Can We Prevent the Drive to Thermonuclear War by Obama and the British Empire?

January 31, 2016

Lyndon LaRouche sharply warned on Sunday evening that "the world is on the edge of general thermonuclear warfare, and it's coming essentially from Britain and from Obama. Obama is an agent of the British imperial system, and always has been, and they are now moving to launch general thermonuclear war. They are on the very edge of pushing it over the edge, right now, especially in Europe."

LaRouche said that he has been following international developments closely, and over recent weeks it has become evident that the dying British imperial system is driving for war, now, engineered by their agent Obama as a showdown between the United States and NATO, against Russia and China. We are at a break-point in history, in which action must be taken promptly to prevent such a nightmare from playing out.

"That is the message which ought to be presented to anyone who is not stupid," LaRouche said. "And we should be acting to stall and prevent the launching of such a war. Unless they are deterred from going ahead with what they are obviously signaling to do quickly, you are headed for thermonuclear war, and mass death throughout the planet. The point is: Can we prevent that thing, which has already been set into motion? Can we prevent that from being carried forward? That's the only important question at the moment."

The LaRouche movement today introduced a major change in this strategic situation, with the call to arms issued by LPAC Policy Committee member Kesha Rogers, former two-time Democratic congressional candidate from Texas, to revive NASA from the hell that Obama's policies have condemned it to, get the United States back in space, and engage in win-win cooperation with Russia and China, in particular China's intention to land a mission on the dark side of the moon by 2020.

LPAC Policy Committee member & 2-time democratic nominee for TX-22, Kesha Rogers, outside the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

That campaign can also play a decisive role in returning sanity to the institution Presidency of the United States, which is currently in the hands of a deranged murderer, who seems to think he can back down Russia and China with threats of thermonuclear confrontation, or an actual war.

That change cannot wait until November 2016. Obama has to be removed from power now. That can be done, and a functioning institution of the Presidency revived, by cracking open what is now a rigged Democratic presidential race. Sink Hillary Clinton's and Bernie Sanders's pro-Obama candidacies, and launch a viable policy discussion around the campaign of Martin O'Malley—the only candidate who has spoken out seriously about returning to Glass-Steagall to stop Wall Street's deadly policies, and who has otherwise demonstrated qualities that qualify him for the Presidency.

Simultaneously, it is necessary to immediately shut down Wall Street and the entire speculative trans-Atlantic financial system, since it is that system's bankruptcy which is the driving force for war. The entire trans-Atlantic system came within a hair's breadth of collapsing this past week with the banking crisis in Italy, and it can detonate at any moment—and almost anywhere. That system must be buried, so that the United States can return to the economic growth policies we had under Franklin Roosevelt, and which were also reflected in Kennedy's space program.

"The space program is the secret of the mechanism by which we could bring the United states, and other parts of the world, into a recovery," Lyndon LaRouche stated on Jan. 30. Once such a policy goes into effect, "you're going to see the beginning of a real revolution in space. So let's do it!"



Russian Responses to Obama's War Provocations

The Obama Administration has joined with the British in escalating a personal smear campaign against Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with their escalating military threats which have brought the world to the edge of thermonuclear confrontation. Russian officials and national security experts have noticed, and are discussing the matter openly.

On Jan. 31, The National Interest magazine published an article by four well-known Russian think-tank analysts under the headline "How to Avoid War With Russia." The four authors, Andrey Bezrukov, Mikhail Mamonov, Sergey Markedonov and Andrey Sushentsov, asserted that the US grand strategy for the 21st century is to contain China, and as part of this strategy, Washington aims to keep Russia down, forcing Moscow to join an alliance with Washington against a Beijing that will threaten Russian interests. The authors note that Russia has already devised an asymmetric response to this insane US strategy, by launching the flanking military operation in Syria, and by aligning with China in such formations as the BRICS.

In a similar vein, Sputnik News reported Jan. 30 that Col. Gen. Leonid Ivashov—a senior Russian strategist and head of the Academy for Geopolitical Problems—has called for Russia to modify its new national security strategy and military doctrine to counter the most recent Obama Administration strategies that target Russia as the greatest threat to Europe. "Situations change and the country changes as well," Gen. Ivashov told Zvezda TV. "So, the national military doctrine evolves. I think changes to the doctrine have been prompted by the fact that the US adopted the new Strategy of National Security in February 2015 and then the new Military Doctrine in July, which have significantly changed the US's military policy." Ivashov argued that the US has rejected the idea of multipolar cooperation, and continues to assert its unipolar dogma. "According to its doctrine, the US will use military force to protect its national interests. But its interests know no limits around the world. Washington says it will deploy its troops and engage in armed conflicts to protect its interests." 

China Warns of US Nuclear War Threat

The official Communist Party paper Global Times published a lead editorial today warning that the US is preparing for war, nuclear war, against China, and called for China to "accelerate its speed of building up strategic strike capabilities, including a nuclear second-strike capability."

Titled "Build up defense to thwart US provocation," the editorial references the US deployment of a warship within the 12 mile limit of one of its islands in the Xisha (Paracel) islands on Jan. 30, noting that this is not an unoccupied island, nor an artificially created island as in cases of the US provocations in the Nansha (Spratly) islands, but rather the Zhongjian Island is "under China's actual control, and China has released the territorial sea baseline of the Xisha Islands, including Zhongjian Island. Therefore, the US provocation this time is more vicious."

The Obama Administration used the excuse, in the case of entering the 12 mile territorial limit of the island artificially created by China, that the UNCLOS does not recognize territorial sovereignty around such islands. This is clearly not the case in the case of Zhongjian, and explicitly demonstrates the lie of Obama's claim that he does not take sides in the territorial claims themselves. The fact that about 90% of the trade which passes through China's claimed territory of the South China Sea (the "nine-dash line") is with China itself demonstrates that it is China alone that must be concerned about "freedom of navigation" from the US provocations and the ongoing US military occupation of the Philippines.

The Global Times editorial also notes that "China's military strength still significantly lags behind that of the US. If the US is ready for a face-off in the South China Sea, it can quickly gather its military strength despite the far distance.... China's military budget only takes up 2 percent of its GDP, much lower than the US figure of 4 percent." 

They conclude with the above call for a military build up to prepare a response to a nuclear assault from the US.