Helga Zepp-LaRouche: We Need A Public Debate On The Real Interests Of All Nations

November 15, 2015

In front of about 85 members, and with supporters 120 total, Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave the opening speech at the 21st annual Congress of the BüSo Saturday in Berlin.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche started with expressing her deepest sympathy for the relatives of the victims of the bestial terrorist attacks in Paris the previous day, and with the entire nation of France. She asked: Where does all this bestiality come from?

Ten months ago, the attack against Charlie Hebdo took place. That same day in a public event in Washington, Sen. Bob Graham called for declassifying the famous 28 pages of the Congressional Report on 9/11. People who have read those pages, say that it concerns the role of Saudi Arabia.

Recently, former DIA head Michael Flynn has revealed that, despite DIA warnings, the White House has proceeded with the policy which led to the creation of ISIS. The Pentagon has admitted that billions of dollars were spent to train so-called "rebels" who eventually turned to ISIS.

In Germany, popular TV satires, like "Die Anstalt", mock the U.S. policy of creating Islamist fighters. This is a reflection of how widely shared the view is that the U.S. government is responsible for the growth of terrorism.

Helga then stressed the importance of the new revelations on the Drone policy, which she compared in importance to the famous Pentagon Papers, which started the process that led to the fall of Richard Nixon. The documents revealed by the new whistleblower demonstrate that the President, with his policy of killing people without due process of law, is not only a murderer, but a mass murderer. This, together with the insanity reflected by such a policy, is evidence enough to activate the 25 Amendment to the Constitution, and remove him from the Presidency.

The U.S.A. does not carry out this murderous policy alone: they are helped by other countries, especially by Germany. The extent of the role played by Germany was revealed in recent Bundestag hearings with a former Drone pilot, Brandon Bryant. He explained how drones are given targets represented by cell phone cards, without checking whether the phone is in the hands of the putative owner and suspected terrorist, or whether he is alone, in a public place surrounded by innocent people, or he has given his cell phone away. All German intelligence services help the U.S. in this, the whistleblower said. The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote that without German participation, there could be no Drone war.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche proposed that the BüSo Congress sends a message to the German government that this should stop.

The War Threat

If we consider the whole strategic situation, a striking discrepancy is visible between the dimensions of the global crisis and the cluelessness of the population. There is almost no news which is reported without a spin. All media play according to the rules, for instance, in claiming that Russia and China represent a war threat. Instead, it is the Obama/British policy which represents a threat of war. Their idea to build a world empire leads to World War III, as Russian President Putin said last Tuesday.

The U.S. policy of insisting on stationing ABM systems at the border with Russia, their planned modernization of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, are prompting a legitimate reaction from Moscow and Beijing, so that a spiral of arms race is ongoing.

However, it suffices to compare the military budgets of Russia and of the U.S.A. to see who pushes the arms race and who of the two is dangerous. Mrs. LaRouche mentioned Ashton Carter's statements accusing Moscow of "saber-rattling" and threatening the development of new weapons, some of which are secret.

Luckily, there is a resistance in the U.S., which is still a minority but is visible.  She mentioned the Capitol Hill meeting organized by Rep. Conyers, and the positive development of the Vienna conference, where today both representatives of the Syrian government and of some rebel groups should participate.

Obama's reaction to this has been "boots on the ground" in Syria, announcing to send there special troops, without a mandate from Congress, without being invited by the Syrian government and without a UN mandate. The Pentagon provocations against China in the South China Sea are continuing.

But you can see throughout the world that there is a resistance or at least an awareness of where this would lead.

Roots of the Crisis

This policy has a continuity of 21 years, as my husband Lyndon LaRouche recently stressed. After the assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan, the U.S.A. changed its policy. If you want to find the original root of the current refugee crisis, this is to be found in the 1997 creation of the Project for a New American Century. This policy has influenced the circumstances of German reunification. Russia has experienced a bitter disappointment after having approved the reunification. First, the shock therapy through which Russia lost 1 million people a year; then the expansion of NATO eastwards, betraying assurances given by Washington to Moscow. Then, the policy of regime change, color revolutions, etc.

Also for Germany, legitimate aspirations for reunification were betrayed with the imposition of the euro by François Mitterrand as condition for the reunification.

After an eight-year period of a hiatus with Clinton, who had a mix of good and bad policies, the neocon project re-started full speed with George Bush Jr. In January 2001, Lyndon LaRouche made a historical video saying that the force of the economic crisis would impact the Bush Administration and that the latter would react with a "Reichstag Fire" action. Then we had 9/11, which was not what the official version says. She again referred to the 28 Pages. The Patriot Act and the uncontrolled activity of the NSA followed, Then, the Iraq war in 2003, prompted by the Blair/MI6 memo full with lies.

In March 2011 the U.S. government decided to support the "rebels" in Syria, and that same year they started the attack on Libya. Russia and China remained neutral only because they believed what eventually was revealed to be a lie, i.e. that Qaddafi had fired on his own population. I believe this is the last time that they let themselves be duped, she said.

These were all functioning countries. Those wars are the origin of the refugee crisis, Mrs. LaRouche said amid applause.

When Qaddafi was brutally assassinated, Lyndon LaRouche said: this reflects the intention of starting World War III.

This policy has brought no advantage to the U.S.A., not even domestically. The U.S.A. has become impoverished, real unemployment has grown, and recent data show unprecedented rates of suicides among the white male population.

In front of us is the next global financial crisis, which even the IMF warned that the world is unprepared to face. The commodity bubble is becoming the trigger, as the subprime mortgage market was in 2007.

The solution is to bankrupt Wall Street. Reintroduce Glass-Steagall. Presidential candidates such as O'Malley, Sanders and Rand Paul are calling for that.

We have launched the Manhattan project in the United States to do that.

What Germany Can Do

What can Germany do? A lot, contrary to those who claim we are too small to do anything.

First of all, we should start a debate on what are the real interests of Germany.  We should lift sanctions against Russia. Helmut Schmidt was right when he said that the Ukrainian crisis had been started by the Maastricht agreement.

We should also terminate any and all military missions of the Bundeswehr in support of the U.S./U.K. policy.  We should promote a public debate on the security interests of all nations. We need a new inclusive security architecture.

German Finance Minister Schäuble should resign because his "Black Zero" policy is feeding the right-wing escalation.

We should dissolve all intelligence agencies in Germany... and finally establish a German intelligence service, because all current agencies are not working for German interests.

We should launch cooperation with the New Silk Road. China's model is a Win-Win model. The Chinese leadership is more Confucian than Marxist. They have freed 600 million people from poverty; these are human rights!

Russia, China, India, Iran, Egypt, Germany, Italy, France and the U.S.A.; all these countries have a common interest for development. Let us have development and create a motivation for the young generation in the Middle East, create a future for them so that they do not fall prey to terrorism. As the Chinese insisted, it is important to plan reconstruction for Syria already now. Let us make Development a real new name for Peace.

For that, however, we need a new culture. We must re-discover our real identity. Our identity, especially in Germany, lies in classical culture. We are so rich and blessed in music, poetry, discoveries. But who, today, still reads Friedrich Schiller, his Aesthetic Letters? Who reads Leibniz?

Only through inner freedom does one reach outer freedom, thus overcoming the "club appurtenance" (enjoying the advantages of the club) which is the sickness of today's population.

Mrs. LaRouche mentioned in this context the idea of "placement," as her husband has recently insisted, as defined by the Italian school of singing, which is not only indispensable for rendering the composer's intention, but it is also a political method.

She concluded with a quotation from Schiller, who said that the artist, before he goes on stage, must elevate himself at the level of the highest ideal of Man.