Obama Seeks War

September 23, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche warned this evening against any misguided expectation that Barack Obama will strike a deal with Putin for peace in the Middle East when Putin
arrives in New York City this coming weekend. Instead, LaRouche said, Obama is more likely to start a war or try to start one.

LaRouche called upon sane forces in the United States government to block this, and, if they wish to build a a truly secure future for the United States, to move to impeach Obama now.

Putin’s flanking action, moving Russian forces directly into the President’s genocidal war in Syria, has trapped Obama, exposing his actual support for British/Saudi terror operations in Southwest Asia and against Russia itself. LaRouche predicted that Putin’s actions have driven Obama wild, citing his “kill list” obsession with alleged terrorists during his first term of office.

“Don’t assume that what is involved here is a normal kind of political disagreement; it is not. What you’re looking at is, you’re looking at a bastard, a really evil bastard made in the image of his stepfather, who was one of the most evil bastards in the southern hemisphere...

"Never forget how Obama went into the killing business from the first years of his term; it was killing, target someone, kill them. Don’t convict them of crimes, don’t take them into custody from committing crimes, don’t intervene to prevent them from committing crimes...

"Look at the number of people he’s killed; and how they’ve been killed. This man is a butcher; he’s a killer just like his stepfather."

It is widely documented that Obama’s drone strikes against his targets killed women and children while recruiting yet more young people to barbarism. Obama’s
record does not support any contention that he will strike a deal for defeating terror or establishing peace.

LaRouche continued:

"Don’t assume there’s a negotiation pending. A hard blow is what’s required. When the action comes, the hard blow comes against it. Shut him down, discharge him, call him a murderer. Publicly, an international murderer, not fit for human beings’ company, period... But what Putin’s moved in on, is what’s going to trigger what Obama will do, when he comes to react. Because Putin has frustrated – Putin has humiliated him before most parts of the planet. He’s going to want to kill Putin more than anything else. So don’t assume there’s a political operation going on; it’s post-political. It’s murderous."