Manhattan Project: Town Hall Event with Lyndon LaRouche, October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015

Manhattan Project: Town Hall event with Lyndon LaRouche, October 17, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche returns to New York! Every Saturday the LPAC Manhattan Project hosts a Q&A discussion between Manhattan activists and Mr. LaRouche. This week, Mr. LaRouche reiterates his emphasis that so far, the Presidential debates in no way do the crisis the U.S. and the world are in, justice. What is required is a coherent agreement on what people and nations need to move forward, together. Several reports from interventions and deployments from Manhattan are also discussed, demonstrating the Manhattan Project is now a force to be reckoned with in the political and cultural dynamic in Manhattan. Due to a technical interference, the last two questions can be found here.


DENNIS SPEED:  Now, we're ready to go!  My name is Dennis Speed, and on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, I want to welcome everybody here today.  There's a lot that can be said, but there's a new conception, again, of the Manhattan Project that Mr. LaRouche put forward.  He's talked about the need to develop what he called a "Manhattan Party." I'm sure he'll be able to tell us exactly what he means by that.  I'll just indicate, that after Mr. LaRouche opens, we'll go into our question & answer period, but we have a special presentation about something, that we're going to do right after Lyn's opening remarks.  So, Lyn, the floor is now yours.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Okay, first of all, people will remember that we had a conference on Tuesday, and it was an idiotic conference.  It was absolutely insane.  Some of the people featured in that, on the stage, were sane; but most of the audience, in general, were a screaming bunch of idiots which had no understanding of anything.  And at the same time, the way the thing was presented, as a campaign, was an abomination!  There were some people in there who were not performing abominations, but the general affect, was that the sponsor, Obama, who was working on the basis of orders from a team in the British system. And that fraud was made as the Tuesday appearance, it was a screwball appearance which no sane person would willingly wish to do, unless they had some great duty to run, by going to toilet or something, hmm!

But that's what happened.  All the people who were running as candidates, or listed as candidates, were completely scrambled, or idiots, one of the two.  Most of the best ones were scrambled, and the others were idiots.  So this was an abomination beyond imagination, and the source of the thing, was the British Empire which was directing Obama.  That's what was happening. And that's the evil that we have to deal with today.

Now, in these premises, where many of us have met repeatedly among ourselves, and some people came in who weren't there before, and some people who are not there who were before, but that's a perfectly normal arrangement.  But what we have to consider is this point, as in Manhattan in particular, which is usually our main point of departure for winning warfare, and for us, Manhattan is the center, of all good things.  That's doesn't mean that everything in Manhattan is good; but it means the body itself has a good quality inside it, buried some place, or in some location.

Anyway, so this is what the issue is.

Now, there've been people who've been operating, even some of our members of my organization who have been sucked into, playing games with the truth.  And I have just announced to them, that I would quit the organization if they tried to continue that — my organization!  And I may it clear to the members attending this,  earlier this day, that that would be the arrangement, and the people who were there, all attending, all agreed we would do that.  That we had a couple of 8 balls who got into our quarters and did some bad things.

So, we are now back on tape, as we were, everything we did on Tuesday — what we did on Tuesday, not what they did on Tuesday, but what we did. And everything else, I think we are in a position to take charge.  But we have to take charge, because we have a few people in our own organization, who acted like clowns, and they have to be straightened out.  But that will be fixed; I assure you, that will be fixed.

We had a meeting of course, earlier this midday, and we settled everything: That is fixed.  We are not going to go the way that Obama and his friends, want us to go.

And so that's what the situation is.  And I say this, to this body here, which by its nature as a body of people, who've met here with me many times, now so far, I thought we'd give you that straight confidence about what the situation is in general terms; and if you want some particular expression of that, I would be willing to deliver it, at least in an economical space of time.

So let's have some fun!

SPEED:  Yes, all right, let's go with the first report.

Q:  Hi Lyn, it's A— here.  I'm going to talk to you about an intervention that took place yesterday, but it was Thursday afternoon that I was informed that there was an enemy sighting in Manhattan; and they were going to congregate at Peter Cooper Square, and some Baron, some fellow by the name of Adair Turner [Baron Turner of Ecchinswell] was going to talk about a book called Debt and the Devil

And so this was a British operation that was going to take place. And there were four activists, and a member and three other activists that attended; I was there.  The thing was attended by only about 32 people, in a very large auditorium; it had a very low turnout, mostly Brits, a few Americans in there. And he spoke for about an hour, and I swear to you it seemed like four.  All mumble-jumble, the typical type of economics that you attack and ridicule.

So I thought it was clear to me what my job was to be, what my function should be there; and the interventions through breaking up the proceedings by just intervening and raising things like Glass-Steagall, Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln, began about halfway into his presentation.  One of the members was escorted out; I believe at that point they were still not aware that LaRouche PAC was in force there, being present.

When the question and answer period came up, — you could hear people talking without, but I went to the mike, and I began by expressing to him that I was somewhat amused by his statements regarding economics and finance, when he early in his remarks he had admitted that the crash of 2008 took him completely by surprise.  Yet, he chose to come to the United States and tell us, what financial policies he thinks we should be following.

But then I said:  Actually what I really want to raise is the austerity programs, or mission that you have, that policy, and that it really is about population reduction.  And that his milieu of Sir Richard Attenborough, Prince Philip and the President of the United States Obama, were all in line with this type of policy.  And that's what your austerity and budget cuts really represented.  Oh, I heard in the background, "How many more LaRoucheites are there in here! This is another LaRouche person!"

At that point, the heckling began for me to get to my question. And my question was as follows:  "Why don't you, sir, take you and your crew, go back to England, find Cameron, and open a pig farm?  Because you're all vermin."

They did not respond to that question.

Just before the proceedings began, we were informed that the head of the former Bank of England Mervyn King was sitting prominently in the front row.  Now, what was interesting to me, was the smile that came up on my face when that happened, where frankly, not too long ago I would have been intimidated by such a thing.  And indeed, in interventions that I was assigned to in the past, there were times when I times where I just couldn't muster up; the only thing that would elevate was my heart and my pulse, but I couldn't get up and confront anybody on this. Yesterday, was quite different:  A smile came across my face, and then I knew even more so, what needed to be done.

So we ruffled some feathers.  We disrupted their pretty, little moment, and I think they know now that there are some people in New York that represent something, and we don't want any part of them.

LAROUCHE:  I think that's most commendable and appropriate.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, this is R— from Bergen County, New Jersey. Last night, I was watching the webcast presented by Jeff Steinberg, and this to me was a complete bombshell.  It's going to take a while to absorb everything; it was really quick in whatever time, an hour or so; and he brought out something that was released on Thursday, and if I could put it to the cameras, this is one of the articles that came out by Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald, — and there are actual military documents in this pack, — it was 2 in the morning and I printed out the whole thing.  It's about 300 pages long, and I've started reading it. And this thing is absolute dynamite, as far as I'm concerned. The subtitle "Secret military documents expose the inner workings of Obama's drone wars." [The Intercept, Article

1 "The Assassination Complex," of the exposé "The Drone Papers"]  And Jeff last night mentioned this, and that every President since Gerald Ford has upheld an executive order banning assassinations by U.S. personnel.  "Congress has avoided legislating the issue or even defining the word 'assassination.' This has allowed proponents of the drone wars to rebrand assassinations with more palatable characterizations, such as the term du jour, 'targeted killings.'"  And I know that you have mentioned this many times over the past number of years.

I think we've implicitly, at least I have implicitly known about this, from other sources, about the Tuesday meetings where decisions are made, but the thing that differentiates this documentation is that there are specific government documents that have been obtained which nobody can ignore — nobody can ignore what's written here.

And this is a shredding of the Constitution, completely and totally.  It's been going on probably since the beginning of the Bush administration, through now; Congress seems to be doing absolutely nothing about this issue.  It's a flagrant violation of the Constitution; it's a flagrant violation of international law; there's all kinds of war crimes affiliated with this; this is not only about particular, quote, "terrorists" being targetted and killed , regardless of their nationality, and situation. Anyone who is in the near vicinity of somebody who is targeted, is considered to be a terrorist as well, so the killing of individuals, "collateral damage" so to speak, has no credence whatsoever.

So what's my point on this?  To me this is a huge incentive to get this out to Congress.  I mean, it's going to do one of two things:  Either Congress is going to do something about it, which has to lead to impeachment.  There's no way one can look at these documents, and one can look at these documents and go into an investigation of this without bringing up the issue of impeachment.  It has to come up. Now, if Congress ignores it, what does that say about Congress?  They're criminals!  They're total criminals if they ignore it.

So I love what Jeff brought out, and I think this thing is great.  And I know I have started badgering my congressman about it, but I'd appreciate any comments you might have.

LAROUCHE:  Well first of all, we had an event which followed the Tuesday so-called debate.  Now this was ordered, by specifically, Obama.  But Obama, to my knowledge since early since last Friday, that Obama was merely a stooge for a British invasion into the affairs of the United States, and the British interests were the people that were specifically supporting Obama in this policy.

Now my view of that point is, severally, first of all, the whole thing, the whole show that Tuesday meeting was a sideshow, one of the most corrupt things ever presented, in modern times, by any part of the United States government.  This was the most evil thing ever generated in the recent centuries of the United States.  This was treason in the worst extreme.  And Obama was the prime embodiment of that.

Now, on the specific case that you did make reference to, in particular, in this case, we have Jeff Steinberg together with two other people on our team, who on Friday evening presented a summation of the most essential facts about this whole matter. And I had identified the British angle on the Friday before the conference there; and I had the picture.  Then, we did on this recent Friday, we had the whole fact laid out by three people in our statement on 8 o'clock yesterday; the whole structure, including what Jeff Steinberg did at some length, was supplied at that point.  That information is clearly influenced.

It's also clear, that certain people inside my own organization have played opportunist games, with reality.  And I told them, that either I throw them out, or they throw me out. And I think the people who met today, on Saturday, who are leading people in our organization there, all concurred with that estimation.  So what we're doing is, we're going to clean house, in our way:  We're going to defend the United States!  We're going to drive the British invaders out of our existence, and we're going to bring members of our Congress, into conformity, with the purposes of our Constitution.  And that's the approach we will take.  And I will be absolutely merciless on this issue, on that point, on that point.  Anybody who's going to try to destroy and corrupt the United States while I'm still alive, is going to have a big problem.

And if I happen to die in the meantime, it's still going to be a rather big problem for them. Because my corpse will stink all over the place on them.

So let's fight!  Have fun!

Q:  Hi Lyn, it's M—. I wanted to get your thoughts on something that had come up.  Rachel Brinkley and I had gone to an event here in the city earlier this week, to intervene. The event was on the subject of the "Resistance against Injustice."  The speakers were Cornel West and Chris Hedges, and to give you a kind of a character of it.  It was a dialogue; the whole thing was the two of them onstage speaking to each other; there were about 150 people in the room, most of which were associated with different leftist groups, with their issues and such. And they were discussing the character of someone in the fight.

So West, who's a civil rights leader was talking about questions of striving for virtue.  He discussed the idea of learning to die before you can learn to live, but you have to get over your fear of death, and then you can fight.  But he said, "I'm not optimistic, but I have hope." [LaRouche chuckles]

Hedges had a different take.  Hedges, who has written whole books on the resistance fight, and has an interesting background. He was working at the New York Times for 15 years but resigned when he refused to cave into pressure to stop speaking out against the Iraq War. However, what he was focussed on for this discussion was to communicate to the audience that you have to resist, but you have to do so knowing that you will never succeed.  [laughter] He said, "the enemy is too big and powerful, you will fail."  He said, "everything you do in the grand scheme of things, is futile, but it is not meaningless."

So, we intervened during the forum, of course, and they agreed on the issues per se, impeaching Obama, Glass-Steagall; but I spoke to Hedges afterwards; they had both referenced Kant. So what I brought up to Hedges was, "have you ever reach Schiller?" And he said he hadn't, and I briefed him a little bit on Schiller taking on the failure of the Enlightenment, that you had this enlightened class who failed to achieve the political victory, the French Revolution was a failure. And that Schiller was intervening to address, to fix the moral failures of the educated class, so that we could succeed and uplift mankind.  So he expressed some interest in reading Schiller, but then said, "to be honest, I'm a Calvinist, and don't have a very high view of mankind."

So my concern was, what's the effect for the audience, in having their leaders tell them "you can't expect to succeed."  So I wanted to get your thoughts on this problem.

LAROUCHE:  The answer is very simple, if they have that problem they're not thinking, [laughs] they're disqualified as leaders.  If they're this weak-brained, weak-minded thing, it's impossible.  Yes.  There are a lot of people like that.  And they rotate around; you used to find them around Harvard University, similar places like that;  they would gather around in the streets.  I had a lot of experience with that stuff, so I refer to it for that reason.  But it was crap. Plainly.  And they were gutless wonders.

The question is, what are you going to do for the future of mankind?  Everyone dies.  Every human being dies, it is inevitable. Now, sometimes people are more fortunate in having a longer life; sometimes it's a worse alternative in their mind.

So therefore, the question is, how do we organize people, to respond to the fact, that while all people die, all human beings die, nobody but a human being has a concept of immortality of mankind, which only mankind has.  In other words, when you die if your life is useful in creating the future, as an advancement in the future, your life was not wasted.  This is something that soldiers in warfare, in general warfare have had to deal with, and they dealt with it.  Many soldiers of the United States, both in the war before mine, and my war, and the war that followed, these were tough wars.  A lot of people died.  A lot of my friends died.  Some didn't die, a lot of friends suffered, from the effects of the forces which took over the United States, when Franklin Roosevelt had died.

And ever since Franklin Roosevelt had died, we've been fighting against the Wall Street  crowd, most intently.  Wall Street was looking for vengeance against Franklin Roosevelt! It's a Satanic force!  Frankly you have to say, it's a Satanic force. Wall Street is a Satanic force.  The British Empire is a Satanic force.  There are other things.

But let's look at chiefly, there are also  options.  There are nations, and populations in nations, who really are honest and who work.  The increase of the productive powers of labor, is actually a moral proposal, rather than just something to be admired.  It's a necessity.  And therefore, the creative powers of mankind, that is, the ability of the dead person to have, in advance, have created an advancement to the benefit of the life of humanity in general. That is the purpose of human life: is to perpetuate the progress of mankind, by expending one's life in the purpose of creating a better future for mankind as a whole, in the course of living.

And so all these kinds of things of how you deduce things, and can compare things, and so forth—it's really nonsense. The question is, what is the sum total of what a nation can contribute to humanity, or what the individual person, by living, can contribute to humanity. These are the real moral issues. This includes the extension to space, to the Galaxy, to Kepler. These are foreign things, in foreign areas. We have planets within the Solar System and beyond, which will sooner or later be mastered and made use of by mankind from Earth.

It is mankind's contribution to the universe, to the extent that mankind has a contribution, to give and is able to give, to the universe, as such. And, that's mankind's intention; that's mankind's purpose in existing: Is the ability to create the elimination of evil, and of waste of time—which is an evil—the waste of life, of not responding to the opportunity of making the condition of humanity better. So, the idea of the making humanity better for all people, as possible, is the primary concern, and the proper devotion of every sane, developed, personality. [applause]

Q:  Good afternoon, Lyn. It's B— from New Jersey. Although I did want to point out that given the amount of events that we've had going on in Manhattan, I consider myself at least a New York City strap-hanger. [laughter]

In any case, I did want to report on another event that occurred yesterday over in New Jersey at Rutgers University, which was sponsored by the New Jersey Citizen's Action Coalition. The main theme of the event was that they brought people in to identify areas where, in effect, people were saying, people are being put under economic slavery, and numerous people at the event brought that out, whether it was the occurrence of pay-day loans, student loans, the fact of people losing their houses. In fact, yesterday morning, when I opened my local paper, there was an article where the State of New Jersey is now getting $300 million of revenue, this year, from the sale, by the towns in the state, of tax liens. In other words, investors come in, they buy up the tax liens, where people can't afford to pay the taxes on their houses, and these investors turn around and can get anywhere up to 18% interest against the taxes that people can't afford to pay in the first place.

So, that was basically the theme. At the end of the first panel of the event, Rachel Brinkley, who had gone there with me and another person, brought up in the first question, the issue of Glass-Steagall, and of the continued financial collapse, and that's what these people were really talking about. And, that seemed to, from that point on, change the entire dynamic from people bringing up, in the next panel, the fact that Elizabeth Warren had gone to school there, and was now down in Washington, D.C., although people generally associate her being from Massachusetts, that she'd actually been taught there, and was now in Congress, fighting for Glass-Steagall. One of the first speakers was a Senator from here in New Jersey, who has not signed on yet, but who had been approached by myself and others on Glass-Steagall. The next speaker was a Congressman from New Jersey, who in fact on the previous Wednesday, I'd been able to talk to, when we did our delegation down in Washington, D.C.

So, immediately, that's what everybody started talking about. Either that, or there were already people there who knew what Glass-Steagall was about. The former Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly was there, who is a co-sponsor of the Glass-Steagall resolution in the New Jersey Assembly. I had a chance to talk to her and another person, outside, who turned out to be the president of the County Freeholders, and when I approached them, she turned to this person and said, "Here's my guy on Glass-Steagall"; because I'd spoken, over the period, to different people in the Assembly and Senate on Glass-Steagall. So, it's very well known. In fact, the only signer to Glass-Steagall down in Washington from the New Jersey congressional delegation, was a former New Jersey Assemblyman and sponsor of the Glass-Steagall resolution there.

So, that's what everybody started talking about. And, unlike the previous report that Michelle gave, what started to happen was we started motivating people on Glass-Steagall. There was a lady from the NAACP who took resolutions to get signed, to turn out to her local congressman—in fact, the same congressman that I just referenced who is not signed on down there. We had other people doing the same thing. They wanted us to get back. The president of the Freeholders said, "I want a sit-down meeting with you. We have to discuss this issue of Glass-Steagall."

I'm hoping that, because there are a lot of events going on, that you are, and others, are getting a lot of these reports on, in fact, a level of activity that is going on, and has been going on, particularly in the last couple of weeks. Anyway, I did want to bring that out to you, and I hope people will pass on to you a lot of these reports.

LAROUCHE: They are coming, these reports,  and I'm making some of these reports myself, eagerly, in order to get this thing in the shape needed. We have to get rid of Obama. It's understandable. Obama must be ejected from office now. It's an urgent matter. The very continued existence of the United States depends upon removing Obama from office now. Because Obama has never been anything, except a stepson of one of the most murderous, mass-murderous, people in life. In other words, his stepfather was the most evil man of his time, that we know of. But the stepfather allowed his mother—that is, Obama's mother—to get out of that particular area, but what happened was, the effect was that Obama inherited the disease which was the characteristic of his stepfather. He was one of the worst murderers in that whole region, and Obama is an heir of that habit. Obama is an evil man, which should not have been brought into any public office of authority.

Now, we've had him, in our case, for two terms now. We also had Bush. Now, the second Bush was wimping, stupid, idiot. But there was Dick Cheney. Cheney made up for the lack of evil found in the poor dumb Bush. He really was a Bush-league character; the kind that couldn't set fire. But that's what he was.

So, this is what we've been suffering with. We got now four terms of a U.S. President. And these four terms of a U.S. president have been a force of evil against the people of the United States! Bush, twice. Cheney, involved. And also, Obama. Obama is evil, pure evil, everything about him.

Now, we published, last night, a report which included that of two of my particular associates, in the webcast we broadcast last night.  And some of that information is circulating through other channels now. We're circulating it, actually, heavily. We're laying down some heavy evidence.  And we're also correcting people who become stupid once in a while; we don't like to have our people become stupid. We consider that a liability to their achievements.

But that's the point. We're in that kind of situation. We're in a fighting situation. And, we're fighting for something, not fighting for a cause, but fighting for the defense of the continuation and promotion of the human species, which is the only thing really worth fighting for. It's the proper devotion of success, for any individual, any human individual: is to have the ability and resources to make a contribution to the future of mankind, which is systemic, not just particular. And, that's the thing we must always fight for—fight for the improvement of the moral and intellectual qualities of the human individual, especially on a large basis.

Q:  Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche. Hi!

LAROUCHE: Oh! My good old friend!

Q: [follow-up]  Yeah. [laughing] This is E—, from the Bronx. I would like to ask you, you stress that there is no creativity in mathematics. But what about the men that invented the mathematics that we have today? Like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus. Weren't they being creative? Weren't they finding out discoveries in those fields of mathematics? They created those fields of study. And, suppose there would be a mathematician today, that would invent the new branch of mathematics, called under a new name, like geometry was a new branch to algebra. Trigonometry was a new branch. Calculus was a new branch. Wouldn't that be creative, in a sense?

LAROUCHE: All those things you listed, are things I despise! [laughs]

Q: [follow-up] Say that again, please?

LAROUCHE: Because they are all wrong! What had happened, the period of competent science—and there was only one outstanding scientist in the 20th century. Only one, and he was Jewish. [laughs]

Q: [follow-up] Einstein?

LAROUCHE:  Einstein. Albert Einstein was the only competent scientist, in the 20th century. The others were make-ups. Einstein was the greatest intellectual figure in science in the 20th century. All the others were imitations, or cheap-skates, or cheap-shots. So, the problem today, is: mathematics has become, as it's been taught in the 20th century, and now presently is even worse—mathematics as taught, is the destruction, of the mental powers of the human individual!  And the greatness of mathematical work died out, except for Einstein, and a few other people like him, associated with him; and I knew a couple of those individuals, and I worked with them, who were not insane, who were not rotten, who were successful, who were great.  But what we've had in the schools, well we have some teachers who are very serious and very sincere, and the work they did is, according to the standard which was given to them, they were excellent in terms of their accomplishments as teachers.

Particularly, the Manhattan area, in teachers, was one of the best standards for education, in public education. It was because Manhattan was an area, in which poor people, coming into New York City and surviving there, or around New York City, were able to develop culture and life of something meaningful.

Most other parts of the United States, were deprived, especially the Southern States. The Southern States are really not civilized. Some people like to be civilized, but they aren't really qualified to be civilized. So therefore, we've had a destruction, a progressive destruction overall, over the 20th century, and into now the present 21st century. That has been a period of increasing degeneration of the minds and science of the human population. The issue now, which is one we should hold for a consideration in Manhattan, in particular, we should take over the effecting of a change, which follows the precedent of Albert Einstein, and use him as a model of reference for progress. Once you have that standard clearly in your mind, you understand what was wrong with the rest of the people.

SPEED:  That's a really good idea.

Q: Good afternoon Lyn, this is your 95-year-old World War II veteran, B—M—, back here at you again. [Applause.]

LAROUCHE: Well, I'm only 93 years old. You're my senior.

Q: [follow-up] I'm doing fairly well, Lyn, all things considered. Bruce Todd and I went this past Wednesday down to visit our Congressman Donald Payne Jr., at his office. Of course he was absent, but his secretary, Martha Washington took down everything that we had to say to him; and she's going to get back to us, and we'll be looking forward to her getting back to us. Our next endeavor will be to visit Menendez, and bring to his attention about the Glass Steagall, which neither one of them have actually signed onto yet.  So we'll be clobbering them and doing anything else we can, outside of breaking a leg.  Just want to let you know, sir, we're working on it diligently. Have a good afternoon.

LAROUCHE: [laughs] Thank very much. Good to talk to you again.

Q: Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche, how are you?

LAROUCHE:  I'm alive.

Q: [follow-up]  Good to see you. I'm E—.  I'm actually visiting from Alabama, I came up here last week for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, which of course you had something to do with putting that together.

But, I'm speaking right now: One of the things that happened as a result of this 20th anniversary commemoration, is, Robert Kennedy Jr., he sent a message to everybody who participated in the march in relationship to vaccines, because he's working with a whistleblower from the CDC, who discovered that some data had been covered up, or communicated in the wrong manner, that covered up information to the effect that black boys who received certain vaccines were having very high rates of autism; but the reports covered up that fact, so we're only now discovering this.

And this follows of course maybe a 40 or 50 year increase in the rates of autism, and people trying to figure out why those rates are increasing.  And one of the theories for many years has been that maybe vaccines are part of that, particularly the kind of preservatives they put in vaccines; they put mercury in, they put aluminum in, which are heavy metals which are toxic to the brain.

However the medical establishment recently said, well, no, vaccines are not a cause of autism.  But since then this whistleblower came up with this new information, and he tried to bring the information to black leadership, but nobody would listen to him; I'm talking about Robert Kennedy now.  And he finally brought it to Minister Farrakhan, and Minister Farrakhan is sharing that information with everyone, and has called for a march on the CDC on Oct. 25th, which is this week coming up. So, I just wanted to share that information, and see what thoughts you may have on that. Thank you.

LAROUCHE: The problem with something what occurred — I don't know the full facts of that. I do know, because at my age I do not follow some of the things I would have earlier, but, the point is, the case is plausible, in fact, but it also is consistent with the effect on the population; that the so-called black population has actually been selectively targeted in a way which was not experienced in earlier times, that is relatively earlier modern times, say 20th century times. There's nothing like that;  which I know it's a fact it's occurring. I know the phenomena, the evidence of the effect of the phenomena. I do not have a direct knowledge of what the information might be.

But I say if it's not that some kind of drug, it's something in terms of behavior consideration, or the use of drugs, which is abundant in the population. That's the problem; being driven into drug-using itself would do an effect like that, if there's something juices that up with some direct poison.

But I think certain smoking habits, certain drug habits which become common among youth who are desperate.  And that has been increasing during whole parts of the 20th century. The first part of the 20th century was less evil in this question, but it was during the second part of the century, where things began to really get evil.

And it came together coincident with poverty. It came directly to specifically, Negro quality of persecution. All these things are true.

As I say, I don't know the exact mechanism that occurred in any particular case. But I do recognize a causal factor in the educational system, the living standard of people, in terms of the black population; there is absolutely a very systematic intention to eliminate them, in effect.  If you take the trend line, and you take the second half of the 20th century, and you then go into the present phase of the consequent century, you see this is an abundant characteristic of the nation.

And therefore, this has to be attended on that basis.  And instead of trying to pick one thing as a factor, why not pick out the factor as a whole? Why don't we stop what has happened to the black population in these areas? And particularly the killing rates, they're astonishing!

And, yes, this is an issue which must be attended to in a systematic way. I don't think I know any one cause, except the policy of Wall Street, and the policy of Wall Street is the suitable account for this effect.

SPEED:  I'll just indicate also there's a nine-minute tape, Lyn, that we'll make sure we get you, which was sent out by Robert Kennedy Jr., which just sort of goes through his particular take. He makes clear he's not anti-vaccine; he's talking about a very specific vaccine.

That's not in response to what you just said, I just wanted to let people know that exists.

Q: Good afternoon, sir.  My name is S—M—from Tuskegee, Alabama, and I'm just listening, I'm absorbing, and you're very stimulating, and I have a ton of reports that I would like to share, but I'm aware of the economy of time.

So in recognition of that, I do feel the need to start out by acknowledging and thanking you, and those who labor with you, for the work you did in the birthing of the original Million Man March. That made a lot of things possible for me, as a young black man. I worked organizing on the Million Man March, and had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rev. James Bevel in our association with the Million Man March.

That being said, I'm here actually by way of the Million Man March, I attended last week, and I think it would be important for you to know, that in my community, we had a generation of crack babies that made it to the Million Man March. They were there, these are people, they really were crack babies, with everything that that means attached to it. And I labored this year to reconnect them to unsponsored leadership, i.e., Minister Farrakhan was successful without media. This was done through social media, this was done through radio. We had no media coverage. BET [Black Entertainment Television] had an award, where guys were singing about the love of cocaine and baking soda. So, you know, this was happening while we were gathering in D.C. The youth, the Native Americans, the Latinos, the women, were very encouraged by the fact that we did this without the media. So now there's another whole avenue open for us and things to discuss.

Now, in 2001, we had 666 murders in Chicago, and out of the 666, 538 were black; it was 430 males and 78 females;  and then 112 were Mexican; and the rest were filtered between others.

I designed a project for Reverend Bevel called the War on Murder. He said he wanted it, and just when we were about to launch it, well, a big mess hit  —  not unrelated to what we were doing in Chicago, I might add.  And if I ever have an opportunity to share with you what I experienced, I would like to do that.

However, even after the mess, we never stopped our work, and we have been setting up chapters to launch this war effectively around the country. And Sept. 26th in Tuskegee, we launched a model of this War on Murder. We took a memorial I would call an Atonement Memorial Garden, we designed an edible parks in these neighborhoods; we bring the people to help us grow the edible parks, and we designed Atonement Memorial Gardens to memorialize the victims of murder. We brought the mothers out, we brought the families out. Something that is very, very, very important to realize: When we go to memorialize these boys and girls who were murdered, these are the ones that everybody forgets about or throws to the side. When I go to memorialize Tyrone, all his friends show up. They were waiting for us in the park. The ones nobody can talk to, the ones nobody can seem to get to come to any functions like this, where good information that's happening, when I got to the park, they were waiting; and we began reintroducing people to one another.

We began to have the mothers tell stories about their children, and why they were loved, because when we were researching the murders in the newspapers, you get a paragraph, and it said, well this one was involved with marijuana, or this one had a gun, or whatever, but nobody said this was a living soul created in the image and likeness of God, and had he had, what he needed, this could have occurred.

So that is part of the work that we're doing.  We had a very successful groundbreaking.  We called it the war on two fronts. My front is what is going on in the neighborhoods—us killing us. That's my front.  I don't get off into a lot of what the police are doing or what others are doing.  I have to start with what we're doing, because if we want justice, we have to agree to be the source of justice.

So the mothers had to get up, and the qualifications for speaking was to speak to what my contribution to the murder of my loved one is.  And that's what the whole of that meeting looked like.  And so it elevated the energy resonance, and the facility and it spilled over, and it began bringing people who were just passing by into the meeting with us.

So it was very successful.  I really cannot do this report justice.  I need for you to be able to hear exactly what we're doing, and a response as you formulate how you would like to move forward against the forces that are arrayed against us as a whole,  I would like you to know some of the tools that you would have at your disposal. And at that I would like your response. Thank you.

LAROUCHE:  Thank you.  Well, on this matter, I think the issue is that we have to actually rather than going at the details—the details are very important, the details that you dealt with—that's an aspect of the whole problem of our nation. And it has to be treated in the proper place, in the proper way. We have to deliver results.  And we have to concentrate on the results that are necessary in that particular case, because that case is a major problem, for many reasons in the United States as a whole.  For historic reasons, the history of the Confederacy, all of these kinds of things all go together in one thing.

And therefore, what we need is a coherent, complete approach to what the needs are of this nation and of the world and both are inseparable.  This nation and the world are inseparable issues, and we have to find the formula to solve those problems.

For example you've got the case of what Putin is doing, in Russia and outside of Russia.  That is an example of a curative measure among nations.  What China is doing today is a beautiful example of the accomplishment of nations rising from relatively backward area, into a great spurt of achievement.  The same thing is happening in India.  Now India is a place I've had much dealing with in the course of my life, and yes, they are also improving.

And what we're trying to do is to bring the system of nations into a new kind of coherence, not one of each one nation at a time, but the way in which we can integrate, the struggle of nations for development of the quality of the human mind, for all people, and we have the mechanism, especially in Russia—it's there.  It's a damaged nation; Russia is a damaged nation, but it's been reconstructed under the leadership of Putin.  We have other nations, which are struggling with the same thing.  China is really a wonderful achievement.  India will become more and more an achievement.  We have other parts of the world.  We have people in South America, nations of South America which are trying, to struggle their way through to the kind of authority, which they justify to get rid of the British and the U.S. actually ruining these nations.  The nations are being ruined. But we can fight for that; we can fight against that sort of stuff.

And the time has come that we have to take a human, a worldwide and beyond, human approach to the subject of mankind. Because mankind is the only creature, the only living creature which is capable, of mastering the Galaxy, or mastering what Kepler did.  You have to be able to go into not only the Solar System, but beyond the Solar System, as Kepler demonstrated for the first time.  Now the Galactic studies now, are giving you another lesson.  Mankind has a destiny to increase mankind's abilities, in order to reach control of Mars, to reach control of the Galactic System, too.  And on that basis we find that mankind has a destiny, which is unique to mankind, to reach out and to move the stars.  And if we take that view and that approach, we will not miss any of the essential accomplishments.

Q: Hello, my name is R—M— and I was invited here. This is my first time, and there are two topics I really want to discuss. One is the failing public school system, with Mayor De Blasio putting four high schools in one school; 30 kids to classroom: How could a teacher  teach that?  People are out to line their own pockets.  The kids are being taught to a test; they're not actually learning anything.

The minority kids are failing between the cracks in the public school system.  Not only that, you got 90% of the minority, colored folks, Hispanics, they're living in shelters, transitional homes; but they have all these zombie buildings, empty, abandoned buildings that have been around for years.  Why can't you fix them up and open them up and make them for schools, and for housing for people for people to have somewhere to live?

They're pricing seniors out of their homes.  If you don't have good health care you don't get the proper service in the hospitals.  I mean the economy, what Obama, Mayor De Blasio, and all them are doing, is really wrong! What is your opinion on this?

LAROUCHE: Well I think we could say some things on that point.  The point is, first of all, mankind has the capabilities, which only mankind has.  Mankind is not classifiable as an animal.  Mankind cannot be an animal.  Some people will behave like animals, but that's because they're misbehaving.  And I say misbehaving in the literal meaning of that term.

So therefore, what are we up to?  We are up to coming to create a change, in the destiny of mankind.  This process is already in process in China.  It's brought back into process in India; it's being pushed by Putin in Russia and around there and so forth.  So we have all these cases, of a tendency to achieve a new status of mankind.  Now the idea of this new status of mankind is already a good idea, but we need to be more specific about it.  And we mean to have a redefinition of what education is, among other things; and for the circumstances under which people live and work and so forth.  So we need that.  We will not be able to succeed, if we limited ourselves to picking on certain issues.

We have to have a broad issue, which is applied to the population as a whole, and the point is, how do we develop the child?  How do we educate the child?  How many people talked about that today? How many people really understand what that problem is?  Then we get beyond to the school grades, and you find the rate of degeneration, of the intellectual character of the students coming out since that period, the 20th century—the scheme has been generally downward.  The quality of life is downward.

What do you have in the United States today?  We have a bunch of very, very poor people—extremely poor people;  people without opportunities, with no future.  You can't say that one category of person is the limit;  you have to say there has to be a broad, universal standard of progress, for all, because if you weaken one, you weaken them all, by that margin.

And what we have to do now is realize we have an enemy. The enemy is called Obama.  He is Obama.  He's a Satanic figure, whose stepfather was a mass killer and the current President Obama is a mass killer.  That's on the record.  He's systemically a mass killer, and a thief and everything else.

It's a broad issue.  We have to say, What is the standard which we, as leaders in society, that is leaders in terms of education, and knowledge, experience,  we have to force the issue now.  We have all these people that are being killed in Europe, killed.  In other places as well; killed off.   So we've got to get a concept of justice, and the intention for the purpose of mankind's further existence, has to be supplied.  I think we can do that.  And I think that this city, this city which is the keystone city of the United States, as Alexander Hamilton made clear, and he's still right.  And if we take that point of view and say we're going to organize the United States, as the first target of responsibility for us. We've got to go upward, for a change.

And what you're talking about, yes, there's one way that can work.  We have to have a wide, broad, inclusive area; support the development of the children of all families.  And we have to make sure the education of the children, actually increases, their power to create, not how to behave, but to create!

Q:  Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche.  This is S— from Manhattan.  My question is about the South China Sea.  Just a couple of days ago, China announced, as a counter to the U.S. wanting to go over to the South China Sea to keep them in check, they offered the surrounding nations to do joint military drills with them. So if the U.S. does go over there, it's going to stick out like a sore thumb that they're not trying to contain China, they're trying to contain the entire region. So I would like to know the strategic importance of China offering to do joint military drills with the rest of the surrounding countries?

LAROUCHE:  Well, China has taken a very shrewd approach to this matter.  And you know, China is a nation with a certain history, and people of China will tend to echo significant parts of China's history.  And they will concentrate on leading forces in China who are more suitable to effect the progress, of the people of China.

And therefore the Chinese government does not necessarily react in the way in which Obama wants them to react.  And if they get too nasty, China and other forces will do something about it. India will do something about it.  Russia will do something about it.  A few nations in Africa will do something about it, those that have some independence, and relatively more strength; they will do something about it.  People in South America will do something about it, and so forth.

So therefore, the point is that the creation of a unity, of commitment, to realize that we have to deal with the human species as a species.  We're not looking at who's to be the guys to be cut off and who's to be promoted.  The issue is, what has to be promoted?  It's the human species.

And when you think about what Kepler has accomplished in the first important treatment of the very subject-matter; and then you look at the Galactic process as such, look at what that involves. What is this?  This is mankind in motion to change the Galaxy, or the one Galaxy.  And one good galaxy achieved, might lead to a next good galaxy to be added to that.  That's where mankind is going.  That's where the direction which mankind's destiny and educational process, must go!  We must create our role in contributing, to the system!  The stellar system.

And mankind can do it.  Look, the idea of the Martian colonization.  Well, you could develop something which is human on Mars.  That's going to be a very tough thing to deal with. But!  Mankind has the means of access to Mars.  Not to live there, but to develop Mars, and to develop improvements on Mars which will benefits other parts of the Solar System and beyond.

So we have to change the subject, from the usual gobb-gob-gob, whatever thing they do.  forget it!  We have to say, what is mankind?  as Nicholas of Cusa said, what is mankind? for example.  Therefore, you have Christian leaders, like Nicholas of Cusa and other persons associated with him.  Leibniz, for example, similar, universal people. Leibniz spent time in developing China, in a period of his life.  When you get a person like Leibniz, and you take the history of Leibniz, you find there a more appropriate, approximate example, than any other location. What Leibniz accomplished,  in his lifetime, is an example of what the human species can accomplish, because that was what Leibniz was working on.

Q:  Hi, Mr. LaRouche, my name is R— from New York City. I first became aware of your intellect back in 2006, when I read your very prescient prediction that real estate was going to collapse.  I was living in Middleburg [virginia] and Atoka Chase, and you're in Leesburg.  And I think along the way, you talked about creating a water infrastructure in the United States. Critical to human survival and the advancement of the species, it appears, would be the abundance of clean water, and California's having a huge problem; so are many of the states in the West. What are your views on that?  How critical is that, and how can we resolve it?

LAROUCHE:  It's absolutely critical, but the solution is there, if you want to pursue it.  The problem is, it's not been pursued.  We can get better water.  We can get it from Earth, we can get from the atmosphere of Earth; we can get it even from Mars.  But we can also get it from the Galaxy.

In other words the whole system is a system!  Mankind lives, on Earth, within a system, within a  system of a much larger range, particularly within the Galactic System, the whole series of galaxies, right?  The Galactic System as such. So it's all there.  Implicitly, mankind has the ability, in practice, in prospect, mankind has the ability to get more and more mastery, over essential assets, for humanity, for the benefit of humanity, from both our own planet, but from the Solar System.  From the history of it.

And therefore the whole system is a mystery, which should not be a mystery.  Mankind has had, coming out of the 20th century in particular, mankind has had the opportunity of means, of developing the use of water and the application of the use of water, inside the Galaxy.  And therefore, it's only the ignorance of the scientific facts which cause people to feel that they're imprisoned in a dirty water area.

I would say, remove relevant figure in California, remove him from office, might be a help to clean up the water.

[technical difficulties cut sound]

SPEED:  All right we're back, go ahead sir.

Q:  Hi there,  you can hear me now?  I'm J—.  That wasn't always my name, but that was my legal name as of about 1980s.

I offer you what you've been waiting for!  The big one!  The breakthrough in the tradition of Kepler and science, Einstein. In fact, where I went to school is where Einstein liked to hang out, riding his bicycle.

But anyhow, here's the scoop:  There is an item in our Solar System that is the key, to a major improvement in our understanding of humankind, and that item hasn't been talked about much, but it is a — I would call it the single most important, single item, in all of life, that is the key to our better understanding of human nature.  And I don't think there's any controversy.  That item is  — the Sun.

And the Sun fits into our understanding of human nature, in ways I will now explain:  The energy from the Sun comes to us here, in the temperate zone of the upper half of our planet, that changes over time; that energy, the description of the fluctuation in that energy, goes from the low end, the winter solstice around Christmas, 200 calories of solar energy per sq cm per day; that's the low end.  The high end, the summer solstice is four times that or more — 800-900 calories per sq cm per day. And what do you think the variation over time looks like between that 200 and that 800?  It turns out that the variation can be nicely approximated as a sine cycle (s-i-n-e, you remember that part of mathematics? You remember sine cycle, Lyn?)

The sine cycle is one of the darlings of engineering; they use the sine cycle, you can call it a marriage of the line and the circle, they use the sine cycle to convert calculus down to algebra.  They use the Laplace transform in engineering, and wow-whee if you turn things into sine cycles, you don't lose any information.

But here's my point:  Sine cycles have three variables, frequency, amplitude, and the third variable is the identity of every single point celebrated as a possible starting point of a cycle. And here's the kicker:  If you take the solar energy sine cycle that I just described, that is a description of the energy of the Sun, to us here, in the temperate zone, the phase on that solar sine cycle is the variable that has been neglected in our understanding of humankind. And if we focus on phase of that solar sine cycle we then have a compass, for navigating the human domain.

Well, here's the point — I've been playing with you to this extent:  Your birthday is, your is Sept. 8th? Your birthday amounts to the phase of the solar sine cycle.  And therefore, what I'm proposing is that we rescue birthday from astrology and appreciate it as a phase of the solar sine cycle and therefore birthday is indeed a big deal, but we can do a lot better than astrology.  One thing I've discovered, is that people born in mid-winter should be our judges.  And I've found that in in Genesis 49:16, where Jacob is singing a song to his 12 sons, and when he gets to the son Dan, he said, when you guys become the judges, we'll have salvation.  So whenever I meet an Aquarius, I say, "hey, how about this?  We trash our whole legal system and we make you guys the judges?"  And they go, "Yeah!  I can do that!"

So that's a clue, but in particular, birthdays six months apart are a wonderful harmony, and I think that's where people should look to in matching up, dating, and getting married.  Even in prisons, if they had cellmates born six months apart, I think they wouldn't have as much trouble in prison. People would actually enjoy each other's company.

So how's that for starters Lyn?  Can I interest you in becoming a fan of birthday?

LAROUCHE:  I appreciate your lecture very much, because I know exactly how generous you're being in this process.  I don't agree with the exact astronomical variations, but I agree, you've hit the mark on something.

Q: [follow-up] is where I put up the whole scientific theory.  You can check it out.

LAROUCHE:  I believe that!

Q:  Hi Lyn, how's it going? This is A—.

LAROUCHE: Well, not too bad.  If we get rid of Obama, it'd be excellent.

Q: [follow-up] We've been doing these different events in Manhattan, as you know.  But the one thing, the other day, we went to this Verdi event, in Little Italy.  And the guy who gave the presentation, we had discussed the tuning and all the work we have done with Cappuccilli and Bergonzi and all the singers.  And what I noticed after discussing with not only the guy who gave the presentation on Verdi, but also the curator at the museum, is that during the whole speech, they were getting at the question of maintaining the Italian culture in that area.

And when we had discussed what we had done with the Verdi tuning, the guy who ran the museum and also this guy had really just lit up and they know that that was what was going to preserve the culture in that region.  And one of the guys actually invited us to sing there.

Anyway, that's one part of what we're doing, just to give an idea of how this is shaping here in Manhattan and what you're talking about with using the music question as our edge in Manhattan.  And one thing I want you to elaborate on is, how we're going to take the music work to educate the political work we're doing in the organizing.  Because you've been bringing up this idea in different discussions there we've had with you, on this question of use of public speaking for placement and actually, then, that educating our ability to sing, but also really I think this question of speech is very crucial for the current culture that we're in right now; because you do have a population that just doesn't use irony or metaphor, or any type of elevated speech.  And I think that that's part of how we're going to actually get at the top-down fight.  Because you do have raise people up from this degenerated culture.  And that includes the use of speech.

LAROUCHE:  Well, you're right.  You're right.  But the question is what is the implication?  The implication is that if you merely use arithmetic, or mathematics as it's called — the more elegant term is mathematics — but that is itself the destruction of the cognitive powers of the human individual. And therefore, when you get something like what you referred to, as en passant as the Italian standard, the Italian standard is a correct standard, relative to other standards in Europe and the United States.

And therefore, if you take that, as the model, the founding of the Italian system of song, you are touching, right directly, on something that is more close, to the human soul, than anything else easily available.  Get rid of all popular music; destroy it. Don't burn it upwind. [laughter]  And therefore, if you get more people who actually have the beautiful song, the beautiful voice of song, that's the right standards to be used.  And all of that standard, restore it.  That is the correct  standard, for placing the singing voice and the speaking voice!

And that's the weapon to use.

Q: [follow-up] Amen!

LAROUCHE:  If you get the Isle of Manhattan, so to speak, all agreed on the Italian standard for placing of the human voice, you would have a beautiful improvement throughout the nation and beyond. [laughter, applause]

Q:  Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche.  I'm P—S— from the up and coming great state of Connecticut.  [laughter] I have a dilemma.  It seems that the only way to get through to the congressmen and the senators of our state, Connecticut, is you need constituents.  And they literally told me, that if the people aren't complaining, or wanting something, they will do nothing.  The example is, gun control: They get thousands of letters and emails  on gun control.

But Glass-Steagall is not in the language.  How do we overcome this?

LAROUCHE:  Well, the time has come, when the use of guns and similar kinds of weapons, is totally counterproductive.  Now there has to be some ability to restrain those who would use weapons, like guns, or similar weapons, as means of politics, in the political life of society.  So the problem is, is we have to create and I think we can — look, now, China and India, and Russia and several other nations, are already going in the direction of [audio loss 10.23]  Curiously for some people, Russia is one of the examples.  But the point was, that Putin who is the present leader of Russia, who was killed in defending Europe.  Because without Stalin and without what Stalin provided in defense of Europe against Hitler, and meaning also the United States against Hitler and things like that, or the British.  And sometimes the British were really worse than Hitler, because they created Hitler.

So therefore the time when warfare as a way of settling political issues among nations, on similar kinds of issues, has come to an end.  Now, that doesn't mean it's just going come to an end; we have to bring it to an end.  Because what we have to do, we have to not kill people, kill people of nations, what we have to do is bring some kind of order, to the process of the nations.  The time has come, when the power of warfare as heretofore known, is impossible!  It's intolerable!  It cannot happen.  Now, I'm not a pacifist.  Because I think if you have to be a pacifist there's something wrong with you.  I don't need to be a pacifist.  I know we must not have the use of weaponry of that type, or anything like it, to settle political issues among nations!

Now, for example, we had Obama, Obama, personally, authorized, launched a war against a hospital in the Near East! He did it, willfully, and he proudly did it!  He apologized for having done it, but said "there's nothing wrong with what I did." And what Obama did, he plowed over the area, where the hospital was being destroyed, and the people were being killed, in order to cover up and conceal the details of his crime against that whole population!  This is now a matter on the issue, on the agenda, of the international system.

Therefore, you say, we don't want Obama.  We don't want him anywhere; the Solar System doesn't want him, the Galaxy doesn't want him, I don't want him.  Let's get rid of him.

Just get rid of that whole thing.  The time has come for mankind to be mankind!  The function of mankind is not warfare! It never really was; but warfare was a means of defense against the British Empire, for example, or against Zeus, earlier.  So there have been forces of evil.  What must be eliminated is the existence of the force of evil within the realm of mankind.  And the time has come that we have the means, the economic means, the physical means, for designing the system, which will solve that problem.  And therefore, yes, we will now have to maintain a police force, but we don't want to go around killing people forever!  What we want to do, is, suppress this aspect of man's behavior.  And what man may do in harvesting animals and so forth is a different matter.

But mankind is a special being.  And mankind is a uniquely special being, and therefore, man does not eat mankind.  We are not cannibals, or anything like it.  And therefore, what we have to do, and we can settle it in this period of history, right now, we can begin to settle it from right inside the United States, right now, by throwing Obama out of the Presidency, quickly, immediately.

That would be a good step, because he's the big killer. Obama is the biggest mass killer, operating freely inside the entire United States, and beyond!  Like what he did in that hospital, in murdering the inmates and medical officials, of that hospital.  And he did it!  Not only did he do, but what he did, he kept doing it after he was caught.  And the reason he kept doing it, was to hide the evidence against him of what he had done.
     So the point is, Obama, and what Obama represents, and people like him, people of the same temperament, the same behavior, like the Saudi Emperor; the British traditional system is a similar evil!  Historically an evil.  Other parts of the planet, same evil.

The time has come, that the most powerful nations in the world, in terms of practice, which now include Russia, they include China, they include India, they include a multitude of nations, whose peoples would want to be free, of this kind of slaughter, and the time has come that we have to make that we have to make — at this time, at this time!  — on the case of Obama, we say, the case of Obama's being thrown out of office is a step to assure the end of this system of international warfare.

Q: [follow-up]  Thank you.  Would you consider running for Vice President?

LAROUCHE:  I'm not for vices. [laughter]

SPEED:  We're going to stop at this point, because both due to our technical glitch and other time constraints, we've got to conclude.

I want to just point out something.  Obviously Lyn you've said a couple of things:  Your proposal concerning Einstein and scientific teaching in Manhattan, and your proposal about the Italian standard on music in Manhattan, and of course, I think I have a better idea now of what you mean by the "Manhattan Party," because we're already having a pretty good time here.  So I'd just like to invite you to give us a summary statement, and then we'll conclude.

LAROUCHE:  All right.  The time has come for the people of the United States who are now being abused, under the flag of Obama in particular, and other dirty flags which I don't want to mention; the stink is too much.  But the point is, the time has come that we have to now, as in this location, in this particular room and so forth, we have to launch an effort, which actually takes Manhattan as a central reference point for the organization and creation of the United States; and we have to take that authority of Manhattan, or the trust that's embodied in it, as the instrument which we are going to demand be the instrument of authority, of decision, in the immediate period ahead.

Obama has created a wave of evil, of his own deeds, which exceeds all precedents in the United States, except actual warfare in the United States itself.  He's a man who should have been thrown out a long  time ago; he should never even have been born, because the poor fellow, when he was a child, was trained by an evil man; and the stepfather was so evil that the mother of Obama, took her son and moved him to the direction of the main states of the United States.  But unfortunately, before that movement occurred, Obama had been indoctrinated, in pure Satanic evil, and I do mean literally, precisely Satanic evil, as mankind sometimes does.  And that's the case.

Therefore, if you want to get free, if you want to save mankind, you will remove, lawfully, you will remove Obama from occupying any position of authority. [applause]

SPEED:  OK, Lyn, thank you very much.  And we'll see, I am certain (though you may  not be), next week.

LAROUCHE:  I think I intend to be! [laughter] That's the best I can give you.

SPEED:  I told you, I'm certain of it!  OK thank you very much.

LAROUCHE:  Have fun.



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