, what he manifests.  He has a record in terms of his behavior in these kinds of matters.  He's had to fight as a political figure, and being a political figure sometimes it makes the person's conscience strained.  Which is not unusual in the business.  And he's not a problem.

I actually set this thing up. What happened, I saw what was going on, what they were headed to doing, and so made an urgent cry, for a confrontation on this issue.  And what the result was, is the result I wanted to get, and that was to actually expose the absolute fraud that lay behind this whole operation. So I accelerated that process, and then it happened. Now, some people would say, "that was the end of it." Uh-uh, that is not the end of it. What I did, was to force an issue which would actually bring the truth out into the open. And, we have, in a sense, done that, if you look at it carefully. Because, they are going to sink. And, my intention was, to cause them to sink themselves. And that's what's going to happen. And that's what I'm concerned about.

Sometimes, you know, in politics, when you understand the history, of economy and so forth, which is what my specialty is, of course, we do those kinds of things in order to force the issue, in order to expose the fraud. And, that's what I did.

Now, what's coming up next, is, I've got to follow through on this thing. Because we're going to have to save parts of the United States. We're going to try to sink these monkeys. And, Obama is the monkey I'm really targeting. Get him out of there, and you are going to save the United States.

Q: Now, the short people. [laughs] Hi Lyn, its K— from the Bronx.

It appears to me that the only way Obama believes he can save himself, is to bring on World War III. He is sending heavy military equipment to be used in an attack against Putin. How on the edge is this?

I'm also concerned that Putin will use the magnetic pulse over this country. And how vulnerable are we to that?

LAROUCHE: Well, I think that, what Putin will do— I know Putin, in a sense, very well. I've only had very indirect connection to him, in my experience, but that's just a coincidence.

But, I know Putin very well, in terms as a figure of history, that I know as a figure of history. And, he's doing a brilliant job, he's got everybody confused, — everybody, except those who are honest. [laughs] The honest people are not confused by Putin. It's only the stupid ones, that are fooled about what Putin is up to.

Putin, remember, look at the history of this thing. Putin was a member of a family which fought against Hitler, and the family members—which was in the northern part of the Russian economy, at that time—most of the family were killed; and people of that, were killed. And so, he was one of the few survivors, of members who were coming from that northern area in Russia. And, he survived that, and I got to know him a little bit, indirectly, through what he was doing in Germany. Because he was working with the German government, at that point, in his career.

And, then, he moved into a much more significant position, and I followed much of that development. So I know, in a sense, as a scientist, I know exactly what he's doing. And I understand it, and he's right to do what he's doing.

What you see in the case, that he just has been running, in the northern area [of Syria], he's done an excellent job. He has a military capability, which is beyond the technological capability of most of the United States and most of Europe.

And so, he's not a fool. He's a very, very skilled man, and he as a very well-trained organization. Not trained because of some trick, but trained to outwit the enemies he has to fight. He's closely allied, intimately allied with China. He's also, you'll find that, in the whole area, the Eurasian region has a lot in it very good. China, for example. India is being built back up again. Remember, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by the British. And that was an experience; I was very close to her, Indira Gandhi. And, she was murdered, by the British. That's how that happened.

So, this is that kind of experience, that, in the course of my life, I'm used to. I understand these kinds of things. This is what happens. And, sometimes, some people succeed, in getting something put across which will be useful to mankind. And that's the case, now.

The problem is, the enemy is essentially, the British system. The British system is the enemy of mankind. It has been for a very long time. It's the true enemy of mankind. And Obama is an agent of the true enemy of mankind. That's the case.

So therefore, what we're doing, we're trying to get safety for mankind, focusing largely on the Eurasian area. That is to the Pacific and into the Eurasian elements of Europe. That's what we have available. Putin has made brilliant exercises, and they probably deserve victory. That is, in terms of what the terms are.

The problem is we have got a stupid bunch of people, in the United States, who have all too much influence on the United States. If we could simply put these guys—give them a real opportunity, maybe put them on a galaxy, someplace; maybe stick them on one of the branch galaxies.  And he could probably get a new career, he certainly would get moisture requirements satisfied.

But we're in a point where we're trying to actually eliminate the British system, and everything that goes with it, and Obama is nothing but a British agent, an enemy of the United States. And, once you understand that, and you understand what Russia is doing, you understand what China is doing, you understand what India is doing, at this time; you see how nations in Europe, some parts of the population regret deeply, the stupidity that Europe has shown on itself.

We know what we've got, in terms of the enemy: Wall Street is the enemy of the United States. There's no reason to allow Wall Street to exist! There never was, actually, but now, especially with the threat to the people of the United States. Think of it! Think of the rate of acceleration, of degeneration, of the incomes, and the opportunity of productivity, among the people of the United States. The rate of acceleration of the destruction of the human population, of the United States, in particular, is one of the most horrible things for any American to have to think about. And, the only reason they don't think about it, is because they have made themselves stupefied, and don't know what the truth is.

This is the problem. This is the war we have to fight. It's not a war, in the ordinary sense of war. We have to get rid of this problem. And, we should be organizing around the relationship between the United States and Asia. And that should be the hot issue right now.

Because almost everything has been shot. We don't have an economy in the United States. We don't have an economy! The death rate is accelerating! People who are called as being "employed," are being murdered by a policy action. The children are being destroyed; the children of the people of the United States, are being destroyed. They are essentially insane. California is full of insane people. It was done, of course, by Schwarzenegger, the great sex maniac of California.

But this problem is monstrous. We have to actually understand the objective here,  get rid of Obama;  get rid of what he represents. Dump him.  And understand, how we are going to get the planet Earth, and beyond Earth itself, into a functioning area, for the future development of mankind.

And that's what it has to be. There's no simple solution; there's no simple fact that explains everything. What we have, is we've got, Eurasia now is actually the heart of mankind. Eurasia is the heart of mankind.  Not the United States. Not Wall Street, certainly. But it's located, essentially, in a new orientation, built up around the cooperation between Russia and the Asian nations in general. That's the solution. And, that's what every American, who's patriotic, in the real sense of practice, would look for.

So, the simple cases, of how these things argue, it's all nonsense. Most Americans would not have any ability to understand what this is all about. Because the history goes deeper; and the problem is deeper. But I know that the solution is possible. And, so, therefore, my point is, I know that the solution is possible. My concern is, how do we make sure that that solution is delivered?

We can win, and we can win in a short time, but we have to really win it. I think we can do it, but it's a really dangerous job.

Q: [follow up] I would like to ask, you had answered one part of the question, to the prior questioner, about that O'Malley might get into Congress. Did I understand that correctly?  Is he trying?

LAROUCHE: O'Malley could be a figure in the Congress. He was before, in a sense. He has a history of that kind. His personality fits that. He's in a situation, personally, now, and in recent times, which are not fitting, to his purpose. There are other people in the same kind of thing.

So, the point is, how do we act?  Here you are, in Manhattan, and Manhattan is a crucial point, not the only crucial point, but a crucial point, for the entire United States. Despite all the things that have happened to the United States, the degeneration in conditions of life, and so forth, yeah. But the United States is, for us, if we move properly, we can make the United States rather quickly, a rejuvenation of institution.

We can have that. You are going to have problems. You're going to have all the leftover problems, of all the children who were destroyed. Because most of the children, who are so-called schoolchildren, have been mentally destroyed. We can try to rebuild them, their destroyed minds.

Take the case of California. Think about the sex maniac who ran California for a period of time. And, look at the effects of that; look at the school system in California. It's a shame against mankind. But all these things can be fixed, if we have a quantity of people, who are simply willing to simply get in there and resolve some of these problems. That's the way mankind has often dealt with nations that are out of whack. And, we're going to have to do that. But, if we can do that, we'll win.  We may have damaged people, but the future of that humanity will still be saved. We can save, even these people.

Look at all these young people running around here. These people are absolutely insane! Everything about them is insane! It's not that they have some quirk; it shows that they are committed to insanity, to behave in ways which are actual insanity.

But the point is, we can solve the problem; it's feasible. And what we have to do, is understand is that we have to devote ourselves, to making that thing work. And get Obama out of there, get him out of there as quick as possible; throw him out! And we can do it.

Because why?  People in the United States today are terrified. People of great power, financial power and other power, are terrified! Of what? By Obama!

Put Obama in the jail, keep him there. Don't overfeed him, anything like that. He might get his strength back that he teared the place apart.  But the point is, that's it.

We have a terrible fate before us. That fate has a solution. The solution is something which can be understood. And what we have to do is create the process of that development. It can be done!

Russia is prepared to do that, India is prepared to do that, China is prepared to do that. China is the most progressive nation on the planet right now. Of all the parts of the planet, China is the most important, most rapidly developed part, of the entire planet. So we have some options, if we can get the mechanism working as it should be working. We can rebuild the United States within a couple of decades. We can do it.

Q: Hi Lyn, this is D—W— from Manhattan, upper 86th Street, and my question is mainly about the space program and where we are going. I'm a scientist and a physicist, and I understand about the spinoffs that occurred due to the space program: We got semi-conductor chips and new kinds of ceramics, and all kinds of amazing things. And plus there was inspiration to a new generation. So could you outline your vision for what we can do with the space program, to take care of this next generation; and how it could move forward, perhaps with China?

LAROUCHE: Yes, absolutely. There's no great difficulty in understanding what the prospect is; the question is, are we going to act on the prospect.  That's the question.

Now what we have is that China has taken a leading role in terms of the back side of the Moon, and the role of China, in dealing with the back side of the Moon, and understanding what that is and what the implications are, is one of the leading concerns properly right now. At the same time, my own group of associates, we have some fairly good and important contributions to make, in terms of steering things back.

Remember, the space program was shut down immediately was shut down, by Obama. Obama destroyed the space program. It's been dead since that time. Many of the people who were doing it, are dead since that time. The operation has been dead for decades now.

Q: [follow up] We're losing talent, with that.  People are going to different fields. And some of the historical knowledge of how to build it, and where to go and the inspiration for the next generation, is also lost.

LAROUCHE: If you look at the history of Germany, and you look at what happened when Germany was crushed by the Hitler program: Now look what happened then. We had, here were people, who were scientists working under Hitler circumstances; but Hitler was out now. What happened? The greatest leap forward in the space program occurred, after Adolf Hitler was crushed. And this is the kind of thing we have to do. We can rebuild, when it comes to science we can set up programs, which will bring the potentiality of scientific work and achievement, we can bring that back into focus; and we can take young people, who are adolescents and so forth, at that level, and you could find that, history has shown, that we have been able to do that. At the end of World War II, we showed that we had the ability to do it. Mankind, of our nation has the ability to do that. We have to create the opening by which the recovery can be effected.

Q: Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche, this is I—M— . This is the first time I've been here for a while. Well, I've been paying attention to all of the prospective candidates for President, for the Presidency of the United States.  And I've been enjoying myself, because it is very good, you are hearing all the slogans and all the criticism of each other. But they're not talking about what is really going to drive America back to being a great nation.

Some of them are talking about equal opportunity, of which I think it is lip service, and, they're not talking about training. Training is very important, because if America is going to get back into manufacturing you need people to build. If the roads and bridges need to be fixed, you need people with skills. So I would like to know what you think about that. How can America get a workforce, from within the United States to benefit the country?

LAROUCHE: We have some problems. We have some historical problems. We have the 20th century. The 20th century was the beginning of the downfall of the United States, right then. And we still have that problem.

Now, I don't have any problem with that idea. I know what history has shown me, and history does mean something. It doesn't mean that everybody does it well. But there always are some people, who want to create a better future for mankind. We've had a turn-down in recent times on this problem. We have gone through a dismal experience.

We have a youth population which is actually insane. For example, the average children and adolescents in California, they're all horrible! They're degenerates! Why? Because they're trained to be degenerates. You have, of course, the leading sex maniac in the world, was in charge of California for a while. And these things do hurt; they do damage.

The point is, if we understand ourselves, and understand ourselves deeply enough, we can rejuvenate the nation. It will take maybe two decades to do it, but we can do it. It's been done before, and it can be done again. The United States has within it the ability to rebound back, not to only to better, but to something that never happened before, no example.

We can do it! But we have to understand that we have to make a devotion to the effect that we wish to produce. And that's always been the case of mankind. Mankind has been set back by evil periods of life.  The British Empire has been Satanic, and is still a Satanic force. As a matter of fact, the British Empire as a Satanic force, is the major problem of the whole planet! Get rid of that! get rid of the British system, the British Empire, totally. Look at what they've done to the humanity of the whole planet!

No, we can solve these problems, but we have to get a mechanism into work, to get people devoted to the idea of the recovery. We've done it before,  we've got to do it again.

SPEED: Just as a point of clarification, I think most people are clear, but a few may be confused as to which sex maniac from California Lyn is referring to. It is Arnold Schwarzenegger, because it could also be, of course, Jerry Brown, for other reasons. If you understand Jesuits, you would understand why I would say that; but Arnold Schwarzenegger, for purpose of clarity.

LAROUCHE: Well, Schwarzenegger is a sex maniac. He was the world's leading sex maniac. He was promoted directly from Ireland, but not from the Irish; and he was shipped into the United States to become the leader of California. And what he did is he turned the whole California into a bunch of degenerate sex maniacs, and they began doing it very quickly. What we're trying to do is get rid of the sex maniacs out of California.

Q: Hi Lyn, it's M— from Manhattan, and yes, I really am terrified, frightened. To many people, I don't know if they nearly comprehend what has happened in the past week that's out in the open.

When it came time, almost eight years ago, to vote, as a Democrat, I knew I could not vote for this Barack Obama fellow, because money was coming and coming from George Soros, and his whole program with MoveOn.org.  And I lived in Manhattan, and watched the destruction of especially certain communities at that time, African-American, and then the Latino, from heroin. I talked to children, who were devastated with the effects of crack cocaine. My apartment was robbed five times, and every single time. It was one of those folks that robbed it here.  And now the buildings are worth a million this and that and the next thing. But it was the work of drugs. And I am now, the thought that Gov. Martin O'Malley is not running is really... he was, in my mind, the only truly honorable person.

Now I take a look and say, wow, here we go again. George Soros has given how much money to Hillary Clinton? Is it $6 or $8 million? Oh, wow! What!? Then, his full-of-hot-air-self, Bernie Sanders, looks like he's been given money also.  And Trump, who's so happy because all these Mexican children are coming up on the border, they're coming, their parents are trying to save their lives; they're coming from Central America where these guns are going across the border. And he is a business partner, more or less, with this big multi-multi-trillionaire George Soros. He's made is money from heroin. I think when you brought down the British pound, the British said, "Oh, yeah, bring down the pound." They arranged it so they wouldn't be connected to the amount of money that he was actually working with, that there wouldn't be this connection, but there's got to be a connection. And I don't know what are we going to do, because I do feel very strongly that the educated, the potential leaders of our country, many of whom come from the pretty prestigious families and the upper middle class, will be targeted with this amount of heroin that's going to come into our country.  If you think it's bad now, by looking at New Hampshire, Vermont, Orange, New Jersey, or what have you.  It's going to be far worse.  And it finishes off the destruction that the education has done to our children since I participated in it.  I know how you get kids to learn; and this is not the way.

So, I just wondered what your opinions are.  A man like O'Malley would never take money from a George Soros, and there are people actually who think he's good!  So I'm just asking what is the choice?  How do we make this clear to parents?

LAROUCHE:  Let's make it clear.  Soros is a member of a family, which was Jewish but which were anti-Jewish, at the same time.  And what happened is he, Soros, that Soros, who was picked up by the British Empire system, gained a powerful position in Britain and then moved that into the Americas.  He was always a murderous bastard—totally evil, intrinsically evil.  What he did, he turned in Jewish people — that is,  he was Jewish; and he and his father, or his father's two sons are part of this evil.  And George Soros was the star person in that whole program.

This is what brought Obama into the United States!  A Satan, a real Satan.  And that's what's happened.  The British are Satans, Satanic.  These are realities.

What happens is, when you raise these questions, some people shudder, "Haa, haa." "Oh, you can't say that.  He's a big man. He's a very important man!  What're you doing to say that?  Why, he put Obama in the Presidency!" Soros did it.  It was arranged.

So these things are not things that are mysteries, except for people who are too afraid and won't tell the truth because they're so afraid.  For example, in the United States today, why are people  afraid of Obama?  Why are they afraid of him? Because he's a killer. He's a mass killer.  He spent on Tuesdays of any week, he killed Americans.  He killed them.  He did it personally.  Why do you think Obama has so much clout among leading circles, wealthy circles?  Because he will kill them, if they don't do his bidding.

So these are the kinds of conditions you really have to worry about.  These are typical conditions.  What do you think, what's wrong with Hillary?  Don't you know that Hillary was stuck into that problem, under Obama? But also under what Obama had been produced to do?  What about people who say they have to respect Obama?  An American who thinks they support, defend Obama, are they Americans?  Or are they some kind of leapfrog or some other kind of strange animal?  Aren't they guilty of supporting Obama?  Aren't they guilty of the crimes which were committed by an agency inside the United States?

Isn't it known that this character was actually a Jewish murderer of Jews?  That's the reality of this stuff.  Now of course, because of my ancient age, I'm more familiar with this stuff.  I've had a lot of experience with this matter.  But the material itself has been available to anyone who wanted to be honest about the matter.  And what you want to do, is this guy should be punished.  His sex-maniac behavior in California is enough to condemn him to a life incarceration.  Just keep him away from sex.

Q: [follow-up] You can just Google "60 Minutes," you know, George Soros;  and on the program he explains how he did this—exactly what you're talking about, and pointed out the houses that were really owned by Jews, and Christians, signed their name.  I guess the Christians and the Jews then went to the concentration camp in Hungary, I think it was, that he was from.

LAROUCHE:  He was in that area, but it wasn't that Jewish thing.  It wasn't.  This was something that was done in Europe, during the Hitler period.  And these guys bought their way in. And Soros was the final—the British choice.  And he was the one that committed the crimes against the Jews in Hungary, and so forth.  He was the one that did it.  And this was his legacy.

You've got to think about—when you wonder, you'll get there, to anti-Semitism.  You've got to look at the irony of Soros, of the Soros family.  Here you are, you have people are being shipped by the Hitler movement, they're being shipped into prison camps for mass murder.  Who's doing it?  Well, the man who's helping to do that is, George Soros, himself.  This is not a Jewish problem.  It has a Jewish problem in effect, but it's not a Jewish origin problem. This was a pure Hitler problem.

And that's what we're dealing with.  We're dealing with Obama; you're dealing with Schwarzenegger.  What do you expect? This is the human trash, that should've been thrown into the garbage earlier.

Q:  Hello.  My name is R—M—, from Orange County, Goshen, New York.  My question is, in the process of the trans-Atlantic system, isn't it going to fall apart?  It's going to crash.  Now it seems like history is going to repeat itself, that finally when there's nothing else left, then they revert to Glass-Steagall; then once Glass-Steagall is instated 20 years down the road, they're going to start to break down the Glass-Steagall process.

It seems to me the Republicans don't have really anything, or anything that will last or make or do anything to revive the economy. So because of history and the process repeats itself, because it doesn't have any education to know any better, the population, like you said, popular opinion; would that finally, when the economy does collapse, when either Hillary or Bernie Sanders or, God forbid, any of the Republicans get in, they'll say, "Hey, this is the only thing we have is, Glass-Steagall."

Is that what we're facing up to today?  Can we change this? What are the possibilities of this actually happening?  Because they see themselves as untouchable because of their wealth.  And then when they find they can be reached by  poverty or the corrupt economy, that they'll revert, knowing that it's there. They read it, but they won't go for it, because they want every last dollar. They can get rich quick schemes through the Wall Street process and global free trade.  The question is, have we come to that point?

LAROUCHE:  I would avoid this idea that, there is an evil force which is automatically and inevitably, in the part of the United States.  I know differently, because I'm older.  I was not born in the 19th century, but I was born in the early 20th century.  And the myths about this kind of thing are wrong. You've got to be much more particular.

Look, for example, Franklin Roosevelt introduced a reform under his influence.  Here's this guy, with all kinds of power, in terms of political power;  and then he gets this loss of his functioning.  He then progresses.  He organizes the United States afresh, saves the population of the United States, and that worked along up until somebody else moved in and pushed him out of position—Franklin Roosevelt out of his position. And then he died.

Now what I add here is that I have a connection here, in terms of legacy to the Franklin Roosevelt organization.  I was associated with them.  I wasn't actually an active person, as a leader, because I didn't have that kind of position, but I did understand this material; I worked on it.  I know it very well. The problem is that the wrong people got into power.  Let's take Dodd-Frank.  Dodd-Frank is the source of what you're talking about as the problem.  Dodd-Frank is what destroyed the organization of the United States.  Dodd-Frank!  That was the instrument.

Barney Frank was a mad sex maniac of the dirtiest kind.  And he was promoted by the Senate, he was promoted to become the chief sex maniac of the United States.  He specialized in the Congress, he was a sex maniac with little boys; he was practicing with little boys.  And he continued and became the triumphant spokesman for little boys being raped, or something like that.

And this is what gave you this story you've got!  This is what gave it to you.  Dodd-Frank.  So there is an evil to fight, but always put the target, on the right object: Dodd-Frank is the model.  And if you got rid of Dodd-Frank, you'd probably get rid of a lot of sexual diseases.

Q:  [Diane Sare] Hi.  My question is related to what we've just heard.  I've been reading a book about Ferdinand Pecora and the trials of some of these Wall Street people right at the point of the crash, and it's been very striking, because, for example, Charles Mitchell, who was the head, l think, of Nation City Bank, was doing and what was going on at the time, is very much similar to today, except today's situation is far worse. Where he had this sugar business in Cuba, where they began selling shares, even though the price of sugar had completely collapsed, and they were taking massive losses, so they sold a whole bunch of phony financial instruments to bail themselves out.  The bankers all got a big cut and the customers of the bank all got fleeced.

And what you see in these hearings is these bankers have absolutely no conscience about it.  They think that it's just perfectly normal, the population is there for the purpose of bailing us out and supporting our activity and making sure we get million-dollar bonuses.  And if people lose their homes, their jobs, their lives, it's irrelevant.

And I think what Pecora did was actually a crucial component of organizing the recovery.  Because by putting these people on trial and some of them in jail, the confidence of the population was restored; people were remoralized that they didn't have suck up to some immoral swine crook, because he had a fancier suit and worked at a particular financial institution.

So I just wanted to know if you wanted to say more about that as part of the program, because I think today there are definitely a number of these people on Wall Street, as we crush Wall Street, who belong in prison, and I think it would be lot of fun to mobilize ourselves to go after them.

LAROUCHE:  I would not just go after them.  It's very simple:  Is they have nothing coming to them, in terms of power; nothing coming to them.  Everything they've gained, everything they control, everything they claim is theirs, everything that's yours they claim is theirs, etc. it's all waste; it's worthless. It's intrinsically worthless. It's less than worthless. And that's the issue.  Shut down Wall Street!

Now, for example, here we are, you're talking about Wall Street, Wall Street of course has a Manhattan connection to it. And what do you have out there?  You have all these towers, all these great towers, going up there; Chicago has gotten into the great tower business as well; what's all this?  Well, we just say, "You didn't earn that.  You're a swindler.  We're going to let you off easily:  You can't have any money.  And any money you did have, you've got to give over.  We're going to take it away from you.  We're going to eliminate you as a member of a class." All Wall Street must be declassed, and put into absolute bankruptcy.

Because that's the answer to the thing.  And once you think that, once you understand, exactly why what I'm saying is right, once you catch onto that, why am I right?  I know I'm right, why am I right?  Because I know where their birth came from, and it was not a good birth.  It was a very much lower birth.

Q:  We're back to tall people!  Hi, Lyndon, this is S— from Manhattan.  Been listening today, and having read, since I think November, I'm taking the Daily Alert, the daily reports from EIR — and I find myself staying up half the night reading them, wondering why I can't get up the next day.

But anyway; I came here after being away for quite a number of years, and it was Halloween day this year.  And you were under the weather, and sitting in for you, and she did a fantastic job. But I gave my little story:  I was born in 1943, all I've known is war.  All I've known is watching schoolmates, relatives, killed by the system.  And then she said I'm too pessimistic; I'm a very optimistic person, normally.  And she held up the book, the Silk Road and Land-Bridge.  Well, I started reading that immediately; and she'd said, "you're too pessimistic, this is the answer."

So eagerly, I'm reading these reports and I'm seeing a pattern: A little parable for you.  In a school of fish, approximately — you know they change directions.  They swim this way, that way:  It takes about 11% of the total school of fish, to start swimming the other way, and then, all the fish swim that way!  This is a very positive thing.  Because, China is the one, that set forth these creative thoughts.  And they are gathering the members of the school. And pretty soon you're going to see them swimming in that direction, leaving the British Kingdom, and Obama as the bullies of the schoolyard, alone!

So I am very optimistic.  You can tell Helga, thanks to her book, and the EIR, what Xi Jinping has been doing; he's going around, he talked to the Arabic people. He must be a genius in diplomacy.  They're going to translate 100 Chinese works and 100 Arabic works into each other's languages.  This is very hopeful! He's won them over (if you can trust the Arabs, but anyway that's another issue.)

One after the other, France is looking toward China and Russia and India, and what they're doing and accomplishing, see the cooperation — that's the biggest point. The cooperation — Oh, you need a building?  Here, we'll build it for you! China says to India.  You need an administrative building?  OK, done! Here's the money, we'll build it for you.  Cooperation.

Russia has joined China, India; France is moving over there; Germany is moving over there.  So I see all the little fish swimming towards what the Chinese are doing.

And pretty soon, you're just going to have these two little bullies in the schoolyard, going "Huh! We lost! They're all over there playing basketball."

So, that's all I have to say.  I'm very hopeful.  It disgusts me to see the amount of money that Russia and the United States  — and they don't have the money —  to rattle the sabers of war, this time with nuclear warheads.  So the United States is going to build up, and modernize their implements of death.

And then Russia's saying, "Well, hmph!  So will we [gives a Bronx cheer]."

So, let's leave the bullies in the schoolyard, the two of them, with their hands on their hips, going "oh drat!"

And how can the United States be positively drawn toward what these nations are doing,  as more and more little fish are swimming toward the positiveness of what China began?

It's sort of a roundabout question, but what have you got to say about this?

LAROUCHE:  [laughter] I think we're going to have a good time.  Actually, I think that the good time is opening for us, if we're able to alacrity active.  But it's going to take a lot of work to do that.  But if you intend to do it, and you're able to do it, and you're able to do it, that's what you should do.  It's the nature of mankind.

Q: [follow-up] Positive, hopefully?

LAROUCHE:  Yeah, sure!  I'm optimistic.  I'm waiting for — well, maybe the next decade or so, if I'm still alive; I expect to do the best I can till that time.  But whatever it is, upside down, or whatever!  [applause]

Q:  Good afternoon, Lyn.  It's Alvin, New York.  Last night I watched and listened with great interest to what both Kesha [rogers] and Ben [deniston]  were discussing on the webcast. And particularly, far beyond how little I know about the far side of the Moon, but how little we know; and of course relating this, in very real terms, to not being able to understand and see and observe, what time of coronal mass ejections, what that really means, emanating from the Sun; there were many things they discussed, but that that poses to astronauts, to our satellites and even our power grid.  And we're blind because we can't get on the far side of Moon.  Unlike China, primarily because, ever since he came into office, Obama shut down the space program, and specifically anything that centered around exploration of the Moon.

So, it was really enlightening and opened a lot of questions in my mind that I see the Basement's working on.  My question is, why now, are you emphasizing this? What is the importance of it? And how do we address this, in the way that we can avoid thermonuclear war?

LAROUCHE:  OK, simple.  First of all, the British Empire has to be sunk.  That is an absolute, necessary thing.  And you find that the force of the British Empire, which has a long history, actually; and that empire has to be crushed.  Now, the empire has decided, to crush itself.  It's one of these kinds of things in history, and therefore, it's going to be crushed.  Now, I would say, we would have to help the crushing process, because that's exactly what we're going to have to do.

And we can do that, because the human mind does provide the mechanisms for understanding that we have to do that.  What we're doing now, we're motivated toward Eurasia.  The trans-Atlantic community is bad news; it has destroyed itself, as least so far in its behavior.  The United States was a great institution, but it was corrupted, once too often.  Therefore, we're going to have to build what we call the United States, we're going to have to rebuild it, but we have to do it with a certain degree of humility.  Because right now, the basis for the success of the continuation of the human population, depends largely, chiefly, on Russia and China; and India comes in on that, as well. Other parts are coming in.

The trans-Atlantic community is the great failure.  And that failure has to be cleaned up.  But we have to organize on the basis of what we're going to do, what mankind is going to do, and the leadership is going to come largely, from Russia, China, India and so forth; these are the parts of the world, which are the growing economic area.  Not the old one.

We in the United States, who simply have to adapt ourselves to realizing, that that was the mistake that was made.  It happened too often, you know, the 20th century was a trial for humanity.  And the United States failed that.  So we'll simply get on the side, of the people who were on the right side all along, and we'll do our job, to make sure that Asia is successful.  Because Russia and China have taken a leading role, on behalf of the whole of mankind.

And this includes the space program, and the space program which was started earlier is going to come back on.  Obama's going to be thrown out, and the space program is going to go back in; because it's necessary and China demands it.  Because China's going to take the far side of the Moon as a project, and therefore, we're going to have to work with China on the question of the Moon.  [applause]

LAROUCHE:  Hello, young lady!

Q:  Hi, it's Jessica from Brooklyn, New York.  My question is about solfège.  Now, there are various feelings about solfège and opinions about why we do it.  So I wrote down a little bit about what I think about it, and then I'd like your comments on it.

I like solfège,  yeah, I do!  I like solfège because it allows people with different musical backgrounds, and some with no musical background, to challenge themselves to learn the language of music by practicing it.  I had a musical background. I'm not like really proficient, but I did learn piano; my mom made sure of that.  And I know that there's a language to music. The do, re, mi's that we do in the solfège is translated into the voices, the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass; and that we make sentences, in my mind we make sentences from that language, just as someone that's writing something wonderful makes sentences in a great piece of writing.

And so then we take these sounds, this music, and we take what we have practiced, and we apply to challenging ourselves to sing the work, of one of the Classical composers; and we, as a group, we are actually able to make something that actually sounds beautiful.  When we sing together here, and we finish going through the practicing, it actually sounds beautiful!  And then, we say, "Wow! Did I do that?" OK?

And I'd kind of like to know what you think about the solfège, because that's basically how I see it.

LAROUCHE:  Well, I've not been a musician but I'm been exposed to music, intensely, because I didn't agree with my father, who was also trained in music. And the two of us didn't quite agree.  But I always had this attachment to Classical composition, and I had an early understanding of what the meaning of that was, and what it is today; is because, you say, "Why do we do this?  What is this thing about solfège?  What does solfège mean?"

Well, I think the best way to get at is in Italy: the Italian school is probably the most facile period — I had a lot of time I spent in Italy, when I was involved with the Italian programs and Italian music and so forth for much of the time. And the harder thing was German.  So I earned a specialty in German, and in the Italian then, as long since I've been into that area.

But what's important to me is, that the composition of language, the composition of music and the languages of music is something unto itself.  You cannot translate it, into words.  You have to get out of words, into music.

Then you understand in that area, you don't go out on the basis of trying to get the language; you're trying to learn to speak, the music, not the language.  The language comes as a secondary product when it's done right.  And this is the thing that's most important.

So therefore, what you have, is you have the conception, that the natural thing for mankind, is to have a use, of the human language.  And it's that human language, not the words, it's the human language which is vital in this matter. And that's I think enough to say about it.  That's the issue.  The music itself, Classical musical composition, as developed, is a natural source of idea communication; it's unique.  And these are unique developments, batches of developments, which have carried mankind through.  And the use of languages, languages, languages; as you look through ancient languages, ancient subjects in language, the human voice is in that form, as a form of music is the essence that goes to the soul of the human individual.  [applause]

Q:  R— from Brooklyn, here.  The question I'm going to present is more theoretical, because it would be difficult to do something practical on this subject.  If we were to get Obama out, before World War III, given that Biden would take his place automatically, in accordance with the Constitution; or that Bernie or Hillary — drug money notwithstanding — may be in a position to be elected or appear to be elected as President — what would be our options to be someone like FDR to get in again. It took FDR four terms on the ballot, in order to get there.

LAROUCHE:  I don't think there's a chance that this Presidency can be sustained.  It cannot be sustained. Because it should not be sustained.

What you're dealing with is something that's a dead nation, potentially.  That if the United States were to continue Obama, the United States itself would die.

So therefore, we cannot tolerate any such funny business. We're going to have to throw Obama out of the Presidency, and we're going to have to throw him out, soon.  That is absolutely — that's a law of nature right now.  Because if Obama were to continue, or anything like him were to continue, that nation would be self-destroyed, by its own efforts.  Therefore, we better get Obama thrown into the garbage, and seal the top of it so he doesn't get loose.  Because there is no option, there is no option in which the United States could continue to exist, under Obama, or anything like him!

Q: [follow-up]  You mean an intellectual awakening of this society is totally dependent.. [crosstalk]

LAROUCHE:  Everything he represents is nothing but destruction.

Q: [follow-up] ... in Obama or out?

LAROUCHE:  That's right!  We have to throw him out.  We have to throw everything that he represents out.  Because otherwise, the United States will be self-destroyed, unless that's done. And that, to me, is an absolute certainty.  You have to get rid of that rubbish, quick.

Q:  Hi, Lyn, it's Elliot [greenspan].  Let me come in on this natural, law of nature that you're posing this mandate.  We did, many of us were involved last weekend, in the reinvigoration or the revival of the "Burns Suppers," as had the Robert Burns, Robbie Burns Suppers, has had been developed by Mark Calney and company for many years on the West Coast. We're effectively enlisting the aid of the Immortal Burns in the war against the British Empire.

The theme that we chose was "Britain Delenda Est":  "Britain Must Be Destroyed."  I had the pleasure and honor of giving a toast to the President, and I indicated that, in my toast to the President, I was more to the point, proposing to render the current illegitimate President toast, [laughter] for the purpose of restoring the Presidency.

Now, as to the question of the Presidency, I want to ask your guidance on something, which is upcoming and put this in context; is that we've had access here to the New American Committee for East-West Accord, which had been initiated months ago by elements of the Presidency, former ambassadors, academics; Stephen Cohen in particular (I'll come to in a second);  and effectively, what they've done, they've formed themselves out of a recognition that a new Cold War has been intensifying, and that new Cold War is becoming hot.

And when they met in New York at their maiden event in New York in November, I posed to them, that insofar as they recognized the growing danger of a hot war, of a nuclear war, that the appropriate response to that, is to impeach Obama and to bring America into concert with the BRICS as the alternative to war.  And Cohen, who is a prominent NYU and Princeton academic, and really probably the leading spokesman of this committee, Cohen's response was, as the leading edge of his response, to my challenge, he said, "Look, we are trying to persuade Obama, not impeach Obama."  [LaRouche laughs]

Now, Cohen is on New York radio, ABC, the John Batchelor Show, every Tuesday night, in an hour-long interview.  This week, he said the following — he said, quote:  "Once Washington implements this quadrupling of its forces into eastern Europe, onto the Russian  border, we're in a much more dangerous situation in terms of possible nuclear confrontation, than we ever were during the Cold War.  Obama cannot hide from this any more.  The buck stopped there. He signed off on this.  It is an enormous escalation of the Cold War in the direction of hot war." (End quote.)

So I would suggest that Cohen, perhaps, is being forced to recognize — he knows what's going on there at a certain level — being forced to recognize, that perhaps Obama is not going to be "persuaded."

We have another crack at this crowd about 10 days hence; they're back in New York and several of us are registered and intend to raise this , to Cohen and the others.  What I would ask, is any guidance from you, in general, since the Manhattan Project has very substantial access to the Presidency, to these elements and representatives of the institution.  And more specifically, what you might suggest in this circumstance, with Cohen et al.?

LAROUCHE:  I don't know if I can trust that.  I mean, people sometimes come up with these things are plausible projects.  In other words, if this were to happen, then things could be better — that sort of thing.  I think the risk is greater than that, and we

And  there are things I think we have to do, I'm concerned with these kinds of measures, very much; here I am, still stuck in the United States; I used to be all over the planet, you know? But now I'm just stuck in the United States, in this area as such, recently.  It's a terrible thing, you know to be stuck in one area, when I've been a travelling all throughout the planet for much of my life.  But I have reconciled myself to coping with that kind of life.

But the point, I don't think there's any mechanical, or any mechanical-like procedure which would solve this problem. I think something else is required; and I think perhaps, that the way you have to do it, what destiny has prescribed, is that Russia, and China, and India, and some other nations of the planet, which are responsible organizations, will actually get rid of Obama, one way or the other; get rid of that kind of thing; get rid of some of the most evil things that are going on in South America and elsewhere. I mean, you know, the putting of people from Africa, and that area, you know, they were killing people en masse, were killing the Greeks, en masse!  How do you expect anything to come out of that kind of maelstrom? No!

What we have to do, is we have to actually take the thing by the throat, and we have to cause, inspire people, to say "throw the son-of-a-bitch out of there!"  that's the only solution: That means the British Empire; the British Empire must be thrown out.

In matter of fact, morally, it would be very difficult, to build nations around the present United States and around other areas similarly.  The people are not ready to do two things that are required:  recognize the injustice, and correct it.  They're not willing to do that.

And I think that therefore, we, in the United States, we as an organization, have to find some way, to get not these guys who are the so-called angels of the thing; because I know them; I know them, and they will always have a way of getting out of the mess, or trying to get out of the mess, and the mess will trap them.  That's the problem; they say, "we're the good-hearted people, the good-meaning people." But I've seen the good-meaning people over the course of history, and every time you run into them and they promise to gimmick everything good, and what do they do?  They make a worse mess than had ever been there before.

So we are responsible.  We are responsible, not them! WE are responsible, to be entrusted with that kind of decision. We have to be qualified, to introduce that condition.  Don't look upon some angel some place.  You've got angels with horns. [laughter]

Q: [follow-up]  Good, thanks.

Q: Hello, B—M— from Albuquerque.  My question is this: How are we going to do the things that we need to do?  We know what we need to do?  The opposition is incredibly powerful.  You mentioned that the British Empire is falling, but if they are, — I'm not sure of that, I dunno — but if they are, they are still much more powerful than we are.

LAROUCHE:  I have friend who just recently just made another venture, in opening up on the process of the U.S. economy.  And she, who had done that before, she'd been a volunteer for the maintenance of the space program, and the space program got shut down after that, by Obama.  Obama shut down the space program. Obama, shut down, at the same time, in the same way, most of the conditions of life, on which people have been subjected during this whole period since Obama got into office.

And what we're doing, and what she's doing again, as she did earlier this week, and she'll do it again; and we're going to take that program, and she's going to continue to lead that program, and we're going to push that through, again, refresh people on that thing, and know that that's the best way, we can do the job.  She is devoted to victory in this cause:  As she had been committed to victory before.  And she's doing an excellent job!

So the situation is not hopeless.  She's not the only person who might be a miracle person; but she's one of them.  And I know she has those qualities.  So we balance ourselves together, with people like that, we're going to have to fight for ourselves, we're going to have to do the fighting, we're going to have to organizing, we're going to have to make this thing work.  And I may be an old geezer, but I'm determined to that work, and get that work done.

Q: [follow-up]  Thank you. Uh, this gentleman, George Soros, the hit man, he's a very dangerous guy, you know?  He's demonic, psychotic, whatever you want to call him.  And we have our very decent, good people, who...

LAROUCHE:  Soros is evil!

Q: [follow-up]  Yeah, and he's only one of 'em.  There's a whole army of them!

LAROUCHE:  Yeah, sure.  We just put 'em in prison that's all.  Just put them quietly in prison,  let them peacefully sleep; give them some pills to help them sleep.  Because there's nothing you can do about that.  You just have to get rid of these guys.

Q: [follow-up]  I would love to. [giggles]  And last and least, but Obama is definitely out to destroy all the good that America stands for, there's no doubt.  And it's obvious that we have to get him out:  How do we do that?

LAROUCHE:  There's no doubt of that at all.  There's nothing you can do about it, except throw him out. [laughter]  There are certain things, you just throw him out!

[to Dennis]  How do you do, young man?

SPEED:  I'm doin' OK.

LAROUCHE:  I think we've met before.

SPEED:  I think you've hit every curve ball that's been thrown, and the idea that we're responsible is pretty clear.  I'm thinking about the deployment that we just completed last week that various people were involved in.  And you made the point before, that you forced something to happen, on the stage of the Presidency, which wasn't supposed to happen.  And when it happened, and O'Malley's campaign was treated the way it was treated, something was set into motion.  Now, I know, or I believe — I won't say "I know" maybe I don't know!—but I believe that there are people that don't think you really did that!  And I'm saying this because the whole idea that you're putting forward right now, about how Obama can go, which is our responsibility to do, this is the difference, in my view, the way you see deployment, what you call deployment and organizing, and what a lot of other people — most of us; maybe all of us at some time!—call "deployment."

And I just wanted in your summary, I wanted to express that, and just ask that you might once again, make the point about why courage and intelligence are identical.

LAROUCHE:  Yes.  Essentially what I did with organizing program, which I got into in terms of the issue there, was, I said, "OK drive these guys, the two of them, and drive them to the extreme.  Because if you drive them to the extreme, they will bring upon themselves the mechanisms by which they will fall." In other words, there are two ways you can try to deal with an enemy:  One way is to try to beat them up, something like that. The other way, is to encourage them, to outlist their qualifications.  In other words, there are two ways to defeat an enemy:  One, is to try to kill 'em or something like that.  The other, is to induce them to destroy themselves.  On the case of O'Malley, my policy was to induce them to entrap themselves. Now, they're both there, the two candidates are both there, and they're hangin' out there, and there's very little chance that they're going to succeed. [applause]

SPEED:  All right, very good Lyn.  Thank you very much.  And we're going to conclude.  And I'm sure, we'll see you again next week.

LAROUCHE:  Well, if there's not a famine.



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