In Defense of The Noosphere, “The Kingdom of Reason" : The Fallacy and Fraud of COP21

December 10, 2015

The ongoing COP21 Paris Summit reflects a complete misunderstanding of the role of the human species on this planet. Fools at COP21 will panic as they come up with carbon footprint-counting measures somehow imagining that in doing so they will save the planet from mankind. Others have a more sinister view, such as members of the British royal family who have taken on a prominent role at the event and have made their views public in the past. They likely do view such people as fools: they know that many of the measures urged relate directly not so much to stopping climate change, but to a crushing of the economic development of mankind, especially in populous parts of the world which have many millions to lift out of dire poverty. These individuals prey on the stupidity of people, who have been made to believe that mankind and the planet are bound for catastrophe unless we essentially cease the course of human progress. The truth is the complete opposite: that the only catastrophe for man and the planet will result from a failure to continue what is, in fact, natural: the progress and intensification of man’s economic activity.

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