Wall Street’s Enemy No. 1 Is Martin O’Malley; Hillary Must Be Dumped

January 25, 2016

Barack Obama’s lavish pre-debate praise for Hillary Clinton, in his Politico interview today, was presumably prompted by Wall Street orders, to try to save Clinton’s
campaign as an obviously pro-Wall Street mouthpiece of Obama.

Obama may have gone too far, when he said that going to war in Libya was a close call for him, and he was helped into doing it by Clinton’s determination. One day earlier, Obama’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that Clinton was the only one in the White House team who definitely saw the Libya war “as for regime change.”

Remember Libya – now an ungoverned terrorist safe haven and arms source for terrorists in Syria, as the result of Obama’s illegal assassination of Libya’s head of state. This is the truth about Libya, which Hillary has refused to admit.

Pro-Wall Street, pro-war Hillary Clinton has got to be dumped as a prospective Democratic candidate. Wall Street’s accelerating financial blowup, with Hillary as its creature, is further discrediting her.

The candidate whom the Wall Street Journal declared, right from the start, “Wall Street’s Enemy No. 1,” is Martin O’Malley, who campaigned from the start last May on reinstating FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act, Wall Street’s wolf’s bane.

Wall Street’s enemy is not Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been fraudulently promoted to take that role, and is a fraud in it.

EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche stated today that “It is obvious that O’Malley is the right guy. His views have a certain degree of convergence with my own views on this subject, the necessity to shut down Wall Street before we are destroyed as a nation by it. I would go fully out for O’Malley in contrast to the jerks in the race, who need to be dumped. That’s includes Trump. That includes Hillary.”

O’Malley, LaRouche added, has the right policy on the most crucial matter; he has needed to have the conviction to carry it out, including the conviction of his own
powers to carry it out.

Look at the results of Wall Street’s devastation of the United States since they got the miserable Presidents Bush and Obama into office. Look at the shocking reports emerging, week after week, on spiraling heroin addiction, suicides, rapidly rising death rates across the entire non-Hispanic white population since 2000.

Why, LaRouche asked, are a rising number of Americans committing mass suicide in these ways since Bush and Obama have been in office? Because they’ve
accept marginal conditions of life, imposed on them by a collapsing Wall Street.”

Dump the jerks and shut Wall Street down. Let’s organize a Presidency.