Obama Can and Must be Ousted This Week

October 18, 2015

The situation is suddenly very ripe for President Obama's immediate removal from office.  In that same context, with her Benghazi testimony scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 22 before the House Select Committee, it is also to be expected that Hillary Clinton will soon be dumped as well.
Over the weekend, President Obama was stung by four devastating attacks on his crimes in office.  Most dramatically, new details continue to emerge from the Drone Papers, the leaked documents that show that President Obama, from his earliest days in office, was in charge of a global assassination program, run out of the White House Situation Room, in which thousands of people were targeted for assassination in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, under Obama's drone-kill program.  An estimated 90 percent of the victims of this mass murder program were not even on the target lists, personally signed by Obama. They were, however, immediately classified as terrorists and enemy combatants to cover up the magnitude of the Obama crimes.
The Drone Papers were only first made public on Thursday, but already, Amnesty International has demanded a thorough Congressional investigation.  More to the point, Lyndon LaRouche demanded over the weekend that Obama be immediately removed from office, either through impeachment or the invoking of the 25th Amendment—and then put on trial before a criminal court for mass murder.
On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published a lengthy reprise of Seymour Hersh's May 2015 expose of the fraud behind the Obama White House account of the murder of Osama bin Laden in 2011.  Obama, then-White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan, and others in the Obama inner circle, blatantly lied about the circumstances surrounding the killing of bin Laden, all to boost Obama's re-election prospects at the expense of the truth.  Obama and his team fabricated an elaborate Hollywood-style fable about the raid in Abbottabod, Pakistan, touting the CIA's sleuth work, when the key information all came from a Pakistani officer who walked in with the precise location of the Al Qaeda leader—in return for the $25 million reward. The White House, typically, covered up the role of the Saudis, who paid for years for bin Laden's safe keeping under the watchful eye of Pakistan's ISI.  The New York Times Magazine, while not fully corroborating the Hersh account, gave the first prominent American media coverage of the real story.
The highly-respected international organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) escalated their campaign against Obama by issuing new charges and new evidence over the weekend that the US willfully bombed their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, and then sent in heavy vehicles to plow over the evidence.  An unnamed Pentagon source confirmed that MSF had “done everything right,” in documenting the location of the hospital so it was placed on an off limits list, made up of hospitals, schools and mosques that were never to be attacked, even if there was evidence of Al Qaeda or Taliban fighters in the immediate vicinity.  This was another Obama mass kill operation, and it may be relevant that the bombing in Kunduz came at a point that MSF vowed to fight to defeat Obama's signature Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, because it would deny life-saving generic drugs to half a billion poor people around the world.
With the Hillary Clinton testimony coming up, ABC News on Sunday morning aired a documentary expose of Obama, Clinton, Victoria Nuland and Ben Rhodes, for lying to the American people and covering up the Al Qaeda assault on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, where US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American officials were killed.  The ABC broadcast mirrored Lyndon LaRouche and Jeffrey Steinberg's Dec. 2012 National Press Club briefing, proving that Obama and Clinton knew, as the attacks were underway, that it was a premeditated, heavily armed Al Qaeda attack, conducted by the AQIM affiliated Ansar al-Sharia terrorist group.  Nuland, Obama, Clinton and Rhodes, along with Susan Rice, were all implicated in the ABC story in the crafting of the lies about the Benghazi attack, knowing full well that the attack had nothing to do with any “spontaneous demonstrations” about the slandering of the Prophet Mohammed.
The second part of the same ABC broadcast featured an interview with former Rep. Peter Hoekstra, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee, and charged that Obama had betrayed Libyan leader Qadaffi, who had become a leading ally in the war against Islamist terrorists, and that the Obama Administration had trained and armed the very terrorists who had carried out the 9/11/12 Benghazi slaughter.
The Drone Papers alone constitute a clear criminal bill of indictment against Obama that goes far beyond the “high crimes and misdemeanors” standard for impeachment.  Obama's immediate removal from office is now the sanity test for the US Congress.
There is an opportunity, this week, to dump Obama and begin the process of restoring the United States to proper Constitutional rule, something that has been steadily eroded over the past 15 years of Bush and Obama.  There is nothing more important to be acted upon, starting right now.

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New York Times Magazine Resurrects Hersh Exposé of Bin Laden Hoax

The New York Times Magazine Sunday featured an extensive article by Jonathan Mahler, resurrecting Seymour Hersh's May 2015 expose of how the Obama Administration lied about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  Mahler conducted extensive interviews with Hersh and cross-checked his account with a number of sources in the United States and Pakistan.  While he did not directly corroborate Hersh's account, his own research added to the evidence that the Obama White House and the CIA fabricated an account that played an important role in Obama's 2012 re-election, and that Hersh's own investigation had been thoroughly fact-checked by the publishers at the London Review of Books, including direct interviews with some of Hersh's most important confidential informants.

In his original May 2015 account, Hersh charged that a Pakistani military officer had “walked in” to the CIA with details on Bin Laden's whereabouts, in return for the $25 million reward and placement in the Federal Witness Protection Program, thus debunking the Obama and CIA claims that Bin Laden had been found by an elaborate intelligence gathering process that showed how effective the U.S. intelligence system was.

Hersh furthermore proved that the Pakistani authorities had been in on the raid to kill Bin Laden from the outset, and a fabricated story had been worked out with U.S. officials to conceal their role (the story that the crash landing of one of the two Black Hawk helicopters used by Navy SEALs in the raid prompted Obama to double-cross the Pakistanis and reveal Bin Laden's death within hours of the assault).  For years, Saudi Arabia had been paying Pakistan to keep Bin Laden in safe, protective custody in a safehouse compound in Abbottabad.  By pre-arrangement with the U.S., Pakistani military and ISI guards, protecting Bin Laden, were withdrawn from the compound just before the American helicopters landed.

The New York Times Magazine story reiterated the special role that then-White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan had played in putting out the hoax account.

No American publication would touch the Hersh story when he first wrote it, including New Yorker Magazine, where Hersh had been writing since the 1970s.  The fact that the New York Times Magazine published the in-depth story Sunday, regardless of the fact that the author did not 100 percent corroborate the Hersh account, is another blow to Obama's image.  Coming just days after the release of the Drone Papers, documenting his personal role as a mass murderer on a global scale, the New York Times Magazine account adds to the growing picture of President Obama as a killer and a liar who should be immediately removed from office.

ABC Blasts Obama's Benghazi Coverup

ABC News' Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson delivered a double assault on President Obama Sunday morning, focusing on the ongoing Congressional Benghazi investigation and the role of Obama and Hillary Clinton in the overthrow of Muammar Qadaffi, at a point that he had become a leading U.S. ally in the global war on terrorism.

Attkisson began her Benghazi coverage by recounting detailed reports that had arrived at the State Department and the White House as the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks were underway, identifying the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia as the attackers.  The news report zeroed in on the conversations between Obama and Clinton, where the fake narrative was devised, highlighting the role of Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, who was in charge of putting out the lying account, and Susan Rice.  The exposé also nailed Victoria Nuland, who also played a central role in the fake talking points.  The inclusion of Nuland in the exposé can have a further benefit of weakening the U.S. ability to continue to support the Nazis in Ukraine.

Gregory Hicks, who was deputy chief of mission in Tripoli the day of the attacks, was shown testifying before Congress in late 2012, telling the Congress that he repeatedly asked for more military help, and was told by his defense attaché that units would be arriving in Benghazi within 2-3 hours.

Hillary Clinton will testify on Thursday, Oct. 22, before the House Banghazi select committee.

The second segment of the show featured an interview with former Congressman Peter Hoekstra, who was chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, accusing the Obama Administration of betraying Qadaffi by supporting Islamist extremists to overthrow him.  He told Attkisson that he had personally met with Qadaffi three times, and that in 2003, Qadaffi had changed and become a key U.S. ally in the global war on terrorism.  He charged that the Benghazi coverup by President Obama was partly motivated by the fact that the very Islamic extremists who the U.S. supported, in overthrowing Qadaffi, carried out the Sept. 11, 2012 assault on the Benghazi diplomatic compounds.  He described them as radical jihadists with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both bought into the strategy of overthrowing Qadaffi.  The U.S., he concluded, trained and equipped those who attacked the Benghazi compounds.  It was part of a much larger Middle East policy failure by Obama.