The British and Their Agent Obama Go Wild

October 12, 2015

We're taking a step closer to war...The Sunday Times

The genocidal British Empire has leapt into the breach, inside the U.S. and internationally, to try to rescue its puppet Barack Obama, who has been totally outflanked and outwitted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, thus putting the very existence of the British system on the chopping block.

Most dramatically, Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Bernie Sanders, who has been played by the media as the "leading opposition figure" to the current Washington administration, came out with a full-throated endorsement of Obama on national television on Sunday — on the eve of next Tuesday's nationally televised debate of Democratic candidates. Sanders, proving himself a total British asset, pronounced that he has "enormous respect for Barack Obama... He helped me get elected and I work with him on many, many issues.... only very partisan people refuse to acknowledge reality, [that] our economy today is a heck of a lot better than it was when George W. Bush left office." This, when the burning issue facing the country is returning to Glass-Steagall and wiping out Wall Street, and everything that the Bush and Obama administrations represent. It should not be surprising that, according to well-placed Washington sources and some media accounts, much of Sanders's fundraising apparatus was seconded to him by Barack Obama.

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday described the Sanders development as "real ugly, bad news," that reflects a shift underway by the British globally. He warned that we should expect further, "devilish" actions by Obama and his British sponsors, including assassinations of leading figures of countries that are working with Russian President Putin. "The British have nothing left, except actions such as that," LaRouche emphasized. The British Empire is about to lose its very existence, so look for every imaginable kind of dirty business coming from those quarters, which have otherwise not been visibly active for a while.

When Obama gets in trouble he turns to the British, LaRouche stated, so expect dirty actions, including direct British deployments into the U.S. to try to reinforce the unstable Obama psychologically.

Also, notable in that regard is the weekend report in the Sunday Times of London that the British government has issued instructions to its pilots flying missions in Syria that authorize them to shoot down Russian planes under certain conditions: "If a pilot is fired on or believes he is about to be fired on, he can defend himself" [emphasis added]. The Russian Defense Ministry considered the press report to be serious enough to warrant summoning the British Defense Attache in Moscow to explain the matter.

"Don't forget who Obama is," LaRouche warned. He is a lying, murderous, Satanic figure. His record is known. "Obama has to be crushed," LaRouche stated today. The only way to remove the danger of World War III is by removing Obama from the White House.

I'm in, let's get him out.



British Pilots Authorized to Shoot Down Russian Planes over Syria

An article by Romil Patel in the Oct. 11 International Business Times reports that British "Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq, if they are endangered by them." Patel cites an article in the Sunday Times of London, which quotes an unnamed source from the UK's Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) describing the new order of battle:

"The first thing a British pilot will do is to try to avoid a situation where an air-to-air attack is likely to occur... you avoid an area if there is Russian activity. But if a pilot is fired on or believes he is about to be fired on, he can defend himself. We now have a situation where a single pilot, irrespective of nationality, can have a strategic impact on future events" [emphasis added].

To facilitate such a potential incident, RAF Tornado aircraft will now be armed with heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, capable of flying at Mach-3. This, Patel writes, would "allow RAF pilots to shoot down enemy aircraft without being targeted themselves."

A second British military source told the Sunday Times: "We're taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change."

LaRouche Charges Obama Deliberately Bombed MSF Hospital

"There's no question about this," Lyndon LaRouche stated Saturday, the Oct. 3 bombing of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, "was an Obama-determined and -promoted murder, respecting hatred against Putin. He did it deliberately. And he went in two phases. First, the first attacked occurred. Then the message came out of what was being done at that hospital, the famous special hospital there. And they continued! And Obama let the thing be continued."

LaRouche's charge was made in the context of a broader discussion with participants in his Oct. 10 Dialogue with the Manhattan Project, on the "new state of organization" which Russian President Vladimir Putin has created in the United States itself, by his flanking move in Syria. Putin's actions have left Obama and people like him without options, and Obama, a Satanic personality per se, "has gone wild," LaRouche said. "Obama launched this attack on the hospital and murdered people! Just plain murdered them."

Medecins Sans Frontieres International President Joanne Liu's Oct. 7 call for the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) to investigate this war crime was published yesterday as an op-ed in the Sunday Independent of South Africa, backed up by a factsheet detailing the facts of the 80-minute military attack which not only killed 22 people, doctors and children alike, but also partially destroyed the only hospital in north-eastern Afghanistan capable of providing high-level life- and limb-saving trauma care; the hospital is no longer operational.

The IHFFC was established under Article 90 of the First Protocol additional to the Geneva Conventions, setting out procedures for ensuring the respect for, and faithful implementation of, international humanitarian law.

In an exclusive interview with Germany's Deutsche Welle, which is to air in full on Oct. 14, NATO Supreme Commander and four-star U.S. Air Force General, Gen. Philip Breedlove, said that he supports the investigation called for by Doctors Without Borders through the IHFFC. It is "their absolute right to ask for this investigation," Breedlove said, and "we're going to support it."

And what has the Obama team come up with now to take the heat off, for this war crime? It will have the Pentagon offer money ("compensation payments") to the victims of its air strike, including the MSF, and help in repairing the destroyed hospital.