High-Level Russian Warning: Obama Strategists Think of Global War

November 2, 2015

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia delivered a public warning Oct. 30 that the Obama Administration is contemplating a world war against Russia.

Dmitri Rogozin addressed journalists after a meeting of the Russian National Security Council, which may have discussed the subject, and denounced the United States' "current Prompt Global Strike doctrine," a strategy which plans to suppress an adversary's (Russia's or China's) ability to retaliate against a pre-emptive first strike. Rogozin called it "illusory," but in unmistakeable terms.

"The U.S. strategists are, for the first time, beginning to have an illusory vision that they may achieve victory over a nuclear power in a non-nuclear war. This is nonsense, this will never happen." Rogozin said after the meeting, as quoted by TASS.

However, he seemed in fact to be warning of nuclear war, in discussing plans to revive "civil defense" in Russia. "But in the face of this threat, the task is to protect the population," Rogozin said. "In essence, civil defense and safety facilities for the population are to be rebuilt anew and, most importantly, this activity should be streamlined properly."

Rogozin made this warning as the largest NATO maneuver in many years, "Trident Juncture," has gotten underway, including a practice of a pre-emptive strike on Russian forces.

While voices in the U.S. Democratic Party are beginning to attack Obama's "illegal and unconstitutional" war plans, EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized throughout Obama's second term that he is capable of, and likely to launch thermonuclear war against Russia and/or China, unless removed from the office of President for which he is unfit.