LPAC Policy Committee - Glass-Steagall is about to save the world

July 6, 2015

LPAC Policy Committee - Glass-Steagall is about to save the world

The Greek People show a resistance that, so far, no other nation has been able to muster. As a chorus they sung, "NO!" as an entire nation. Now, what will be the outcome? Will nations return to their own currency and leave Wall Street and the City of London in the dust? Join us for a special show at 1pm Eastern.

Transcript-Diane SARE:  Good afternoon, and welcome to the July 6th, 2015 weekly edition of the discussion of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee.  My name is Diane Sare, and I'm joined via Google Hangouts by Bill Roberts from Detroit, Michigan; Dave Christie, from Seattle, Washington; Kesha Rogers, from Houston, Texas; Michael Steger from San Francisco, California; and Rachel Brinkley who is representing Boston, Massachusetts, from other parts; and here in in the studio, we have Ben Deniston of the LaRouche PAC Science Team; and of course, Mr. LaRouche, who has I think some important words to say about where we stand now in the wake of the events of yesterday, in particular.

LYNDON LAROUCHE:  Well, the three things which are leading, and there are some other things we can come into a bit later, but the first thing, of course is the trans-Atlantic crisis.  What has happened as a result of the Greek operations during yesterday and today, has created a situation in which what is in effect a case, is that Europe, most nations in Europe and also the United States are implicitly bankrupt. This is number one.

Now what I mean on number one, on the bankruptcy, is that Wall Street in particular, and everything that coordinates with Wall Street, is now actually worthless.  That will be shown in due course, that we hope we can get this thing under control. What this means, we have to go to a Glass-Steagall action.  The only way we can do this, is a Glass-Steagall action.  That means, in the trans-Atlantic region, I'm talking about right now the trans-Atlantic region:  The situation is that the United States in particular is in a collapse.  That is, Wall Street and the things which are associated with Wall Street are now actually worthless, which means a great amount of what is called money, among the business community, especially the financial business community, is worthless, and it is going to be very difficult for Wall Street and President Obama, both, to try to cover things over in this matter.

Now the other side of thing is, that it is perfectly possible for us in the United States itself, and with cooperation with certain circles in Europe and elsewhere, we're quite capable of solving the problem.  And the solution is obviously, Glass-Steagall, Franklin Roosevelt's own Glass-Steagall.  That is essentially the key thing.

And the only way that the United States and the people of the United States could possibly escape from a general breakdown of the financial system of the United States, is to go back to Glass-Steagall.  That would mean we would simply cancel most of everything that's called Wall Street or anything like it; just cancel it.  It's rubbish.  It has no intrinsic value.

And therefore we have to go back to Franklin Roosevelt's policies in order to save the United States economy.  Now, it's going to be a tough row to hoe, because we have very poor skills available in the U.S. population.  The destruction of the productive powers of labor, in the United States' population has collapsed to a great degree.

We see that, when people say, "well, some people are poor, they're not worth keeping." Well, that's not the problem, that's not the truth of the matter. What they're trying to do is kill off people, as in the case of California.  What's happening in California, is actually an intentional determination, to kill off as many people in California and adjoining areas as possible. That's what the policy is; that's plain talk, no beating around the Bush.  And the Governor of California is one of the leaders, which is leading toward a campaign for mass-slaughter of people in California and adjoining areas.  That's the reality!

However, if we go to Glass-Steagall, Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall, with means which I'm fully aware of as feasible, we can prevent that.  but the key thing now that's driving it, is the fact that the European economy is going into a spin, downward, and this includes the British system itself, and it means other areas.

Whereas on the other side, the good side, of course, of this thing is that China's doing beautifully — there may be problems they have to deal with there, but it's beautifully; and other things in that part of the continent.  There are certain parts of the continent, like China, and Russia, which are viable institutions. And China and Russia are characteristic of the uniqueness of that:  Russia, and China, and India now is coming in, and is fully qualified to come in, as a leading part. And there are other parts, smaller parts of Asia, which can be — and Australia of course is another case.

There's also the case of the South American area: There are certain nations in south America, which are marshalling themselves up to deal with the challenge around the planet as a whole. So that's the good part.

Now, the Greek crisis, to understand the Greek crisis, it's not a Greek crisis.  It's a European crisis.  And what you have is you have nations in Europe, which have either been almost slaughtered in terms of their population, like Portugal, Spain and so forth; this horrible story.  Italy is really being hit very hard on this; France is being hit a little less.  But actually, it's the British Empire that's bankrupt!  So that makes that all the more interesting.

Now, the other thing, the third thing which is crucial here, is the threat is of a thermonuclear war.  Now, a thermonuclear war, as long as Obama remains President of the United States, during the coming month, or two, if Obama remains as the President during that interval, there will be a thermonuclear war, started by Britain and Obama, the United States under Obama, which will lead toward a threatened extinction of whole parts of the planet. And we don't know how far that'll go.

But observe, however, that the recent thrust by the British Empire, to change everything, to reduce the population of the planet, is pure genocide, which means the destruction of most parts of the world and the reduction of the population, or even a catastrophe which could, by that means, bring about the virtual extinction of the human species.  And that's what Obama and company, with the British, who really run Obama, the British Empire, that the extinction of the human species as we have known it, is a possibility brought down upon us, as the planet as a whole, at this time.

So those are the key issues, plus, the fact of the world war threat which is now active.  And what's happened is that the breakdown which is associated with the Greek success in resisting what the British Empire was trying to do, becomes now war issue, a war-like issue, which can lead to war-like effects, in terms of mass-murders, all kinds of ways of trying to reduce the population; just as the Pope himself has been induced, to be a mass-murderer of the human population, that is, to reduce the population of the world, from 7 billion people down to 1 or less.

And that's what the stated policy is of the British Empire, itself.

Now, this has been a long policy on the side of the British Empire; this has been on, really on, as genocide, just like what's happened under Obama.  Obama is one of the mass-killer agencies of whatever his motive is, whatever winds him up, that's what he's doing right now, already!

And you get other cases, similar cases in Europe, and a great water crisis, which is not necessary!  A solution for that so-called crisis is feasible!  But the people who oppose that, the people who say, "we're going to have a green policy!" the people who are for the green policy assure us, to the degree they're successful, in virtually bringing down almost the existence, of the human species entirely.

So these are the problems.  There are other problems we have to deal with, as I'll indicate in the appropriate points in our discussion.  But that's where we are:  And this is very serious! And it's very immediate!  And it became immediate, crystal-clear immediate, with the result of the Greek vote this past week.

SARE:  Well, I'll just say, this really was extraordinary, that the population and the leadership of Greece kept their nerve, under withering campaigns of disinformation and propaganda and hysteria that were being sent in from the international press and so on.  And the results came in over 61% overwhelmingly against the Troika.  And as Tsipras said, after he voted, but before the vote total had come in, he said, "many people can ignore the will of a government, but no one can ignore the will of a people." And he said that this is "a cause to celebrate" and "to be joyful," because "when democracy conquers fear and blackmail, then it also leads to redemption, and a way forward." So that's very striking.

And then tomorrow is the inauguration of the New Development Bank of the BRICS nations which they set into motion almost exactly one year ago in Fortaleza, Brazil, and then the following two days, you have the meeting of the BRICS nations in Ufa, at the same time as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

So you can see, and I think what you have to say in this discussion today will be really crucial because if we get bottled up or bogged down in the minutiae of "this happened, this happened, this happened," every detail, these things are moving very quickly; the question is the principle and the principle of the Hamiltonian system as epitomized right now by the fight for Glass-Steagall and a credit system, versus Zeus, which is what the British Empire and their genocidal scheme against the population represents.

LAROUCHE:  And even some of the British people, British leaders, who are not inside the monarchy itself, but they have a critical view of this thing.  How much courage they have, how sincere they may be or may not be, these are factors which are yet not fully known, but it's important to note that, that people in Britain, leading figures in Britain outside the Royal family itself, have been very serious about this thing on some of the economic issues, and related to economic issues, that is, economic issues, that is, human issues.

So the British are not entirely mass murderers, though they tend to find themselves playing that kind of role from time to time, in many of the wars and similar kinds of things; as with the mass murder of India, the people of India, is example of this.

So that's there, and I think there are other things we can get into more deeply right now.  Ben may have something to say on this.

BENJAMIN DENISTON:  Well, I think it's just a real remarkable convergence of all these things together.  These are not separate issues.  You're looking at the potential shift in the whole world dynamic.  I don't know what you think, but it seems like this is breakdown of the whole post-Roosevelt system. You had a certain orientation with Roosevelt, a certain orientation in the United States with the defeat of fascism.  But then, after Roosevelt died, Truman came in, you had a certain setting into mode of this post-World War II neo-imperial system, which is now breaking down.  You're having the emergence of the BRICS alliance as this alternative dynamic. So it really seems like a convergence of all this one global process right now.


SARE:  I think what you said Saturday [during the weekly Manhattan Townhall Meeting], which I found particularly striking, when this young woman, a Greek-American, was asking about the significance of Greece, and you made a couple of points.  One was that it is not the case that people think too small; that it is not the case that one generation alone is going to determine the fate of mankind.  But to think of this, one has to have a profound understanding of the depth of science.  And in that regard, also the question of Classical musical composition: Because in order to conceive of the future of mankind, which is not located in the bookends of one individual's mortal life, then one must understand what is the nature of the human mind, and what is the nature of the human identity.

LAROUCHE:  Yeah, what's happened of course, is I think most of our people who are in the know shall we say, know that I have moved to what I've intended since last October, and we actually extended and shift the center of the our national organization in the United States, in a way which is centered on Manhattan.  And this makes a lot of sense, it's a very specific kind of thing; there's a certain percentile of the citizens of Manhattan and immediately around that, like some parts of New Jersey and so forth, there are people around there who understand this kind of thing;  we even have a couple of people in California, in San Francisco, and Texas, also;  also southern California, we have a few people who are still holding out there, doing their job.

But the situation is such that, we have lost much of the ability to maintain our own present level, of human population. This has taken the place, there's been a general trend of degeneration of mankind's conditions of life, especially in the United States, most notably to us.  That the United States has been going, minus what Franklin Roosevelt did, is the exception and there were other people who as presidents and so forth who tried to do something in the same direction.  But generally the United States has declined, aggressively, actually aggressively, in the destruction of rights, the development, and so forth of the average citizen of the United States, the whole thing.

And this degeneration which we see in the successive generations, of the 20th century, after Franklin Roosevelt's death, what we've seen in general, with a few exceptions thrown in, is a decline in the productivity, and intelligence, of our citizenry:  That is, there's been an actual decline in the mental life, of the citizens and the youth since that time.  It started with the immediate postwar period, when Franklin Roosevelt had died, and then all kinds of people, like skunks of one variety or another, tended to dominate and take over control of U.S. policy, contrary to the constitutional intentions of our Constitution.  So these have been great problems.

Now, we're stuck, with the effect of the degeneration of the United States economy and its Presidencies.  Now, we've had a couple of good Presidencies, more than just a couple, but about four or five good Presidencies, or essentially good Presidencies; but the rest have become increasingly degenerate, especially the Bush family.  The Bush family is not really an intelligent crew. The older Bush, Prescott Bush, was a murderous bastard.  But the average Bush family is kind of stupid.  They have an inherent stupidity, like the case of the Bush who, in warfare, he was a pilot, flying a combat plane, in one of the wars.  And when he got scared, when something hit his plane, he jumped and left the passengers in the plan to fend for themselves!  [laughter]

And this is typical of the Bush family!  I mean they really not—they're nasty but they're not intelligent!

SARE:  Right!

LAROUCHE:  I don't know if it would be better if they were intelligent.  I think it would probably be a menace to society if they were intelligent.  And I think that's one of the dangers here.

But these are the kinds of things:  We have come to a point, we may not merely have to come to some point of a secret of how to become successful in the United States; it doesn't work that way.  What you've got to do, you've got to change the educational policies, back to the direction they had been, in the beginning of the 20th century, and that didn't happen.  So therefore, we have a general, since that time, and since a few good Presidents, off an d on who intervened, the general trends, especially during the interval of the Bush family and their role, has been a constant degeneration, both in the intelligence, in general, that is the practical intelligence, and the employment, quality of employment, or the lack of employment also, which has been increasing, to destroy the ability of the American population, the U.S. population, to meet the most essential requirements, of the continuity of our nation and its people.

So these are the other kinds of things, or typify them, there are other things like that which correlate with this same thing I've just said.

But that's really the challenge: We have to get a new Presidency.  Now that does not mean a President, I've emphasized a number of times. A new Presidency means, somebody who is to be a President, and who has also a group of people as a team, which comes the actual, functional Presidency. So you need some very bright people, and you look at the case of the Franklin Roosevelt administration,  the Franklin Roosevelt in that century is an example of what the United States must be!  And it must be always the upward development, and improvement in income and conditions of life of all of our citizens, in one degree of development or another.  Willingly, when they're willing, and compulsory when they're not willing. [laughter]  We even put people in prison because they're not willing, to be successful.

So these are the kinds of conditions we face.  We face this now in the United States, we face it under a President who is actually bringing us to the edge, of launching a thermonuclear war against Russia and other nations.  Now, the significance of that is, that Russia essentially has available to it, a capability of nuclear warfare which more than matches that of the United States, now.

But Russia does not intend to launch a war against the United States or anybody else in that area.  Their restraint in terms of what's happened from the present administration is an example of that.  However, thermonuclear warfare capabilities are of such a nature, that if you tried to start one, it's an extinction warfare.  And therefore, if that were to happen, and if the United States under Obama, for example, were to launch a war during the summer, this summer, of this this year, then Russia would have to defend against the attack.  Such an attack would be mean a virtual extermination of the parties involved. Which will be, probably, a virtual extermination of the human species, in terms of the effect of that.

So therefore, the problem is, how do we get Obama out of office?  Because Obama is operating on a scheme, more and more and more clearly, with more rage, and more rage, pushing us to a thermonuclear war, aimed essentially at Russia!  So they're playing tiddlywinks, with thermonuclear warfare.

And so these are the kinds of considerations which threaten the United States and threaten civilization more generally. And the time has come, we must get rid of the influence of the kinds of Republicans and others, who want to play the thermonuclear warfare game!  The must be removed from office, or at least checked, from having the authority to do anything about this!

We need a new Presidency, with a new person as President, as a suitable person; but that doesn't make a Presidency.  One President does not make a Presidency!  The idea that there is such a thing as one President, as the government of the Presidency, is nonsense.  It's a very dangerous thing to play with!  We've had this before, among the Southern stupid people in government, exactly that.

We need a system, like a Roosevelt system, in which you have a President who is a qualified fighter and knowledgeable as President.  But one man cannot control the requirements of a modern United States.  It has to be a team of people, who are selected, or self-selected as a team, who will actually perform the special functions, including emergencies, which suit the talents of the supporting people in the government.  But what we've got now, we've got a program of Presidency and growth and all these kinds of things, which is actually insane right now. It's garbage!  You've got Republicans, who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a typewriter!  [laughter]  Let 'em scratch, but don't let 'em have a typewriter, they might be able to make something intelligible.

And we have people, like we have people from the South, who are fanatically followers, of the Southern tradition.  We've been having a rash of murders, coming from not only people of Negro background, but from all kinds of people.  The idea of assassination, mass-assassination, is spreading up!  We've seen it in this area, it's spreading up.

So therefore, what we need is we need , to have and think of and conceive, not an opportunist President, not some screwball who's come up, "I'm the genius."  What we need is a Presidency, which pretty much maps Franklin Roosevelt's intention for government and the method of government.  And we need to get that quick!  And if we do that, we in the United States have the ability — if we do that — we have the ability, because of our tradition, and the way we've developed our tradition — we have the ability, to straighten things out in a way which will prevent the most catastrophic threats facing us now.

But we need a new Presidency.  We need it urgently!  And it has to be a real Presidency, not a one-man job.

SARE:  Right, right.

Michael STEGER:  Lyn. Lyn, on this question of world war, there's a contact relevant to this discussion here in San Francisco, a person we're in contact with, and he's made it very that the silence by the media in the United States on the BRICS question, makes it very clear that there is an intent for war with Russia and China.  And it's that either that's broken over the course of the coming week or two, that there is now a discussion relevant to the global economy and the trans-Atlantic breakdown, with the BRICS summit coming up this week, or there is clearly an escalation and an acceleration towards a conflict with Russia and China.

And I wanted to see what you thought about how we break that discussion, or to what extent that's a factor?

LAROUCHE:  What we have to do, is, at the same time we have to go for the idea of replacing Obama more or less immediately, that's absolutely essential.  He's committed the crimes which warrant his removal from office.  So it's only cowards, or stupid people, or malicious people, who would keep him in office, who would support him as President in office right now.  Any intelligent and honest leadership in the United States, would act immediately, right now, for the removal of Obama from the Presidency!  That would be sufficient to give us legroom, in which to do a lot of things which can be done by the United States, by the right people.  And we have the right people.  We have people in government, or proximity to government, who are perfectly capable of doing a good job — maybe not a perfect one, but a good one; and that's what we have to do.

Don't wait for the end of the term of this killer!  This madman, this killer; get him out of there, right now, is the best idea.

But then, we have to, at the same time, get a new Presidential system, which means we're going to have to patch something together, which is a new President who replaces Obama and people like Obama, and at the same time begins to develop a program of reconstruction, of our national economy and our national policies.

That's going to be an improvisation, but such an improvisation, is a feasible one if you have the right people applying for the relevant jobs.  And we, as people in the United States, let alone being big officials of this, or big officials of that, we need people who think that way, to step forward, and whatever their skills are, let their conscience and their quality of intelligence, speak for them.

We need a team, at least a provisional team:  In other words, we're going to a point where you throw a President out. Well, you would bring something else in.  Now that would mean that perhaps later down the line, before the time of the next election occurs, that you would have readjusted your emergency term of office, with a new, fully-elected term of office.

But we need the equivalent of an emergency Presidency, acting as President.  We need people who are going to join with that temporary President, in order to make things work and solve some immediate problems.  But then, as we approach the appointment of a new Presidency, we're going to have to re-patch the thing up and make it, shall we say, smooth and feasible.

Kesha ROGERS:  When you're speaking of improving the conditions of life of the citizenry and what this Presidency represents, just in terms of looking at an historic example of reference, what you really brought to mind was the principle of Solon of Athens, and what the representation of this conception of human beings and their contributions, the population's contributions to real increases in scientific improvements, as well as the increases in the devotion of every single human being, every single member of your society to make contributions of the betterment and improvement of society, and you use that — I was just thinking, in reading that from Schiller's beautiful explanation example, of why you can look at someone like Obama, as you know, he wants to be a strongman, he wants to be a Lycurgus of Sparta, and thinks that he can destroy everything, but the problem is, he's weak!  And his controllers are very weak!  And I think it's very important not to just look at these examples of something of the historic past, but what are the implications for the future?

Because, what we're doing right now, in implementing this quality of a scientific thrust, through the understanding of man's role in the galaxy, this galactic process, is what the expression of what Schiller expresses is the importance of what is the scientific capabilities to overcome these crises, which we face right now.  So it's always important to go back and express that from a standpoint of what it is we as a population should be looking at as our responsibility, to participate in this Presidency from the standpoint of the improved conditions of a real science-driver in the population, to bring about a new Presidency which is not something that we are not involved in as a citizenry, but something that we are directly involved in.

LAROUCHE:  I would say, at this moment, we've been discussing things that I have been emphasizing, among the other things we've discussed.  Now, Ben, here has actually provided a presentation of his particular view on this matter, which is highly relevant, and I would like to say that we can make sure that he has the adequate provision of time, in order to get this thing presented.

DENISTON:  Yeah.  What I gave to Lyn, actually, is a draft research report on this galactic principle, which I think we've only really scratched the surface on this issue.  We've talked a lot about the water issue: That if we're going to solve the water crisis, we have to go to this higher level and understand that the Earth system, the water system, the climate is expressing the effect of our galaxy.  We know that now.  That's something that — you know we didn't figure this out; this has been unfolded over the recent decade, decade and a half approximately, of studies, indicating that the climate system, the weather system, the strongest influence that we see, especially over times, is this galactic effect.

But that's really just starting to scratch the surface.  You know, we've talked about these indications about evolution, like expressing a relation to this galactic system; there's all kinds of properties about our galaxy as a whole, that we don't yet understand, how it functions as a whole system. There's indications of, potentially, higher modes of energy-flux density associated with these galactic processes that's beyond our current scope of understanding.

So I think pulling this together I think is critical for defining a new future level for mankind.  I think part of this, really — it's important to throw in here as part of this, part of the degeneration, and part of what we have to really get rid of, is this whole green policy.  And not just the front issues, not just the climate change specifics, you know all the debates on "climate change," that's just a front.  The real fight is what is our understanding of mankind's nature and role.  That's the real issue.  And it's this degenerate, bestial view of mankind as a beast, that has to be just rooted out, and it has to be replaced with a real scientific conception of mankind as a creator in the universe, as a creative force.

And you take that, together with this galactic perspective, I think that really defines where we need to go.  Because that's an excellent expression of that true nature of mankind.  We can reach to this higher galactic principle, in a way that mankind can reach to it, mentally, creatively, and allow that to reshape mankind as a higher-order force on the planet and in the Solar System.  And I think that has to go together with just rooting out this zero growth, "sustainable," green degeneration.  Because it's anti-human!  It's denying people their humanity, because it's saying that there's no progress.  As soon as you deny progress to people, what're you giving people?

That's like the pinnacle of this century of degeneration is this green policy:  You tell young people, "your morality is how much you can reduce your existence"?  That's what people are taught is morality today in this green paradigm.  And you wonder why the youth generation is totally degenerate and destroying itself, because there's no conception of the future. There's no idea about what they can contribute that actually means something.  So rooting out  this green idea and having the idea that mankind is a creative species, like the galactic principle tells us, I think we have to define that as a positive future.

LAROUCHE: Well, you do have, but you're doing  things in that direction which are very important. And I think, of course, we're going to be continuing to work on that, as such.  But, the problem is, what is called "science" today, popularly, and even among scientists in large, is junk, is a fraud.

And it's a fraud because of these considerations: That mankind is a unique species,  — take the silliness.  People say, "well, you're going to die."  And unfortunately, you're dead. That's the connection.  But that's not true:  Because people will die, but look at what mankind is like.  Mankind starts by being a baby, essentially, because all the abortions and so forth prevent other options.  So what happens then, mankind is destroyed, and treated as, just hit mankind.

But they don't realize that the development of mankind and the education of children, and adults, which leads on, the discovery of new principles of physical science —  essential; other things; the question of the galaxy is, itself, almost unknown, absolutely unknown, among most scientists today.  They don't even know it! If they know it, they deny it.  They say it's no good, you can't do that.

But it's necessary;  we can do it, as Ben himself has done this in his own work along these lines.  We have the understanding of what the galaxy — not Earth, the galaxy;  Earth is a small, little thing, there inside the galaxy.  And it's the galaxy which has most of the water on Earth available to it! Simple.  He's done this thing, it's laid out, what the principles are involved.

And you have all these people running around saying, "dry, dry this, dry that."  The green policy.  Well, the green policy, is that of a Satanic person.  Because what's he doing?  The green person is trying to kill people, or prevent them from functioning, in necessary functions, in order to reduce the population!  Now, the means for dealing with the crisis of the water crisis, as in certain Southern states, is a soluble problem.  We know the principle works, but when you've discovered a scientific principle, you now have to find out how to make it work!

You've got a new toy; the toy's a beautiful toy; you love the toy!  But then something goes wrong and you don't know what the answer is.  You don't know what the solution, because you knew the name of your object, but you didn't know the means of realizing the object.  So scientific progress, great leaps in scientific progress.  Increase of the energy-flux density per capita, is the essential precondition for the continued existence of humanity.

And all these greeners are actually enemies of mankind. Perhaps out of their own stupidity, but their stupidity will kill the majority of the human species.  And that's what the intention of the British Empire is:  It's to reduce the human species from 7 billion people, to 1 — from 7 billion people to 1.  And what kind of life are they talking about?  Well, all you have to do, is look back at the records that the Greeks kept, of the history of Zeus. This is the realm of Zeus; in other words, the real of what we otherwise know, as the name as Satan.  and most of the people who are dictating economic policy, from the top of authority today, are by that standard, they are Satanic people. And we have to get the Satanic people put in places where they will not do harm to honest human beings.

SARE: Well, that was, in this week's EIR, which is called "Are You a Dupe of Satan?"  there's a really excellent article by Mike Billington on Prince Philip, this guy Martin Palmer whom he deployed as his representative, with the explicit mission and of course, Zeus goes way back, but in the last 30 years, they explicitly said, we're going to target the monotheistic religions; we're going to target Confucianism, because they have this idea that mankind is special, that mankind is the aim of creation; and what we have to do is go back to more of an Earth-worshipping form of religious doctrine. Which is exactly what Schellnhuber did with this takeover of the Papacy, with this new encyclical, saying, forget God! We are worshipping Mother Earth, and we have raped and destroyed Mother Earth, and She is the most long-suffering!

So forget the previous popes who said we should care for the poor, and we should elevate mankind.  We now have to kill ourselves to make a blood sacrifice for Mother Earth whom we have destroyed.  And this is being promoted as some kind of religious doctrine.

LAROUCHE:  Yeah, exactly.  And these are rough terms for many people — but they're true!  And people who don't like those terms are being stupid.  And they should cure themselves of that sin!

SARE:  Yes, if they want to stay alive.

LAROUCHE:  Exactly.  If they want their children to stay alive!  Already we have the destruction of knowledge.  Most of our young people, over the course of the 20th century to the present time, up to that time, we have had, with some exceptional Presidents, like Franklin Roosevelt, the trend has been reversal of history, because the United States in particular, represents a trend upward in mankind's condition.  Despite certain Presidents who were evil, who were Southern group of evil people.

So therefore the question is, how do we — how must we, ensure that that problem is addressed?  Because if people who do not develop their intellectual powers of creativity, scientific creativity, for example  —  but scientific creativity by that name is only one aspect, but the broader sense of scientific creativity, that's the only way that mankind can exist. Otherwise, mankind would become extinct.  And this would be a truly Satanic condition of life. So anyone who's pushing the green policy is actually a Satanic force. And they should be regarded as criminals, which they are, by virtue of being a greenie.

SARE:  Yep.

LAROUCHE:  And Ben has been providing some very useful contributions to the scientific side of this matter.

DENISTON:  It goes against even natural, even the animal world is not the thing these guys have in their mind that they tell you is sustainability, efficiency, moving to some stable state, where you can just balance the whole system and not have it come out of whack.  That's not even what nature shows!  The law of evolution and the development of life has been the principle of extinction, and the principle of increasing energy-flux density.  There's never been a stable state, a sustainable system.  Even if you just take the animal world, the only thing that's been sustainable, is creating higher levels, not just new things, but creating higher levels, higher energy-flux density, that's all the evolution record shows is this directionality of increase.  And any individual species in that, as just an animal species, just comes and goes.  And they go extinct; they don't reach some balanced state, where they just sustain themselves at some optimal efficiency.  They increase the energy-flux density, it replaces old species.

So if they're saying we have to fix ourselves at any one level, it's literally taking the definition of extinction and saying we're going to conform mankind to the definition of extinction.  That's literally what the policy is.  So I mean,  —

And this idea, you know, in education, I think one of the most important things is tying it to this idea of progress. Giving young people a sense that the reason why they need to learn science, develop themselves, educate themselves, is because they need to be factors in creating the future, creating a new state for mankind.  And with the green policy, you take that away — no wonder why the school system's terrible, no wonder why we're underperforming with our students.

I just find it kind of funny, all this talk about STEM education, we're falling behind in science, we're falling behind in engineering, globally, we're not performing as well, so we need to have this whole new program to get people excited about the sciences and related fields.  Well, why would kids get excited about this, if the society's is going nowhere?  What was the best thing that drove people into the sciences and engineering?  When's the last time we had a big surge with that?

SARE:  The space program.

DENISTON:  When we went to the Moon with the Apollo program! Because we were doing something! What's the point of telling kids, "be scientist, so you can study how we can destroy ourselves with the green policy."  It's just complete degeneration.

In my mind, the important thing, tying the education system to a conception of a higher state of humanity that we want to create, that's why you educate yourself, that's why you exist, that's you go through this process, is to move society to a higher level.

LAROUCHE: Essentially, this means that mankind is the only species which can voluntarily create a higher state of achievement for the human species, even to ensure a continuation of the ability, to breed the human species!  Because look at what happens, the process is the education of the student, from childhood, even the toy playing of childhood, when it's done in a certain way.

What's happening is the child goes up to about the age of 20, 25 years of age.  Now in this course of time, if we're lucky, that child will be encouraged to make discoveries.  And what will happen is the parents will buy toys for children, others will buy toys for children; and what're these toys? The toys that are accepted for that purpose are toys which represent, a higher level of the child's ability to think, than before! That is, the human species is characterized by the demand that the human species must have children, who are better educated or self-educated, than the previous generation.

Now what's happened in the case of the United States? What's happened since, essentially, the President I served, and what followed that with a couple of other incumbencies of Presidents.  But otherwise, the trend has been to decline. That the quality of the average-born child, is successively, progressively downward.  In other words, the typical child out of a high school, or any other school or university, they're actually more stupid, than the preceding generation.

Now you're talking about a term of about 21-22, 23 years of age, and this is about the time where that kind of cutoff begins to move in.  The student will not really move forward much; they may make some discoveries, but they're not really significant; they will all be on the same level of characteristics.

Then you look at the history of mankind, and you see that it's people who are scientific genius of one form of scientific genius or another, like Nicholas of Cusa, for example, is an example of that.  That is what makes human beings human.  The Roman Empire destroyed humanity!  And we had whole periods of destruction of humanity which brought mankind to the threshold, of extermination!  And the Zeus case is the characteristic representation of this problem.

So the point is, we are now living, in a society in which the taught characteristics of the student, in colleges and other lesser places, is negative.  Students, young people, are more stupid, generation by de-generation, down, down, down!  They didn't do this.  They are the victims of the process, in the degeneration of the education process in ordinary schools, similar things like that.  They're taught entertainment:  What is taught as music, which is nothing but a kind of sickness, a mental sickness.  And these kinds of things.

So therefore, mankind has, as an institution, has tended toward, especially in the trans-Atlantic region, has tended toward, the degeneration of the intellectual capabilities and morality of the coming generation. And the time has come, we're going to have to turn this thing back, to the original intention as of the United States, the creation of the United States by its greatest Presidents and apprentices.  You know, we have great figures who, in the course of history, we can trace their lives, we can trace their development.  We know it! We know them!  We know what they discovered, we know what they made out of their discoveries, we knew it!  And we know the setbacks that occurred, we know where they were.

But you look at, from the standpoint of Kepler, who really made the first discovery of the Solar System, the real functional Solar System, after he him came Leibniz.  And Leibniz within his lifetime, which is almost a hundred years — like me!  — anyway, he actually created the foundations on which the existence of the United States depended, by implication.  And therefore, the purpose is, is to create, again.  All the backward nations, all the backward cultures, these backward cultures are not indigenous to mankind!  They're indigenous to the  upbringing  of the human being, of the child, and of the family.  Like the cannibals, you know the cannibals, they eat human beings! They find the tribe is on the other island, and they go over the eat the people from that other island; and they actually did that! This was a thing going on in contemporary time, in terms of that century.  So this is the question.

The fundamental thing, there has to be a recognition of the absolute moral degeneracy and disgusting quality, inherently, of what is the leading policy in government, in education systems and so forth, for spreading widely in the United States, spreading widely in Europe.  And you see the effect of the mass death of people in northern Africa.  Those deaths!  You see the terrible conditions, the degeneration in morality along the eastern Mediterranean region.

And therefore,  you have to understand, you're not going to make success, by doing something.  You're going to make success by moving the process up, where each generation of 20 or 25 year old people, young people, will have developed a higher more successful level, than their parents and grandparents had before. And let them live, let them have full lives, as much as possible. But the future lies beyond what they are capable of now:  it's the advancement of mankind to levels that mankind has never achieved before.

Rachel BRINKLEY:  Well, one important part of that development of young people is a sense of the power of their own minds, and the popular music — I just realized lately how it functions, and also with the higher tuning, is that it is aimed at just the sensual stimulation, overstimulation of the senses in such a way that someone can't actually use their mental processes.  It's not a direct process to their mind, so people forget, they don't realize that they have a mind, and they're just bombarded with this stuff constantly.

So that's the point, is just recognizing how this is really detrimental to the development of the mind, which is what we're looking for in our generational development of a human being.

LAROUCHE: Precisely so.

Bill ROBERTS:  And I think on that, Kepler can help us defeat the British Empire, or help Alexander Hamilton defeat the British Empire:  Because if we go back to Kepler, he demonstrated that human creativity, the ability for mankind to develop the creativity of mind, was a discovery that came, not simply from looking at what was; but he had to bring something forth from the human mind.  And for all the greenies out there, who think that our sustenance comes from Mother Earth, I think Kepler can help us with that one, too.

LAROUCHE:  [laughs]  Well spoken!

SARE:  Good.  Do you have anything else?

LAROUCHE:  No.  I just wanted to get some essential things realized.

SARE:  Very good.  Well, we will have more discussion on Thursday evening with Mr. LaRouche, with people around the country; and then Saturday will be another meeting in Manhattan. Saturday is the anniversary of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, so we should make sure that Hamilton wins this time.

So with that, we'll be signing off, and we'll speak you again next week.



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