Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, January 14, 2016

January 9, 2016

Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, January 14, 2016

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Transcript-John ASCHER: Good evening everyone, this is John Ascher, welcoming you back to the Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche on Jan. 14th, 2016.  And of course, my first question is, Lyn, are you there?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: I am here, and in the distance my little dog might be heard.

ASCHER:  Do you have any preliminary remarks you would like to make?

LAROUCHE:  I think the only thing I would want to say in starting in starting this process is that we are now moving into a new territory, and therefore, everything that happened before, in this stage of the operation, there's going to be something very big in changes from what we've seen during the previous year.  So I think it's important that people just think about that; that that's what we're going to be talking about, largely.

ASCHER:  OK, so I think everyone should think about that and formulate your questions and discussion around that. ... So, we're going to take the first question.

Q1: This L—H— from Michigan.  I wrote down this question, it's kind of complicated.  I've been pondering this for quite a few days now:  Are the government-defined systematically [sic — systemically] important financial institutions — they call 'em SIFI, dealing with these hedge funds and derivatives;  are these systematically important financial institutions which legally own quadrillions of dollars of financial derivatives products, are they systematically important because all incomes of citizens rely on contracts paying citizens income and citizens would not be able to pay for products and services, causing chaos and panic? Is that why they define them as "systematically important"?

ASCHER:  Could you just summarize your question again?

Q1:  Are basically like, I worked for someone who has contracts that are paid for by people who may be involved in derivatives.  And if the derivatives bubbles, like if we separated the banks and bankrupted them, then I was at the store the other day purchasing something, and noticed all these people purchasing stuff, and we wouldn't be able to purchase stuff because we're all getting paid by these people.  I mean, all of our...

ASCHER: So, Lyn he's asking about the danger of derivatives.

LAROUCHE:  It's  more than that.  First of all, the entire derivatives system, is hopelessly bankrupt.  That is, there's no reason or expectation that that kind of financing should continue to exist.

The point, I've said this before, but I think it probably requires more emphasis now that people realize more than they did before in the last year, they realize that the money system that were familiar with no longer really exists.  It never did really exist, but the recognition of any possibility of existence is about to be finished. In other words, Wall Street and the institutions that are associated with Wall Street have no possible continued existence.

Now, that means that the only way this thing can work, we have to proceed to shut down Wall Street and the things that go with Wall Street.  On that basis, we will shift the program, from what's going on now to what Franklin Roosevelt did, to save the U.S. economy, in his time.  So that means that we would simply cancel all obligations, which come from as a product of Wall Street investments.  The Wall Street investments will be simply nonexistent.

Now, what that means is, if you want to save the United States, you've got to kill Wall Street.  You don't pay anything to Wall Street, for being killed.  You say, well you're dead, so therefore, you don't exist any more because you have you have ceased to exist.

So therefore, the key thing here is, we have to grab what Franklin Roosevelt did, in dealing against Herbert Hoover.  In other words, we will shut down Wall Street.  We will not recognize it as having any assets whatsoever.  It will then start with a new issue, of credit.  Now the credit will be a promissory note to the United States people, and their economic activities. There will be no recompense for Wall Street.  Wall Street will not be paid off.  Wall Street, in the time of the transfer, Wall Street will be shut down totally; dead; dead shut down.

All right.  Now, the focal point of that is what Franklin Roosevelt did, and his role as President of the United States. That's exactly what he did.  He went through an operation to shut down Wall Street! That Wall Street.  Right?  Now, what happens to the money?  Well, what happens is, the Federal government, in this case, the Franklin Roosevelt government says, "we are going to issue credit, for good purposes in our society.  In other words we will be owing, we will be going into debt or honoring a debt, to rebuild the economy of the United States and build it up.

So that, for example, 1936 was about the time that the process of recovery, under the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt, took off, and from that point on, until Roosevelt was shut down by Wall Street, that meant the progress of mankind.  in other words, we went from a condition of real poverty, desperate poverty, but covering with some bonanzas in credit; where in 1936 this process took a turn.  And under those turns, there began to be very serious growth of productive powers of labor, and that's the thing that saved the United States;  and saved Europe, in the course of the United States' role in dealing with the European problems, as well as our own, here.

This thing was turned down, into a bad direction by the new system that came in from Wall Street.  in other words a Wall Street system was then started again,  a Wall Street gambling system.  The Wall Street gambling system which was launched against Franklin Roosevelt who was still President, is the thing that was the source of our problems as an economy in the postwar period.

So therefore, we now have got coming down to the cycle. That means that this time, we're not going to let Wall Street get by with the system, as it did in Franklin Roosevelt's last term. We're going to shut it down.  And what we're going to do, is go with the continued Federal credit system, with the intention that this credit system must increase, the productive power of labor of our living forces, and continue that indefinitely.  And that's what we've got to go to.

So the old story, the old problems, all the familiar problems, all the things that are talked about that are legendary, were wrong.  They were wrong.  This time, we're going to have to do the right thing.  And that means we're going to do what Franklin Roosevelt did to get out of the Depression conditions, going to something like in 1936 stage of recovery, and then going into the conclusion in which the great triumph of the U.S. economy won the war, with help from Russia.

In other words, in the history in this process, Russia became actually, the source of credit;  but in this case, Russia paid a tremendous process, in life, loss of life, because Russia was the economy on which the saving of civilization had depended at that time.  You know, that was the thing that worked; and Franklin Roosevelt was cooperating with Stalin at that point.

But this is the relationship.  And this was not bad.  I mean, Stalin was not necessarily a nice person. He killed a lot of his own people because he wanted to make the behave according to this process.  But, what he did, despite that, he actually created the possibility of civilization in the trans-Atlantic community.  And that was a great price paid by the Russians themselves.

So these are the kinds of things which are reality.  And what you probably would tend to believe in, because it's current and it is what people say, you would make the mistake, of assuming, what you're doing now, which is assuming that Wall Street is going to be the source of money on which the rich people can live.  And that's bunk!  And you could feel good about.

Wall Street  is dead!  That is good!

Q2: Yes, C— from Boston.

LAROUCHE:  Good!  Are you doing something good up there?

Q2:  Yes, I am, yes I am.  I'm thinking about what you said a couple weeks ago.  And there's a lot going on right now; of course we got the State of the Union address, which is complete — you know, propaganda; and there's the debate tonight.  But when you had that introduction about 9/11.  And you know, there's a quote from Hermann Göring, which I have memorized, but I know the Project for a New American Century, they needed a catalyzing event, like New Pearl Harbor to get the people behind for these wars.

And I was supposed to fly on a plane on 9/11 out of Boston, in the afternoon, but the point is — and I went to Kuwait on a ship because the Bush administration said we had to invade Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11.  But you know, I guess I appreciated what you said about it, because those people haven't — there's been no justice for those victims, and no accountability.  And we went to wars based on lies, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false-flag attack; I know Hitler burned down his own parliament building in 1933; so we go to wars based on lies. And you know, all the veterans' suicides, all these wars, this is ridiculous!  It's despicable.

So I just appreciated that, because I'm a sucker for the truth, and I know a lot about 9/11; I know that it doesn't add up.  I'm an engineer:  You can't argue against evidence or physics or science, you just can't do it.  And I just thought that that was important that you brought that up, because that changed everything.

And, you know, is that the mission of the United States, perpetual war, all the time?  No, it is not!  I mean, you're from the World War II generation, but that didn't stop the wars.  We had more wars, we had heads of state assassination, etc., and we got to impeach Obama, we got to restore Glass-Steagall, we got to release the 28 pages, and on and on.

So my question was, can we get behind O'Malley still?  I mean, they're going to exclude him from debate — can we still do that, sir?  I mean, that was my question.  Thank you.

LAROUCHE:  From my standpoint, I would say that the O'Malley option could be the leading element, in setting into motion the kind of recovery we require.  Now, there are problems here. First of all, you have Hillary in business.  Now, Hillary is nothing but a cheap stooge for Obama.  I mean, all she is — I knew her; I had discussions with her, at times, at a time when she was decent.  But what happened is, she caved in.  She was scared.  And she caved in and submitted to Obama.  And her act of submitting to Obama, and of course, what happened in northern Africa, that was her guilty moment; but Obama ran it.

But Obama didn't really run it, himself.  It was the British Empire that ran it, and if you look at the story of this thing on the North African exchange, the whole thing was not set up by Obama, it was set up by the British oligarchy.  They set it up.

For example, let's take another case of this:  Now you had 9/11.  What happened in 9/11? Well, what happened in 9/11, is you had the British Empire, the British system and Wall Street, and the Saudis, formed an organization which has ruled the trans-Atlantic period, ever since the time of the start of 9/11. So the present government of the United States, since that time, has been consistently immoral. The members of the entire government have been corrupt by the 9/11 question.  The 9/11 question has never been honestly presented, publicly, in the Senate.

What has happened is, the entire system, not all the members of the Congress, but the system, the dominant characteristics of the system, has been to guarantee the continuation of Saudi Arabia, the looting of that, and the killings that went with that.  So the government of the United States has been, since the experience of the 9/11 question, has been the evil force, inside our government which has done the greatest degree, of damage, to the people of the United States.

And this thing has to be treated seriously! Everybody today, alive, in this new year, must, first of all, do two things:  Shut down Wall Street, totally; just shut them down, no payment! No payoff:  They have already more  than stolen enough!  So they don't need any money, and they shouldn't get any money.  They should be bankrupt! And bankrupting is very good, because it cures the economy, by eliminating the bad people in the Senate and the Congress.  That's what you have to do.

And if you take that approach, then we will go back automatically to a Franklin Roosevelt type of approach, for we're looking for all behind this Alexander Hamilton.  Alexander Hamilton created the successful elements of the system of the United States economy; and that's the real mystery.  But, those of us who follow Alexander Hamilton's design, are on the right track, and they are the ones to be enlisted,  to run the government.

[crosstalk 21.57] Alexander Hamilton who had intrinsically that approach.

ASCHER:  I'm going to take a call from New York right now. That's what I was about to say; because I know we've had a lot of activity up there and it was Hamilton's birthday.

Q3: Hi Lyn, it's Alvin here in New York.  There was activity today, but I wanted to raise with you and discuss with you something that's been on my mind pretty much since listening to the webcast of last Friday, and Megan Beets discussing the relevance and importance of Schiller; and I understand, — I have not read or haven't seen the interview, but she also talked with Helga A New Paradigm for Mankind — "Is Beauty a Political Necessity?" on the same subject of this giant.

So, I decided, and began raising today here, I think the Manhattan Project should take this up in a more organized manner. I mean, Schiller was a great help to me, but I've never worked with him in any type of what you could a classroom or discussion setting. So my understanding of his works and thereby benefiting from the effects of it, is still very much incomplete.

And I think this in complete accordance with the choral principle.  I know over the years, particularly Volume 2, which was the first of the organization's translations, I've handed out quite a few copies; and people don't read him!  I had a little discussion with Megan about this today, about my intentions, and she said, Helga would like to see, after the effects of the results of their conversation and publication of that work, that people would read him.  And if we're doing this choral principle, I think it is something we should move on.  Again, I just began raising it today, and I'm going to discuss it with other members of the organization to do this; and because I thought Megan's discussion on this was both stimulating and very moving, and something that we need.

So I wanted to inform you of my intention. But also if you could talk to us a little bit about the importance of Schiller, and how he can help us muster up the courage to save humanity.

LAROUCHE:  Alexander Hamilton was the person who created the system of the U.S. economy.  It would never have happened without Alexander Hamilton.  To this day, everything that's good, about the U.S. economy, where there is something good about the U.S. economy, is based on the work of Alexander Hamilton.

Now, there are four particular principles, which scholars would immediately identify as being the leading elements required for what Alexander Hamilton did.  Now, what happened was, that Alexander Hamilton was assassinated.  So therefore, his voice, while it still existed in principle, in expression as practice, deceased at that point.  Some, leading people, like President Lincoln and so forth, that they understood this.  but there are very few Presidents of the United States, who are worth a shekel, very few.  Most of them were failures.

We had a handful of real leaders.  But the problem was that our best leaders in economics, with one notable exemption of course, since that time, and since the course of the 20th century; especially since the beginning of the 20th century under the influence of Bertrand Russell, the U.S. economy has not been a security, it's been a disease, a deadly one.  Now, there have been people in this period, like Einstein, for example, who was a true genius and he had a creative capability, which no other living person at that time, was capable of realizing.

So if you want to understand this thing, seriously, you've got to start with Alexander Hamilton.  Because his work, was the first competent expression, of the principle of national economy. After his death, and under bad Presidents — we had about four bad Presidents immediately; we had recurring bad Presidents frequently; we had rarely competent Presidents, and unfortunately, among the competent Presidents, we tended to lose those Presidents because somebody had killed them off!

And Alexander Hamilton is the source of the thing to refer to, and you can look at the history of the 20th century and you can find a rare few people, who were any damned good.  And our President, Alexander Hamilton, plus his great follower Franklin Roosevelt and a number of people who were good Presidents but they got killed! Or, almost killed, as I was almost killed.  I was one of the key figures in the history of the United States, in the larger course of the history, and they tried to kill me.  They didn't kill me, but they made me damned inconvenient, with the treatment I got.

But anyway, what's happened, what you're referring as this experience with the revival, of the attempted revival of the principles of Alexander Hamilton, which is what you're referring to, actually, implicitly, yes, that set of principles is that. But you have to locate that principle, not in something as a contemporary phenomenon, but to realize that what we're talking about is the realization, of the work of Alexander Hamilton.

That's Alexander Hamilton; that's also, President Franklin Roosevelt. And a couple of other people, who got killed, or messed up.  Like me!  I got messed up, by the Bush family.  They threw me in prison.  The Bush family did it!  The President who was really the proper President, had been shot, but not killed; and I was in service to that President and the Bush family decided to get rid of me.  So I was put into prison by the Bush family.

So that's sort of the story, the evil and goodness story, of the whole span of this business.

Obama's the worst, by the way.  He's the very worst President we've ever had, absolutely!

Q4:  Hi, my name is A— from Columbia, Maryland.  And one of the things I saw in the State of the Union, he mentioned a lot of about how great our country was, and how we're doing, really, we're doing good economically.  I know a lot of people, especially in our group, that we're really not.  So what's the real clarification?  That's all I want to know.

LAROUCHE:  Well, I would say, apart from the fact that we had a couple of good Presidents, who didn't live too long; they got killed, or things like that, so we haven't been too successful in recent times.  And so therefore, the competent ideas about the economy, you have to go back to Alexander Hamilton.  To understand what that means, you have to go back to Alexander Hamilton, explicitly.  And on the particular four motions, which are the most key motions, in terms of his economic policy, and his general policies as such, that's what we have to keep going back to.

Now, of course, there is an important change; there is new technology.  But! there's a catch to it.  Most of the period, of the existence of the United States as an economic phenomenon, has been a failure.  There have been a few great Presidents in terms of the economic process.  Alexander Hamilton is the primary source.  There used to be something more in that vein, that was a great man, Leibniz.  Leibniz was the actual person, who in all modern times to date, created the concept of economy.  What happened with Alexander Hamilton, is that he followed the influence of that figure, of Leibniz.  So that's sort of the story.

Now, when we situate the question of economy in the current history, that's what we come out with.  And that's what you've got to look at.

Now. The point is, the typical person today who believes in money is usually incompetent; most people who believe in the use of money are incompetents,  — why?  Take the case of the 20th century:  You have Bertrand Russell, who was the worst swine in human history at that time, in that whole period.  And therefore, there was a consistent degeneration, of the behavior and the minds, of the citizens of the United States and of the trans-Atlantic community.

So the history of the economy, of the United States and of the trans-Atlantic community, is one of degeneration.  Now there were episodes which were contrary to that kind of degeneracy.  But the history to date, is that the history of mankind, in the 20th century in particular, has been consistent moral and otherwise degeneration.  The problem of our life today, is that the people of the United States today, out of the 20th century and its following, have created a system of degeneracy, which they call "economy."  And that's the thing you've got to focus on.

I mean, what was referred earlier to, by one of our people in the Manhattan region, dealing with economy, they were right; they're right, but!  The core principle is, not that.  Their work is good, but the principle does not lie within the realm of their work.  Rather, they have responded to attempts to reflect that kind of work.  But they did not initiate it.  I have a very good bit of information about how this whole thing works, from beginning with Alexander Hamilton and from Leibniz before Alexander Hamilton, and in the present time.  That's my area; that's the area I know.

And that's the area within which we can secure a victory against Wall Street:  Wall Street must be destroyed, stripped of all wealth.  We don't need Wall Street.  We don't need the people who seek to enjoy Wall Street.  We should get rid of them, by natural processes, of course.

Q5: [internet] When you mentioned before talking about some of the corruption that we've dealt with in the country, we've gotten some questions about the ultimate, most recent corruption: Barack Obama.  This is a question via the internet from N—, from the San Francisco Bay area.  Her question is "about the reaction of the U.S. Congress to Obama's insane State of the Union address. Do you think that address will give Congress any more impetus to wanting to impeach Obama? Or will the Congress continue become even less responsive to that?"

LAROUCHE:  The latter is true.  What has happened up to now, there has been a consistent and accelerating rate, of degeneration of the Congress, and of the system.  We have to scrap the entire system.  For example, the idea of economy: All the concepts of economy, in terms of economic practice, are actually violent and vile, and disgusting.  We have to cancel them.

Every one, every Wall Street and similar kinds of institution must be bankrupted and shut down permanently!  And what we will do, is we will use the method that was done by Franklin Roosevelt as President, in the main.  What he did, to revive the U.S. economy which had been destroyed virtually, by Herbert Hoover and company.  So therefore, what our job is, is to take the principles which we know, as physical principles, not money principles; money principles in general are fraudulent. And I think when people think about it, and think about what's happened, to the standard of living in the case of the United States citizen, of the typical citizen, you realize that the damned thing is rotten, it's wrong!

So what you have to do, is you have to close down Wall Street.  Everything that looks like Wall Street, smells like Wall Street, wiggles like Wall Street, or anything like that, it must be destroyed.  And I'm not saying "removing"; I'm saying "destroyed."  Because we are going to have to recreate a new system, based on the principles of Alexander Hamilton, and by other great Presidents, who understood what the principles were. And we're going to do that.  And we're going to end this nonsense.

And we're going to increase the productive powers of labor. What's happening today?  Look at the rate, of murder, of working labor force people, in the U.S. economy.  The labor force of the U.S. economy, is being destroyed, it's being degenerated, it's being killed, it's being struck.  And Obama is the worst agent of all of them, who have functioned in that term.  Obama is the Satan of this moment:  Remove him!

Q6: [internet]  Lyn, I have a question that was sent into me, which is on an issue which I know you have taken the lead on, which is the question of the British Empire and bringing it down. And the question is from a gentleman named J— from Connecticut, and I won't go through the whole question, it's quite lengthy, but what he's referring to is the recent deals between Xi Jinping in China with the British and he's referring to this as "trading with the enemy."  He's saying that China is "trading with the enemy," and then he raises the history of the Opium Wars and the fact that the British Empire had been the historic enemy of China.  And he says that China's "economic treaties with England are a very big mistake."  He cites Prince Philip's attacks on Confucianism as an example of that.

So his question is, "how is it possible to reconcile China's relationship they've developed with Great Britain, and its foreign policy as leading BRICS nation?"  I mean, how can they reconcile China and the British Empire, that's what he's basically, that's what he's basically asking.

LAROUCHE: Well, modern China in particular, all modern China, even that which is poorly developed, because there were certain regimes in the history of China, which had bad features included in them.  however, the principle of China, is generally, in the trend line of being progressive.

Now, what's happened recently, under the influence of the collaboration, in particular, between Putin and China; now the relationship between Putin and China right now, is the highest standard in economy, in terms of the economic policy on planet Earth.

And we have something better coming up, I suppose, in terms of the Galactic System.  Because what's going to happen very soon,  — let me just step back and make one thing clearer: Remember that we had a space program once.  We had the people coming out, landing on the Moon, doing things like that, planning to work on Mars, planning in other directions of that nature, and on the galactic principles.  In other words today's advanced science, is based on the role, of the increase of the power of Galactic Systems, which is essentially the water systems are usually referenced, as earlier Kepler.

So, the question of what economy is based not on Earth; the basis of the principle of economy, is located in the work of Kepler's work, and now the Galactic System.  And there are things which are related to that, interrelated to that which are part of it.

So what mankind is going to have to do; we or mankind are going to start up Mars again, not to live on Mars, but to make sure that we can reassert what we had intended to do on Mars as part of a process of monitoring the Solar System!  That's what we were doing, before Obama got into the Presidency! Remember!  At the time that Obama was removed from the Presidency in effect, we had a scientific program, despite all the other kinds of systems and problems we had in the economy; now, going back to Kepler, and going back to the result of Kepler's work, and looking behind what was deeper in Kepler's work, now you're talking about a Galactic System.

Now, a Galactic System, is the system which is associated with the source of water in our Solar System.  Not just in the Solar System, but in the whole Solar System.  In other words, there's a whole series of galactic collections of function; and these galactic collections of function are the future of mankind's life!  Do you want water? Go to the Galaxy!  The main source of water for mankind, today, is the Galaxy, not some local yokel kind of thing.

So therefore, the problem for us is to look at this fact, that we're aiming at a Galactic principle.  Now, that doesn't mean that one galaxy is the system.  What we know, inclusively, among many other things we know and don't know, as well, is the Galactic System is the principal source of water on which the life of mankind on Earth depends.

And so therefore, if you look at things in those terms, and understand what the growth factor is in the Galactic System as following what Kepler did in terms of his achievement; and you realize what people are believing in today, is absolute insanity. Most of all, is that anybody that shuts down what the space program, which was established during the attempts on the Mars program and things like that; and what China is doing today: China has a leading role in the Moon, the lunar project.  And that means other things as well.

So therefore, we are in the situation, where if we dump these bunch of bums, shall we say, and take the human beings and tell us, as human beings, "grow up!"  And get mankind to say, "let's try to see how we can manage, the water supply which is flying above the Solar System and beyond it; and look at that richness of water available.  And let's think about the energy, the power and the water, which is available to us, with science today.  And get rid, of these bums, who don't understand this.

Q7: This is C— from Santa Rosa.  I don't have a question, but what I have is some intelligence that I think is really crucial.  I heard it on NPR, which is Chatham House-connected, or the Pacifica Foundation which is also connected with Chatham House, even though they pretend to be super-progressive.  Anyway, you know that operation.

It is this, that apparently Livermore, and by the way, Obama alluded to this last night in his speech and in his lying way denied it; but what it is that apparently Livermore has been contracted, to create about 1,000 drones.  Now these drones will go on the underbelly of strategic fighter-bombers, and apparently they have a range of about 3,000 miles, which means they're going to be deployed all over the world. And each plane can carry 20 of these things and they can be nuclear-armed, or conventional.

And what's significant is that this was mentioned by either a retired or sitting highly placed military guy, as I remember correctly, which I may not, and actually, the cat is out of the bag on this.  But this appears to be the British commitment for winning a nuclear war fantasy, a first-strike fantasy, because these things will fly under the radar.  So, I'd like to hear your comment on that.

LAROUCHE:  I think those threats are real, but I think they're greatly overstated.  Because mankind has powers, implicitly by the human mind which it's lost.  I mean, look what happened, once the space system was shut down, under Obama, what this meant that problems which would not exist then, these problems were created by shutting down the space program.

Now, I had an associate, who was not my associate but was a close associate of me in science.  We were working on these kinds of problems.  And he, in particular, was quite a genius on this business, and he worked with me, and I worked with him, under Reagan, the President.  And we did the job.  That's how the space program was launched by us.  I was entrusted by people who came into the new administration, and I became the leader together with this other gentleman, and we set up the program.

Now, what happened is, the President at the time was shot! That stopped his career for a while.  He didn't die, but he was seriously damaged, and the Bushes took over.  And the Bushes and the Obamas have taken over since.

However, the history of this problem, of space, was Alexander Hamilton's greatest enemy: Bertrand Russell, and Bertrand Russell was the person who invented Hell, at least in the recent century. So these things are not really final.  If we, right now,  — if we, shut down Obama, if the people of the United States  shut down Obama, fire him, terminate his functions, we could immediately — immediately —  eliminate the British/Obama syndrome, and we could go back to the space program and things like it.  Because once you remove the weapons systems which are being used now, they are not effective any more.

They're not ineffective; but they're not effective as ruling forces.  It's the lack of a space program, a competent space program, which makes the kind of terror we're talking about, possible.  So I think what you have to do, is shift the opinion, and recognize that the problem now, yes, what the British are doing, what Obama and his administration are doing, these things are evil, and they're very destructive.  Why don't we just remove them?  Isn't it our President?  Isn't it our Presidency? Remove them!  Shut them down!  We'll fix it!

Q8:  Hi, this is T— from Virginia.  I wanted to pick up, Lyn, where we left off on the issue of Wall Street, and to get your feedback on something and give my own personal account and research about  the true dangers of Wall Street.  Because I believe people are dragging their feet in the process of impeaching Obama, and giving up on the idea of Wall Street, because they don't actually see with their own eyes what these two cancers have done in terms of killing.

Someone with whom I used to be, or the average person, when they hear about the hedge fund people going under or the stocks going down, and the economy as it is, it just doesn't resonate as something that can, will and is killing us because they only think of money, as you were saying.  And therefore, they think they can only just recover it.

Actually, I want to start with the article posted on the LaRouche PAC website about a week ago, on the declining population in parts of the U.S. and West Virginia was mentioned; and more recently the EIR article on coal mines declaring bankruptcy in West Virginia.

So, first, I don't think what's been said in terms of numbers conveys exactly the actual, murderous numbers that people are enduring.  I come from the coal country of West Virginia; my family comes from there and they were coal miners.  Actually my grandfather worked with John L. Lewis as a union representative for the state of West Virginia.

So I few months ago, I went there to visit my brother and we took a little road trip to McDowell County which is where we were from, and as we were approaching, my brother accurately said, "welcome to Uganda."  And if you live there, you're living in hideous conditions beyond what most Americans realize.  I mean, the schools have been closed, but not where there are many schools and some are shut down, but where most of the schools are shut down.  The parents actually rely on the schools to feed the children, because they can't even provide them with anything to eat at home. There's one hospital there, which is limited in practice and this is a place where health care which was provided by unions and companies, are gone and the people have nothing.

It makes me very angry:  Where the people had been formerly living when then the mines were open, in company shacks, people still live in these same places, as they were left, without running water, without proper sanitation, today, in 2016.  We actually saw people standing in line with empty bottles, in areas where water run-off from the mountains is being collected, so they can get clean water.

Also, houses with outhouses are not just some relic of the past, but are actually in use; and you go to these communities and see that people have no roof over their heads, they literally put tarps.  So in this county where my family was once living, the population was 100,000 and today the population is around 20,000 and more than half of the population is living in abject poverty, and they're actually living in Hell.

I went there; I saw this with my own eyes:  I hadn't been there in a long time, but this is the reality of Obama's America, that we tolerate that we can live in conditions, that back in 1936, Roosevelt decried, and worse than nothing was done.

McDowell County also has the highest rate of heroin and drug addiction in the whole country, and what was the response by Obama, when he came to Charleston for a town meeting and offered them additional drug treatment systems so he could further manage the people's deaths.  People denounced him at least, and he was forced to shut down the meeting to the public.  And many of these people, besides the drugs, they have to escape so they join the military, to fight the Bush and Obama wars.  And they only come back to this Hell, where these veterans are committing suicide at alarming rates.  And actually I checked:  There have been 22 suicides in the whole country every day, since 2003.

So I just wanted to tell everyone on this call, we don't need to look to Italy, if we want to see Hell.  I spoke to a woman who still lives there, in this Hell, and she told me, West Virginia is known to be the backward part of America, but we're actually the future.

So, with all that said, Lyn, I think we need to rub this in the face of Americans, who want to pretend that they're somehow going to survive what is happening, without changing things and ridding ourselves of people as Obama and his British masters. And for everyone else, you know, don't kid yourself:  No one will help these people to help us, unless we do something.  Thank you.

LAROUCHE:  OK, good.  Well, anyway, let's look at this thing in a practical way, because you've gone through a number of acts which are all true.  But! we don't have to have any of those problems!  We don't!  if we change the Presidency, now, and if we go back in the direction of what we have known how to do, during the course of my lifetime.  I was born in 1922; and I have a pretty good knowledge, of that the history is.  I wasn't there in 1922, because I had just been born then, but I have pretty good knowledge about what this is all about.

Now, what happened is, we start with Bertrand Russell, and Bertrand Russell who's career began at the beginning of the 20th century.  And he was the most evil man that was ever born, up to this point at this time.

So the problem here is, we are still, in the United States and beyond the United States, in general, the population of the United States, of South America, of Central America, of Europe today, Europe as such; Putin is in better shape than the rest of Europe is, for example.  China is in excellent condition, compared to what the United States is today.  Now if we were to say, we're going to throw out what Bertrand Russell represents, and that was really evil stuff, and if we say we're going to change that, now we've got a problem. You've got students, young students, middle school age students, all kinds of students, well, most of these students are pretty stupid.  That is, most of the students today, in the United States in particular, who are being educated, or getting promotions and so forth on the basis of being educated, they're pretty stupid; they're almost hopelessly stupid.

Especially in California.  California's the area, they have a governor over there in California, and he really is a mess, and he's destroying California.  We have to get rid of him!  Because California is capable of reversing its direction.  We have a number of people who I was closely associated with in California; they are very effective people, but unfortunately, we have a governor in California at this time, who is really a Satanic force.  If you remove him from his position as a Satanic force, things get better.  If you go out and get, in cooperation with other nations which are trying to do the same thing, like China, for example, you'll find that there'll be a sudden reversal of the kind of degeneracy which has hit the United States in particular, over the entire period, since the beginning of the 20th century.

That will be changed.  Remember what happened:  Remember the space program, before Obama killed it, all these things, all these good things that we used to do, can be brought back; but we have to have the determination to make sure they do come back. Because we cannot tolerate what is happening to the miners in West Virginia and so forth; you can't accept that.  We have to change it.

So, why don't we just change it?  How do we do that?  Well, I'm willing to do my stint for that operation.  Get rid of the bums.  Get rid of the idiocy, get rid of the degeneracy which hits most of the members of our population.  The biggest problem, in the United States, is the galloping degeneration of the living members of this nation.  We have to change that.  We can change it.  We have to resolve to change it.  And that's the mission that we've just got to take on.

You will find that China will cooperate with us in this; Russia will cooperate; certain other nations of the planet will cooperate.  But the main thing we have to get rid of are two things: First, get rid of the British system, just eliminate it, absolutely, hmm!  And then eliminate what's rotten inside the United States.

And you will find that as what happened with Franklin Roosevelt in his administration, what he did is he made works of genius in his term of office as President.  All the great things that were built in that period tell us, all we have to do, get rid of the bums and give a chance to the people, who need help and will take it; and we will rebuild the economy of the United States.

Q9: [internet] OK Lyn, I have a question from the internet, I must have missed it and she's frustrated. So I'm going to just read this question from M—. Here is her question; I'm going to read it verbatim:

"Since the corrupt institutions will not impeach Obama before the cataclysmic collapse of the U.S., why hasn't the military taken action on behalf of the American people? and What good what it do to impeach or remove Obama when you have Biden, who is just as corrupt? We're out of time and our options are far and few between. How can we fix these problems when it seems that the whole government is corrupt? The American people have everything working against them and most don't even know it. We have to take out the corrupt media as well. Their propaganda machine would make the Nazi Goebbels proud!"

I don't know if you have something to say about that, Lyn.

LAROUCHE:  I would say this, I would say, well, here's what the situation is:  Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt.  Not only is Wall Street bankrupt, but the entire trans-Atlantic community is bankrupt, hopelessly bankrupt.

Now, that doesn't mean that the nation's territory has to also go down.  It does not.  All you have to do, is get rid, of all the interests which are associated with Wall Street in the United States and throughout the world.  Now, if you shut these guys down, fire them, tell them they have no rights, no privileges,  they don't deserve to eat, things like that, because poor people have to have something to eat for a change; and if we go at this thing right, we will find that the confidence that we can bestir, by challenging the evil which is represented by Obama, for example; if you get rid of Obama, and if you tell people Obama has actually been removed, well, see most of the parents who have been killed by Obama!  That is, what has happened, there's a mass of people who are regularly murdered, by Obama, personally, on Tuesdays.

What is holding everything back, is, people are scared. They're scared because Obama is killing people!  He's killing citizens of the United States.  He terrifies people from the most powerful economic interests in the United States, are terrified by Obama!  Now, if you take Obama, and you put him prison, for the crimes he's committed, and he has to stay in prison, he's not going to have much influence on the life of humanity.  So, the best thing to do, let's shovel this guy into a deep prison, and give him a chance to think about his sins, his evils.  And let the sins take over.

You'll find that, once you close down Wall Street and close these racketeers and murders, and Obama is a murderer; he's a criminal, he's a murderer.  Close him down, get rid of him.  Let him go someplace else.  He wants to travel, let him try Mars, it might be a good place for him.  Of course, he won't last too long and therefore the pollution won't persist too long.

But the point is, that we have to do it.  And we can do it, and we must do it.  We can do it. Just stop being scared, or not that scared.

ASCHER:  Well, I think that little rover is still up there on Mars, Lyn, so if we're going to send Obama up there, I think we ought to give that little rover some advance notice.

LAROUCHE:  [laughs] Yes!  Give the people some fun once in a while!  I mean, we can do these kinds of things, and shouldn't it be for stirring young people to think about being able to do that?  To think about space?  What's happening in China, for example?  China is developing a program on the far side of the Moon!  it's way ahead of the United States in technology.  Isn't that fun!  So enjoy it!  And the next time somebody comes in and starts talking about China, well, you have a bunch of people in China with a big grin on their face, holding their hand over their face, and just saying, "This idiot is trying to tell us something!"

Q10: This is R— from Brooklyn.  I was going to report earlier, but I wound up not being on the system; apparently there were technical problems.

I wanted to talk just a little bit about the rally we did today in Union Square.  And we had quite a few of the membership there, people from the Manhattan Project and we were pushing the Glass-Steagall, we were pushing the idea of Hamiltonian economics bringing it back; and we were also pushing asking about the 28 pages, etc.  So we got quite a few people interested, we handed out quite a bit of leafletting and literature, and a few people in denial.  We have been in the Union Square quite a few times, so we've built up some rapport with some people; some people come along and look for our literature and some people actually are reading it, I hope.  And we were pretty active today, and there was singing and other things, to get people going.

LAROUCHE:  That's very good!

Q10:  Yeah.  I've been pushing people I know, in trying to give people — I had the leaflet dated Jan. 4th, and you're familiar with all that; it covers the area.  I feel that we are making progress, but we've got to  continue pushing and we have to continue going further. As you've mentioned yourself, there's a lot of people that are very fully educated at this point and we do have a problem.  Sometimes you come to people and say, "we've got to go back to FDR," and you get a curious look on their face. They go, "Oh, I think they mentioned that in school... maybe" you know?

LAROUCHE:  Maybe, yeah.

Q10:  So even though it's a tough row to hoe, we're still out there giving it our all.  I just wanted you to know that.

LAROUCHE:  OK, good.  Let me just suggest something, that might be interesting to you.  Now, let's look at the cost of real estate, where people live, that kind of real estate, and even some of the towers; and what should we do about that?  Now, I know that the inflation in housing and other things, in the area of Manhattan and beyond  that range, this thing is fantastic, in terms of its worthlessness.  We've got all these skyscrapers and so forth, and you have people who can't afford to live in these areas — why is that so?  We did we allow that to happen?

Well, because you've got a bunch of swindlers, real estate speculators who are swindlers.  Now Manhattan happens to be a n area which has an economic significance which is exceptional; no doubt about it.  But! the cost of housing for people in Manhattan is ruinous, it's cruel!  Then you look around and you say, why is this property so expensive?  It's because the swindlers are running the joint!

And therefore, what we're going to do, by calling in the real estate speculators, we're going to end Wall Street, we're going to close down Wall Street.  We're going to look at the same territory that you're seeing in Manhattan now, but the difference is the price is going to zoom down!  As it already should have zoomed down!  I've lived there, in Manhattan for certain periods of time.  I was an executive in a major corporation and  I was a leading member of that corporation; so I know very well exactly how the financing of Wall Street goes, in terms of Manhattan; I'm very familiar with this stuff, I'm a specialist in this area.

So if we close down the superfluous debt loads which are stuck on its train,  you would find several things would happen: first of all, the cost of living, and the cost of crowding, would be suddenly reduced.  What would happen also, is the skyscrapers which are premium things, that they will also be rationalized. We will then take, and Manhattan will become, as it should be, a leading factor in the growth factor not only within  Manhattan, but in areas around that, which would include New Jersey, Long Island and so forth.

So therefore, all we have to do, is get rid of the swindlers, the windfalls, and so forth and we can re-manage the economy of the United States; because in Wall Street, the speculation in the name of Wall Street is the real source of the shortfall that falls in housing, in education, in other things, in Manhattan, and which need not fall that way any more.

Q11:  Yeah Lyn, this is B— in L.A.  Several of us came back from a deployment at UCLA; there were four Congress members. One in particular was Tulsi Gabbard [d-hi].  What was brought up in one of my questions was the fact that we needed Congress to step up, to absolutely push the Glass-Steagall law back right into — that this is a global issue.  The response that was given to me, afterward by Tulsi Gabbard is that the person that she was trying to reflect on, is the question of leadership; she seemed to me attempting to gain the strength, as you said, not being scared about the so-called leadership, whether it comes from Obama, or Paul Ryan, and forget about this pragmatic stuff that "it will never happen."

Reflecting upon that, I think it's sort of like the crucial moment is, we have to push whoever is listening, to move forward now, with the Glass-Steagall FDR approach.  We gave her and others, our solution for a recovery not just of the country, but as you stated, of the principle of mankind, which is the Galactic question and so on.  So I see that it seems like this is the direction that we really have to move forward with, and I want to see of you have a statement, as you clearly stated,  well, what is that conception in Hamilton of leading, and I wanted to see if you could give us that, what do we have to do in order to move this country?

LAROUCHE:  OK.  First of all, we have to realize that the formation of the United States, but actually based on Leibniz, because Leibniz was the most outstanding figure in shaping the history of civilization, in general:  Leibniz.

Now, Leibniz died at a certain point, and the word got out that Leibniz had died.  A whole lot of people, who were swindlers and other low forms of life, were triumphant!  "Leibniz is dead! Leibniz is dead!  We can steal again!  We can steal and murder again!"  And they did!

Now, it happened that, in this period, the time that Leibniz died; remember Leibniz had been a key figure in the English economy itself, and the Queen was a very important figure and a very good figure, but the other parts of the British royal population, were not very good people; they were pretty rotten.

So anyway we had these problems developed.  But if we deal with these kinds of things appropriately, we in terms of the trans-Atlantic region as such, had at that time, at the time of Leibniz; the later time in Bertrand Russell, a different kind of place; and therefore, we have available to us, just sitting out there, the ability to transform, the conditions of life, with a great improvement to mankind throughout the planet.

There's no excuse for not doing it.  But you have to clear things up.  You have to make the questions clear.  And as we can do in Manhattan, there's nothing unusual about what the potential of Manhattan is, not as such, and Manhattan can be the roster-point, for launching a Renaissance, a true Renaissance, which will radiate throughout the planet Earth and reach, also, beyond the planet Earth in the direction of the Galaxy.  And that is all available to mankind, if we can take the stroke, to change the policy that must be changed.

ASCHER:  OK, tremendous Lyn.  Unless you have something further to add to that, do you think that's a good point to conclude this evening?

LAROUCHE:  Just the fact that I think things in this direction, the same direction, discussions which can be extended to other matters of application, these things must be in the consideration of a growth number of citizens, to recognize that mankind, i.e., our citizens, that our citizens if they open their eyes to what is possible, they can make great achievements.  And I think that's  the mission which we've got to inject into mankind generally right now.

ASCHER:  OK.  We'll get the recording of this out on the website and again, on behalf of everybody participating this evening, I'd like to thank you very much.  Good evening.

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