Royal Satanists Regroup Around Religions for Climate-Change Genocide

November 14, 2015

Facing resistance from key governments to their plans to kill billions by returning the human race to a pre-carbon, hunting and gathering economy, Royal Consort Prince Philip and his lackey, Martin Palmer, have convoked a confab next week to gear up their project to seize the world's religions as their ultimate weapon against the human race. They are holding up the role of Pope Francis as an agent of the British Monarchy's satanic doctrine as the model for achieving success.

The Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), run by Martin Palmer since Prince Phillip created it in 1986, is hosting a "Faith in Conservation" conference on Nov. 17-18 in the medieval Palace of the Archbiships of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace. Prince Philip will personally open the meeting of some 36 top operatives from ARC's eco-religous project, co-sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Science for Nature and People, WWF-UK, and The Pilkington Foundation.

On the eve of the COP21 conference, ARC recognizes that the Royal green genocide program is running into problems. ARC's press release announcing the Lambeth Palace meeting is blunt:

"Conservation goals are not being achieved at the necessary scale to address the global environmental threats. Conservation success depends upon changing human values and behaviour, and religions often shape peoples' identity, values and conduct.

"Religion-based strategies to environmental issues are often effective and sustainable;

"Earlier climate change talks have failed, and there is concern about how effective national governments and intergovernmental agencies can be. This has led to an increased awareness of the vital role of civil society in driving changes, and religion is the largest sector of civil society in every country....

"In June 2014, Pope Francis issued a moving, articulate, persuasive Encyclical... on the human obligation to protect creation. He is the head of the world's biggest religious tradition, with 1.2 billion followers."

It is for precisely that reason that American statesman Lyndon LaRouche has denounced Pope Francis's adoption of Satanic Green fascism. Pope Francis "has been corrupted by a Satanic doctrine," he said again in his Nov. 12 "Fireside Chat":

"The Pope has become an instrument of evil.  He became such by the injection of [Hans Joachim] Schellnhuber, who is a British operative who is a Satanic figure.  And the Pope has succumbed to that Satanic figure and to his Satanic policy. And this thing is spreading throughout the United States and it's spreading throughout Europe as well.  And if we don't get rid of that Papacy, that term in the Papacy, then you're going to get Satan all over the universe."