Putin Turns the Flank

September 4, 2015

The reality is that Russia is moving into position to close out Obama's ISIS option.  This is a real mobilization by Russia in defense of Syria; the denials are lies.  Putin has to make an intervention.  An air operation would be most effective; a surgical military operation.  He has to crush ISIS.

Putin is poised to do this, and that issue is there.

Don't allow yourself to become confused.  Obama is outflanked, and his buddies in ISIS will be hunted down and chased out; nothing he can do about it.  Let's not have any second-guessing.

Now the Turkish government is also in trouble.  The whole Saudi-Turkish axis is in trouble.  The Russians have told the Turks that Erdogan's years-long effort (with Obama) to overthrow Assad, was a direct strategic provocation against Russia.  Forces in Turkey will now have to move against Erdogan.

Putin knows perfectly well what's being prepared in Ukraine. He knows all about Obama's drive for confrontation with Russia; he's taken all this into account.  You can't judge by deductions. Right now, Putin has moved in a direction that has to be carried out.  It's being carried out; how and when is not clear; it could be immediate.

It's a flanking action of decisive defense of the legitimate Syrian government and the integrity of the Syrian state.

And at the same time, the Beijing celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the World War II victory yesterday, featuring a military display as impressive as any ever seen, made it clear that China is aware of Obama's plans for war against them, and that they stand firmly with Putin.

In close relation to these considerations, the ongoing so-called refugee crisis should be posed differently, as Lyndon LaRouche did last Saturday in Manhattan: as a general mass murder.  It's ongoing, it's willful, and it's increasing.  The people who are allowing it to happen, are those who won't take on Obama's killing of Qaddafi, and then his cover-up of his murder of the US Ambassador to Libya and three other American officials. That's the issue.

Lyndon LaRouche said at the time, that Obama's October, 2011 murder of Muammar Qaddafi was a marker of the British Empire's intention for moving to general war.  Now that's undeniable.

The current mass murder is going on in various areas. Directly across the Mediterranean; sidewise from Turkey into Greece; it's in Europe; it's in Africa.  And Obama is the chief sponsor of this,— that's the point.

The intention of mass murder is implicit throughout Obama's action.  Where somebody is doing something like he's doing, there obviously is an intention involved there.  And he sticks to his intention.  He's an evil bastard beyond belief.

Obama's actions have the effect of mass murder.  It's Obama's pattern; it's not just the effect.  Obama did what he did.  He was guilty of a crime in Northern Africa, and that criminality is still loose.  It's happened and it's continuing. This is coming to the surface now.  His lies, and his crimes in murdering officials of our government.  He's a murderer of American officials.  That's what Hillary's got wrapped around her neck.



Pat Lang Ferrets It Out

In a blog post yesterday, veteran US intelligence professional Pat Lang has ferreted out facts which strongly underline Lyndon LaRouche's demonstration yesterday of Vladimir Putin's strategic flanking action in decisive support of the Syrian government.

Here are some of the highlights:

"I have been probing the available access in Washington and New York and the following points have emerged:

"- The US Government believes that Russia has decided to raise the level of its intervention and risk in the Syrian Civil War.

"- The ultimate scope and size of that increased role are unclear as yet...

"Russia sees a need to maintain the existence of the government of the state of Syria believing that the alternative to the present multi-confessional dictatorship would not be a secular and liberal regime.  The Russian belief is that the inevitable replacement government would be another jihadi state run by IS or Nusra (AQ)...

"- To rectify this situation the Russians will increase their 'stake' in the survival of the Syrian government. 

Those are just a few of the salient points, go here for the full article.

Greek Refugee Tragedy: More Than Tenfold Increase So Far This Year Alone

The refugee crisis continues to play out tragically in Greece.  Alternate Shipping Minister for the caretaker government Christos Zois, held a press conference yesterday to report on the measures the government is taking, which include speeding up the documentation process so that refugees can move on to other countries.  At a press conference, Zois said that more than 230,000 migrants had arrived in Greece in the first eight months of this year, compared with 17,500 in the same eight months last year; 80% were refugees.  There were more than 157,000 arrivals in just July and August, he said.  Zois also said that the government has received information that there could be millions more refugees waiting to cross into Europe through Greece.

Greece has not seen such an inflow of refugees since 1923, in the war between Greece and Turkey, when 1.5 million Greeks were transferred from Turkey and 500,000 Turks were transferred from Greece as part of the war settlement.

On the island of Lesbos, which has become especially hard hit, a Greek Orthodox Father Efstratios Dimou, or Papa Stratis, who had set up a non-governmental organization in 2009 to help refugees, died on Sept. 2.  He had been active during the current crisis.  He had told Amnesty International two years ago:  "What I see are people.  People in need.  I cannot turn them away, nor can I kick them [out], nor imprison them.  I cannot send them back to where they came from. Nor can I throw them in the sea to drown."

Meanwhile, according to the EU border agency Frontex, 23,000 migrants arrived on the Greek islands by sea last week, a number 50% higher than the previous week.

Lesbos Mayor Spyros Galinos said that there may be more than 20,000 refugees on the island, and that some 10,000 have gathered around the port.  "Over the last two months, the number of migrants that have passed through the island has exceeded its [permanent] population of 85,000," he said, adding that the regular efforts to ferry people to Piraeus are having little effect because of the large numbers of refugees arriving on dinghies.