The Immediate, Grave Danger of Genocide

January 14, 2016

The US and the world are facing an immediate grave danger.  The State of the Union address demonstrated that Obama is completely out of control, Lyndon LaRouche said today.  The speech was a total fraud, and anyone accepting Obama's lies is opening the United States up for total destruction.  On behalf of the British, Obama is ready to blow up the United States altogether.  This is an immediate option.  The Wall Street issue is actually a cover for the fact that the United States as a whole is being set up for genocide.  This is the British policy of genocide, and the current Pope has been thoroughly suckered into this British genocide scheme.

It's not just Obama who's doing the killing; Obama is only the lead dog.  It's the British,— the British Empire.

And of course people are frightened; maybe they're not frightened enough.  But in any case, we have to say what we have to say.

This is the secret of the massive COP21 "climate-change" conference in Paris last November-December, with its estimated 50,000 participants representing 196 nations.  But no binding treaty could possibly be reached,— what was its purpose then? It was the mass-declaration of intention for this genocide.  It was to rally the troops for the scheduled "big kill."  It was the Dance of Death.

And this Pope's May, 2015 encyclical, calling for humankind to be sacrificed for the sake of the "climate," was exactly the same thing.  This Pope has come under British direction and control; he's being used by a British operation.  He's committing crimes.

Worldwide terror attacks by the British-Saudi spawned ISIS are the same thing,— as in Paris, in California, and now in Jakarta,— the latter the first ISIS attack in Southeast Asia. The Tuesday, Jan 12 bombing in Istanbul, Turkey, whose Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government is friendly to ISIS, has been especially murky.  The victims were German tourists, and the German mass media openly cast doubt on the Turkish government's account of their investigation.  And German television says that there is "no evidence" for the Turkish government's claim that it has killed 200 ISIS militants across the border in Syria in retaliation.

The thrust of the genocide is aimed squarely at the trans-Atlantic region. But along with it goes the British threat to destroy Asia by war. This is what Obama is doing in the western Pacific; the Russians understand this completely.

I'm in, let's stop Obama.



Obama and the British Delighted with Recolonization of the Philippines — China Denounces US War-mongering

The Wall Street Journal Thursday issued the British Empire's delighted response to the Philippine Supreme Court's ruling that the US military occupation of the Philippines can proceed, by openly acknowledging that Obama's "pivot" to Asia is finally making it possible to militarily confront China.

"The Obama Administration pivot to Asia has generally been more rhetoric than substance," writes the Urinal, "but the U.S. military's return to the Philippines is a significant strategic step. Beijing should know that its behavior is alienating the region and spurring its neighbors to unite for their common defense."

The official government paper Xinhua on Wednesday minced no words regarding the reckless and dangerous US militarization of the South China Sea, saying that the deal will "make the Philippines a launching pad for U.S. military intervention in the Asia-Pacific," and will "only aggravate regional tensions and could push the situation to the brink of war."

"Furthermore," writes Xinhua, "it is ridiculous that Washington, while advocating 'upholding international law,' signed a deal with a country that spares no expense to sacrifice its sovereignty, Constitution and public opinion to achieve its questionable goal."

Meanwhile, Philippines Defense spokesman Peter Paul Galvez, reporting on the meetings this week in Washington between the two nations' foreign and defense secretaries, said the Philippines has "requested" that the US and the Philippines hold joint naval patrols.

"There is a need for more collaborative presence in the South China Sea," he said, adding: "The US emphasized that it will not allow China to control the South China Sea. It committed to maintain presence in the South China Sea to include naval, sub-sea, air and special forces."