Greek 'Oxi' Landslide

July 6, 2015

With 100% of the votes reported counted, the 'Oxi!' vote in the Greek referendum against acceptance of the Troika austerity policy has won by a 61.31% to 38.69% landslide, thus rejecting the genocidal policy of the British Empire imposed upon the Greek people by the EU, ECB and IMF.

The Greek people thus overwhelmingly rejected the Zeusian terrorism of the Troika, a move which sets an example for others throughout the world. Zeus is not invincible.

Now the question is, what will follow?

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reportedly placed phone calls to French President Francois Hollande and European Central Bank president Mario Draghi.

Meanwhile, it was announced that German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to go to France on Monday to meet with Hollande. Bloomberg News also reports that Merkel and Hollande have called for a summit of Euro area leaders. Eurogroup spokesman said there are no plans for an emergency summit of eurozone finance ministers on Monday.

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis is conferring with the country's bankers over what to demand next from the European Central Bank, a ministry spokesman has confirmed. The Bank of Greece will file a request on Sunday to the European Central Bank to raise the amount of emergency funding (ELA) for Greek banks, Gabriel Sakellaridis, a government spokesman, said.

In Greece, Dora Bakoyannis, a member of the Greek New Democracy party, which had supported austerity measures in the country, demanded on Sunday the resignation of their party's leader, Antonis Samaras, which resignation consequently happened.

France's economics minister, Emmanuel Macron, had warned against Europe having another "Treaty of Versailles" moment with Greece, should they vote 'No.' President of the European Parliament, German Martin Schulz, on the other hand, had said that Greeks could no longer use the euro if the majority voted 'No.'

He asked: "Is Greece still in the euro after this referendum... That is certainly the case, but if they say no they will have to introduce another currency after the referendum because the euro is not available as a means of payment."

Along the same lines, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel told the Tagesspiegel daily, "The last bridges on which Greece and Europe could have moved towards a compromise have been torn down" by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras's Sunday referendum.

Having rejected the rules of the eurozone, Greece has made talks on a new bailout program "barely conceivable," the minister, who is also the leader of Germanys Social Democrats (SPD) party, said. With Tsipras's government, the country is en route to "bitter abandonment and hopelessness," Gabriel added.

Following the vote's results being released, Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's National Front party, welcomed the results as a victory "against the oligarchy of the European Union."