Obama's Mass-Murder Plan

December 27, 2015

Obama has launched a plan for the mass murder of the U.S. population beginning now.  Only fools will ignore the immediacy of the threat to the lives of Americans (and others).  This is not something about to happen,— it has already happened!

When Wall Street blows out again immediately after January 1, as is now in process, banks will seize their depositors' money under the "bail-in" provisions of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.  At that same instant, a new Obama bailout will run head-on into the default of two quadrillion dollars of worldwide derivatives. Economic activity will screech to a halt.  Few if any of you will have secure access to food or medicine.

What are you doing,— just waiting around to die?  This murderer Obama is going to get you killed if he is allowed to continue just mere days longer.  Behind him is the bloodlust of the British Monarchy of Queen Elizabeth who put Obama in power and controls him through Valerie Jarrett.  With them is Pope Francis, who has bought into the British Royals' genocide plan.

Congress by what it's done has taken a stand for the mass murder of Americans,— by leaving town until the new year with Wall Street running riot and with Dodd-Frank in place, and by leaving Obama in office.  Anyone who tells you, "maybe we should wait," is leading you to your death.  Stand up now, at last, or lose your chance forever!

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