LaRouche: Obama Organized an Act of War

November 24, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche today responded to the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian fighter plane by declaring that "Obama organized an act of war, and has thus endangered the United States, as well as all of humanity."

Qualified American figures have emphasized, in the immediate wake of the Turkish actions, that Turkey's President Erdogan would never have taken this action if he did not know, in advance, that he had tacit support from Obama. Those sources observed that Obama was furious over the weekend that the French government, under tremendous popular pressure, was moving towards a real alliance with Russia to destroy ISIS. In stark contrast to that sane French response to the Paris attacks of Nov. 13, Obama has renewed his demands that the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad must happen immediately, and must precede the actions against the Islamic State.

LaRouche called for Obama's immediate removal from office, "There can be no more excusing Obama, if mankind is to survive. The way out of WW3 is for honest Americans at every level to denounce the president at every opportunity."

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NATO Member Turkey Downs Russian Su-24 Bomber; Russian General Staff Responds with New Measures

For the first time since WWII and the creation of NATO, a Russian military aircraft was shot down by war planes of a NATO country. Early today, two Turkish F-16s downed a Russian SU-24 returning to its home base in Latakia after a bombing run against terrorists in Syria near the Turkish border, charging that the Russian plane had violated Turkish airspace, had received 10 warnings over a 5-minute period, and was finally shot down. Over the course of the day the Turkish version was modified to report that it had been two Russian planes, not one, and that they had been in Turkish airspace a total of 17 seconds. Turkey immediately called an emergency NATO meeting today to discuss the incident.

The Russian government denied that their fighter-bombers had entered Turkish airspace, and later in the day produced radar-based videos to prove the point. Rather, the Turkish planes had violated Syrian airspace to make the kill, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

Both Russian pilots ejected from their damaged plane, and one was machine-gunned to death by terrorist fighters on Syrian soil, as he descended in his parachute. A Russian rescue helicopter sent for the two downed pilots was then attacked by those terrorists, using TOW missiles provided by the Obama government in Washington. They damaged the helicopter, killing one serviceman on board, and apparently forced it to land in government-controlled territory inside Syria.

The Russian General Staff responded quickly, issuing a statement this morning stating it has suspended all military cooperation with Turkey, as the downing of the Russian bomber was "a flagrant violation of international law with extremely grave consequences, and a direct breach of the Memorandum on air-incident prevention [deconfliction--ed] and flight safety over the Syrian Arab Republic, which had been signed by the USA and is relevant for all countries of the anti-terrorist coalition, including Turkey."

General Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Force, this evening announced a series of new security measures to go into place immediately. These include deployment of the Moskva warship, equipped with `Fort' air-defense systems, similar to the S-300, to the coastal region off Latakia in Syria, where Russia has a large base. In addition, from now on, all bomber missions against the Islamic State and other terrorists will be accompanied by fighter jets. "We warn," Gen. Rudskoy stated, "that all targets representing a potential danger to us, will be destroyed." The General Staff officer also announced that Russia's military-to-military contacts with Turkey have been suspended.

At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, announced the cancellation of his planned trip to Istanbul to meet with his Turkish counterpart, scheduled for tomorrow. According to RT, Lavrov also warned of the increasing level of terror threat in Turkey, which, he said, "is not lower than in Egypt," and recommended that Russians not travel to Turkey for tourism or any other reason.

"It is necessary to emphasize that the terror threats with their roots in Turkey, have been aggravated," he stated. "And that's true even if we don't take into account what happened today."

Global Warfare by the British Empire's Terrorists

Lyndon LaRouche's advisory that there will be "no peace until the British Monarchy is overthrown, and the British puppet and asshole Obama is removed from office," is underscored by the pattern of global terrorism and other provocations they have unleashed, in addition to Turkey's shooting down of the Russian Su-24.

Ukraine: The Crimea provocation is ongoing, around Victoria Nuland's nazis in Ukraine cutting all electricity supplied to Crimea by blowing up transmission towers. Russian authorities are confident they can deal with the emergency with the 35% of Crimean energy that is produced by local generators, until Russia is able to complete the construction of the underwater transmission line from Russia under the Kerch strait before the end of the year. Meanwhile, the new, expanded phase of the U.S. military training progam for Ukraine has begun, with the U.S. training five battalions of active-duty troops and one battalion of special operations forces personnel.

Belgium: The country remains on high alert, with Brussels still on lockdown. The government has arrested 21 suspects, but released 17 of them, and they admit they don't really have a bead on what is coming next, except that they still expect multiple attacks at different points.

ISIS: Britain has issued its yearly Security Review, which asserts that ISIS is trying to get its hands on nuclear and chemical weapons.

Egypt: A suicide bomb went off in the Egyptian Sinai, killing at least three and wounding a dozen.

Greece: A bomb exploded late last night near the Parliament building on Syntagma square. No one was hurt.

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert that will be in effect until February 24, with no specific place or incident in mind, noting only that IS, Boko Haram, and other groups "continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions."

Obama Gives His Public Blessing to Turkey's Act of War Against Russia; So Does NATO

At a joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande following their meeting in the White House today, President Barack Obama fully defended Turkey's shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber, pronouncing that "Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace." Obama then tried to blame the Russian government for the incident, saying that

"this points to an ongoing problem with the Russian operations. They are operating very close to a Turkish border, and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported not only by Turkey, but a wide range of countries."

He then sanctimoniously urged all sides to show "restraint," lest the crisis escalate.

After an emergency NATO meeting called today by member Turkey, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also gave full backing to Turkey:

"As we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO ally, Turkey. I look forward to further contacts between Ankara and Moscow, and call for calm and de-escalation. Diplomacy and de-escalation are important to resolve this situation," he said.

In Ankara, a glib Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told Al Jazeera,

"Everyone must know that it is our international right and national duty to take any measure against whoever violates our air or land borders. The Turkish armed forces are clearly instructed. Even if it is a flying bird it will be intercepted."

Retired U.S. Army Col. Patrick Lang, in his Sic Semper Tyrannis blog, wrote today, "Perhaps the time has come to suspend Turkish membership in NATO before Erdogan drags us all into a war with Russia."