Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, July 2, 2015

June 29, 2015

Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, July 2, 2015

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Transcript—JOHN ASCHER: Good evening everyone, this is John Ascher welcoming everyone to the seventh Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche. ... Lyn are you there?

Lyn, we have our audience on, they're assembled via the telephone conference call and on the internet.  We'd like to welcome you back here this evening.  Would like you to make any preliminary remarks?

LYNDON LAROUCHE:  I can make one broad remark, based on observations made by some other people who I know are responsible in this matter, that during the past week period, we have had what with so many people is an astonishing outgrowth of participation in one form or another in our organization.  So I can only say that, and I can only add the fact that I've committed myself, to have an additional national conference which is based on Manhattan.  And for a long time, it's been my intention, since last October, my intention is to move the center of our organization into Manhattan, and to actually bring an actual, unified form of our organization which we have not had for a long time.  We've had separate organizations, and they run different things and do different things and keep secrets from us an so forth, like that.

So what we're doing now is moving toward the process of actually establishing, what I've started in Manhattan.  And henceforth, I will not be in Manhattan personally, but I will hold myself responsible to report through channels which are centered on Manhattan as national channels.

So that's what the change is, and you'll hear more about that in due course.

Ascher:  OK, excellent.

Q1: J— from New York City.  My question is about Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is a controversial figure, he and his wife.  But Mr. Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan when he was President.  He also sabotaged Haiti's rice production, Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, which has been victimized by the United States for many, many decades.  And probably the only good thing Mr. Clinton did in my opinion was to pardon Mr. LaRouche from prison.

But now Mr. Clinton seems to be very good friends with the Bush family, who are criminals nonpareil.  So, I am very unhappy about the situation and I'm wondering how Mr. LaRouche feels about Mr. Clinton becoming so close, almost like another son, to Bush Sr.?

LAROUCHE:  Well, of course, Bill Clinton, the former President is not really a perpetrator in any such things.  What Bill has done as a President, as to create an organization, a funding organization which is his own.

Now, the relationship also between some of the problems of his wife, Hillary, is a different question entirely.  Because actually, she chose to become a devotee, what it became eventually, or temporarily at least, of Obama.  And when Obama had orchestrated the deliberate murder of people, including those operating in Africa on that occasion, she went through quite a strange behavior; she lied; she lied in support and in allegiance to the President, Obama.  And then, she moved again, where Bill was in a sense — Bill's her husband, and he has a natural affection for his wife.  And while he has an affection for his wife, and tries to minimize the conflicts, there are serious conflicts of interest, between his candidacy and that of his own organization.

Bill has to deal with this problem of what his wife does, and how he's going to adjust certain things which are highly — I mean, all the things that's she's done wrong, were done under the direction and force, of Obama.  Everything she's done wrong that I know of and existing, and I believe that's also true completely of Bill, that she has become a puppet of Obama.  She may deny it, but she walks around and she actually acts as a puppet of Obama. She does not support any of the policies which Bill Clinton had presented while he was President.

So I think you've got to clear the air a little bit and get the facts straightened out, because there are facts involved here.  But that is not the issue.  You've got to go to the core issue.  You have a rotten Presidency, hmm?  A rotten Presidency since Bill left office.   When Bill left office, you've had a rotten Presidency!  And that rotten Presidency, from two sets of presidencies successively, is what the problem is:  All evil comes from that as it comes to Bill Clinton.

I have not always been in touch with Bill on this thing, because, actually his marriage, which is also itself something I don't want to probe too much deeply into, but I know that what she's done, that she has herself in effect, a puppet of controlled by Obama.  And that's what mere issue is.

I can answer to other things like that, but that's the essential issue, that my objective as a perspective, is that Obama must be thrown out office, now!  Not at some distant time.  Because we're on edge, right now, of the very real activity of preparations for the launching of a thermonuclear war, during the early summer months of this year.  That means already in the present months.  And my purpose is to get Obama removed from office, in time to prevent World War III.

Now World War III would not be like any other war, except one, the war that didn't happen.  There was a period there where John Kennedy and others were actually negotiating with the Soviet Union, which was then prepared to launch a thermonuclear war, against the United States by an action to be taken against Cuba. The Kennedy brothers, chiefly the President of course, negotiated with the Russian figure and on the basis of the agreement they reached in the Cuba context, the Russian government destroyed all of its weapons, of weapons systems against the United States in particular.

Therefore, since that time, the United States was fairly free, of the threat of a thermonuclear attack on itself by any other source.  But then, recently, with the entry of the Bush family, which was temporary; especially Cheney.  Cheney is, if you want to talk about an evil man, a Satanic figure, that's Dick Cheney.  Or, we called him "Dirty Dick" Cheney.  But also Obama is a stooge of the British Monarchy.  He was brought into power by the British monarchy, he was a stooge of the British monarchy, and he has all the stinking attributes of the British Empire system.

So, I mean, those are the facts.  So you're impression of course, reflects some things that are said around, talked around. But when you get down to precision facts, as I know the facts, and I have some access in quite detail on the part of my experience that I had directly, in my relationship to Bill Clinton while he was still President; and some contact directly — very little contact, but contact from him, and during the post period after that.  After that, I had no direct contact with him; except for the time he left office and he had this little event, handshaking event when he walked out of the Presidency as a fact. And that was the last time I spoke to him directly.

But I've followed his behavior; I know the background of his organization; I know many of the things he's done, not because I've had it directly, but because I'm in knowledge of a lot things that tell me what the whole story is that's going on.  Not the full story, but I get a lot of reports from reliable sources, and I have certain indications of what he's up to.  I don't know everything he's up to, but I know many indications.

Q2:  B— from West Palm Beach, FL.  Hi, LaRouche. I've got a question regarding the interest rate decision coming up in September from the Federal Reserve.  I was just wondering what do you think's going to happen if they don't raise rates, in September, what's going to happen to the dollar?

LAROUCHE:  If there's anything that's actually being presented to my knowledge, from the U.S. government or related circles, of that nature.  What I know is that we're, right now, as long as Obama remains in the Presidency, we're now in the immediate danger, within these immediate months ahead, or maybe weeks ahead, and that will be if anything, the launching of a global, thermonuclear war, an events which has never happened before.

This war, if it's launched, will be launched essentially by the British and the United States, under the Obama administration — specifically the Obama administration.  And if we do not prevent that, in other words if we do not get Obama thrown out of office now!, in these immediate weeks and months, then you're going to probably be exterminated.  Because if any war breaks out, an attack by the United States and Britain on Russia,  — Russia will not launch a war against the United States or anything like that!  But! if the United States under British influence, which means Obama's influence now, then the war will be an immediate war of a type which mankind has never seen, except by what happened back then, when the President of the United States then actually dealt with the Soviet system, and called off a thermonuclear war, by destroying the instruments of death which Russia had at that time.

Russia not only gave up those weapons at that time, but destroyed them, and therefore, on that basis a peace was reached between the United States and the Soviet Union, under a negotiation directed by the President of the United States at that time.  And so since that time, that's been the general case.

Now,  what's happened, is the world  has re-built up a mass of thermonuclear weapons for instant mass killing.  And if it were to happen, the provocateur of that mass killing would be the current British Empire and its stooges, including Obama.

If Obama is removed in time it is not probable that such a war or holocaust would occur.  But if Obama remains in office as President, together with the retinue he has around his Presidency, if that retinue and Obama are removed from power, and it's done as the removal of a Presidency from that power in that time, then I think the danger of a thermonuclear war of a type that would cause an extermination of the human population, including the U.S. population, would not occur.  And that's a longer story, but those are the brief essentials.

Q3: This is B—, questioning one point.  We just talked about the Glass-Steagall and then we talked about the creation of whatever you want to bring about.  My point here is very simple: We as a nation are not speaking truthfully as a group of representatives.  Mr. LaRouche is talking about a lot of different things, but the biggest impeachment for Obama, is Benghazi.  And why hasn't this been brought up to impeach him? The second biggest thing about Mr. Obama is credibility.  His credibility is near zero.

I'd like to hear what Mr. LaRouche is going to do in the future to bring about a concrete accomplishment of the Glass-Steagall Act.  Okay? Because we get Greece out of this and we get the whole world out of this, but I haven't seen anything, anything happening.  Please answer.

LAROUCHE:  Okay, I certainly shall!  Look, there are some things, you're representation is not fully clear in detail.  You referred to this North African operation, where Obama actually ordered — Obama actually ordered the assassination of U.S. Presidential officials, in North Africa.  He did it.  And he was the one who gave the orders, to Hillary Clinton, when she was in service, which broke her, and has made her an intellectual wreck, in many respects ever since.  So that's part of the whole picture.

But the larger picture is not simply one incident; it's not the North Africa incident, which is really an ugly thing, and look:  Obama was exposed as a criminal, fully, on the basis of what he did in creating, sending women in order to facilitate a hedge, to cover over a mass murder operation which started a short time earlier, murdered a whole government, and then killed several Americans of the diplomatic service, on Presidents.  And President Obama wittingly knew that and supported it!

Hillary Clinton was under great pressure not to identify this President, as the guilty party who was the author of this thing!

The danger that we have to face otherwise at the present time is relatively new in terms of its efficient representation. The present time is still the danger: the thing comes now, from the British Empire, that is, the British Monarchy.  The British Monarchy is the essential instrument, and has always been the essential instrument.

Take the case of the 9/11 case:  Who was responsible?  Who created this case?  It was the British.  But it was also the Obama who was a tool of the British in this operation.

Now we're faced with a case, where the British Empire is attempting to set up an actual thermonuclear war, that is the potential of a thermonuclear war.  In other words, if the United States under Obama, and the Obama administration now, were to act in this present situation, and a war would come out normally, because Obama is headed for a general war.  That is, he's not the author of it; the British Empire, the British Monarchy is the author.  I mean, the British Monarchy is the same agency which used Saudi puppets in order to effect what we call 9/11 today. That's the problem.  The problem is essentially the British Empire.

And the problem is that you've had Presidents who are outright agents of the British Empire, that is, Obama for example.  He has been since he entered office; even before he entered office, he was a British agent.

Now, at this point, the British system has moved inside the influence, of the institutions of our current United States organization, by bowling all kinds of instruments of our Federal system and other parts of the system, under the aegis of Obama. But Obama is nothing but a stooge for the British Empire.

But the action then becomes practically, yes, the British have set the whole thing up.  The whole development has occurred, to prepare the way for this operation.  The operation, however, is the launching of, nominally, an intended nuclear assault on Russia.  Now, Russia has a quality of military capability, in terms of nuclear weapons, which is at the top level on a world scale.  They built that back up.  So therefore, if the United States wants to launch a nuclear war on Russia and adjoining nations, the United States will, in the same minute, or the same seconds that the United States launches an attack on Russia, a nuclear attack — and it will be a nuclear attack;  not a pseudo-nuclear attack — once that is launched, within seconds, the Russian forces will act.  They will not before that point. But if the U.S. government does that, makes that launch, within seconds, the buttons will be pushed.

If that occurs, there won't be many Americans left alive on this planet, in the following minutes after that.  And that's what the problem is.

Q4: Good evening, this is J— from Michigan.  I've been thinking over what you said some time ago about the turn of the century here.  A number of persons and possibly institutions have been pushed aside or eliminated from the institution of the Presidency, and my question to you is, do you think these persons and institutions can be brought to bear, to outflank what is going on now, primarily, on the direction of overhauling the educational system, and also having an outreach for statecraft to the rest of the world, for rebuilding our  — how can I say this? — how we connect with them as far as development?

LAROUCHE:  OK.  I understand the issue.  I think the issue needs a little more qualification, without any contradiction of what you said.  But I think something else has to be said in order to clarify, the issue in full.

We're on the verge of a thermonuclear war, if, as I said, if the United States is still under Obama, and Obama has his way, then you will have a global war.  Not a local war, a global war. The global war will be virtually instantaneous.  That's what the situation is now.

It would not be instantaneous if we had any kind of normal features in the U.S. government.  But we don't have people in the U.S. government who actually have the position of command, and there are many people in the military, U.S. military service, who do have the qualities of judgment and inclinations which would be appropriate for the United States even at this time.  If you eliminate all the people who are essentially associated with the Obama characteristic, you have to know that they're all British agents, and that's how the thing is working.

So our problem is how do we deal with this aspect of it? What's our prospect?  And I think we have a potentially winning prospect, but we have to get Obama out first.

I'm not just repeating this as a monotonous thing.  I'm saying, this is what I know efficiently, scientifically on an intelligence basis, I know exactly what this problem is, that is, the war threat.  And the immediate thing before is the war threat.

Now, there's factors that go along with the war threat.  For example, there is now, recently, an attempt to rape the Greek population, economically.  It's a complete fraud, and it comes from the British Empire.  It's a British fraud.  And Obama is part of the thicket involved in that.

You look at his policy in terms of his relationship to China, and the China region:  He's part of that same thing, and the attack on China is also — remember, China is the largest nation on this planet, and the most powerful in many respects. And so therefore, China's on the list, too.  Other nations are on the list, too, as targets.

All of this is in the short term: We're talking about a period of as short as one to two weeks, maybe a little longer; maybe shorter.  I don't think much shorter, it could be, but I don't think that right now.  I think we have a very limited period of time, to do things such as getting Obama thrown out of the Presidency.  And I think that if you can't get Obama thrown out of the Presidency, within the relative short time of one or two weeks, I don't think you're going to be alive.  And most people aren't going to be alive.

Because that's the way a modern, thermonuclear fusion war, will go.  And we're on the edge of such a war, right now!  I don't mean today, — it could be today, but I doubt that.  But in the very near future.   Over the course of, at least, the summer months.

The best chance we have, to have options to correct other problems, apart from war, is, essentially is to develop steps in collaboration with nations such as in Europe, as well as other nations which are not supporting this, to actually get the Obama administration thrown out of office,  — quickly!   Get him out of there!  And get the whole crew out of there.

And I think, by also introducing, as the measure of law which we can use to the effect like a broom, sweeping out a dirty floor, we can actually reinstall the original Glass-Steagall law of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   The introduction of a Franklin Delano Roosevelt action will be the key way, to prevent a lot of the terrible things that are already happening, or will happen in the case of thermonuclear war.

Q5: Hello Mr. LaRouche:  D— out here in Corvallis, Oregon. I'm going to steer away from the impeachment of Obama, because I think that point has been covered.

LAROUCHE: [laughs] Yes, right!

Q5:  And ask this question, which is actually similar to one I asked in the previous week, that is, which assumptions or axioms that we currently believe to be true would have to be overthrown in order to build machines that think creatively?

LAROUCHE:  I don't think machines think.  I think that mankind is able of crafting processes, not just machines, processes; for example, let's take an advanced scientific question, but which is a very real one right now in terms of effect.   We now have a water system problem on various parts of the United States.  As a matter of fact, this whole thing has spread beyond the United States in different places — South America and so forth.

Now, some people, desperadoes sort of kind, say, "Ha-ha-ha! Nothing can be done about it."  Or, "we're going to have to kill people," and you have for example, the Governor of California, has a prospect of killing people, based on the water crisis — and mass killing.  And he's spreading that around, and we have the people — the Pope has bought into this thing, not on that basis, but saying we have to reduce the population, permanently! We have to go down from 7 billion people living on the planet, we have to reduce it, quickly, to less than 1:  That's the policy, that's the current policy.

That's the policy for example, of Obama!   That's the policy of the present British government.

So, our question is, what do we do?  Do we go out there and shoot these guys?  Well, that is a very lousy kind of idea.  What you have to do, is you have to change the circumstances in ways, which lead toward solutions.  The solution is easy.  The essence of the solution has the name, of Glass-Steagall.  The United States is bankrupted and looted by the banning of that law.

So Glass-Steagall, is the essential tic in this thing, which, if you get that law through, efficiently, you have changed the economy of the United States, for the better.  What that means, a permanent change back toward a Franklin Roosevelt approach to history.  Now, much has been changed in terms of technology, since Roosevelt died.  We've had some good presidents but they didn't live very long.  And we had generals who were great generals, and they were kicked out of office.  Some good generals, but they were out of functioning office.

We had people in government, the Reagan administration by itself, represented a good government; as a matter of fact, I was a member of it, not as an open official, but I was sort of a quasi -secret member of it, in defining certain economic and military-strategic matters.  He was assassinated — he didn't die, but there were assassinations involved.  But the effect of the assassinations that he didn't quite die of, was, he had the wrong Vice President, by name of Bush.

And since that time, the Bushes have had a very important influence, as instruments, not as brains but as instruments (they don't have many brains).  There was a Bush who had brains, Prescott Bush, the author of the family, and he was a traitor and a thief and all those kinds of things.  But his progeny, his children and so forth that came out of that Bush family were real, Nazi-like trash.

So, if we actually take that approach and say, what if, we cancel kind of policies that are going on now, like the green policy; the green policy is killing us.  The green policy is a poison.  And our economy is being destroyed; the intelligence level of the average citizen of the United States, generation by generation, is the quality of intellectual development of the American citizen has been precipitate, down, down, down, down!

And it's natural, you know, if you take away scientific, technological and related skills of production, and you have one generation after the other; if you have school systems that no longer work — they may function, but they don't produce anything useful; now you get the kind of cultural trends which the United States has been going through, since Franklin Roosevelt's administration, but especially since the time the assassination attempt was made on a President, that I was serving.

And what we need, is to understand what I think you're getting at, effectively, I'm just trying to lay it out this way, is, we take into account, the technological, scientific and related things which in the course of matters, would be the normal scientific and related approach, both morally and technologically, to move mankind's condition ahead.

Where we're now going, is we're now going into the destruction of the United States.  We have an action coming out of Britain, which means to shut, quickly, shut the population of the planet, shut the human population of the planet down, from 7 billion people, to less than 1: that's the current policy of the British Empire.

So, what we have to do is, say, to go to the constructive solution to fight against an evil is not sufficient in itself, effectively a big evil like this.  So what you have to concentrate on, is what measures of policy which are feasible measures of policy — scientific, educational, moral, etc., etc.; economic, especially — and if we take these things which are feasible things in the immediate future, we can compose, I think readily with great confidence, we can compose immediately a package; With the aid of other nations, such as China, other nations, people in southern parts of the Atlantic region, and so forth.  We have the means at hand, if we can bring nations together, or a certain number of nations together, specific nations, we have the means right now.

Throw this bum out of the Presidency. And anything that goes with it, throw it out!  It's garbage, it's evil, it's a foreign thing that has no place in our history as a republic.  Go back to practical measures of scientific progress, and health-care policies and things of that type.  Above all, restore an education system that works!  Which is not the failure of the teachers as such, it was those who controlled the educational system:  Universities in large part, and in the poorer quality of universities, scientifically in general.

So, we could, under a new Presidency, and it doesn't have to be some great genius coming out of the skies or something; we have the ability, we have knowledge of technology, which if put to work in the same sense that Franklin Roosevelt threw the evil ones of the American System, by bringing in Franklin Roosevelt. What we need essentially, right now, is something that should remind us of the achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Q6 (Ascher): Lyn, there's been a radiation of statements that you've made, and that Helga LaRouche has made over the course of this week—many of these in reference to Greece. And I have a question which I'm going to read, coming from one of our people listening via the internet: "Mr. LaRouche, what is your opinion on the euro and the EU?"

LAROUCHE: Okay. Well, the euro system now, and the EU, are essentially criminal, overall. Let's take a practical case. We have some people in the German leadership who are, naturally, under Germany's conditions, are very close to the issues which divide the line, between Russia and Central Europe. And this group, with some isolated or smaller groups in other parts of Europe, together with what we have in the United States, in terms of the best minds that we have that are active today, —we have the capability, of dealing with this problem. The face at hand, is the question of the Greek question.

Now the Greek question is not a specifically Greek case. The Greek case is the central point of attention right now. And if the Greeks could be crushed, as the British Empire, and some people in the government of Germany, were to succeed to what these people intend, then you could have a destruction, which would lead to incalculable results. In other words, if the Greeks were murdered—and this is what the policy of the British is, but you have other people in Europe who are going along with it—and if that continues, and we're talking about days now. Because the Greek crisis is almost immediate. It's within the week—that's the kind of span we're dealing with. If that were to occur, it would set off an ignition, of a global warfare crisis, because of the radiated effect of such an action.

Now, if Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and her stooge, shall we say, the financial authority—if they were removed from office, I think there would be a tendency for the German political-scientific institutions otherwise, to improve greatly in their actions on this issue, on the question of the Greek issue. And I think that if this is done properly, there is not real popularity, about the things that are being done to the Greeks, in terms of all Europe. You have people all throughout Europe, who simply don't know what they can do—that's the usual language—to correct this situation.

If, for example, certain German officials—and I give this as close to the actual, as I want to go to right now—if certain officials were to participate in encouraging, the ouster of no less than two certain members of the German government, I think the voices of reason would be heard amidst Germans, and others. Under those conditions, I think we can prevent, or skirmish around, the great danger. It's one of the most important things on our agenda right now.

The result would be: Germany still has a great potential, industrial potential. Its competence in its potential has been collapsing at severe rates. Germany's at the point, they can no longer withstand what's imposed upon them. And the German economy is one which still has a very high level, relatively speaking, of technological capabilities in production. We're about to lose those capabilities in Germany. The loss of those capabilities in Germany, which is something which is actually being pushed in effect today, would be another kind of signal that would set off all kinds of chaos.

So I think that if there'll be certain changes in Europe's structure, its political structure, a little bit, a few adjustments, combined with the throwing of Obama out of the Presidency—I think that combination of things would probably give us an option, give us some so-called leg room, by which we can pull ourselves back into sensibility, and solve some of the problems which I know can be solved.

Q7: This is [inaudible] from Florida. My question is, in regards to Greece, we see that the Greek people elected someone that has the voice of the people. And I feel that the United States tried to do that with Obama, but he quickly became a puppet under the banks, and Wall Street, and oligarchs. And I believe that it's not just Obama that is the issue; it's the whole structure. So, my question is, how can we constitutionally shut down all government structure, to restructure it?

LAROUCHE: You can't. The point is, Obama must be removed. If he is not removed, you don't have a chance. Because Obama will have you in a war, as soon as one to two weeks. A thermonuclear war. And it's possible that no human being would survive that war.

So the Obama question is the key issue. You have people who in the U.S. government, know that, but the problem is they don't have the guts to provide the kind of leadership which is required. So I will, and like some other people, will come out openly on this. I come out with it openly because I have a scientific and related background to deal with just these measures. And I'm free outside the domain of those members of government, who are under the influence of the current government. I can speak freely, and I will always speak freely. I don't like anything else but speaking freely. I will hold my breath, when I think the issue is not urgent, or when it can be dealt with by other means. But the point is: If you can't throw Obama out of his office, you have probably no prayer at all of surviving this summer.

I don't mean shoot him!  I don't mean shoot him! I mean throw him out of office! It's much neater, less blood, less aftermath. Just throw him out of there. Expel him! Impeach the fool!

Q8: This is P— in Florida. And I've been chapter coordinator for Veterans for Peace for 10 years, and I guess I'm an insider, if you will, for the anti-war organizations in this country. And in order to have a chance of impeaching Obama, I believe you first have to have a call for it from the people, and I tell you what: It's been a real problem with the anti-war movement, which is basically left only me to fly.

They've been coopted to squash any call for impeachment, for the war crimes, which, the call was very strong when it was the Republicans doing it.  But now we're in an election cycle again, and the folks that did drift away from party, are now retreating back toward their respective reservations.

I just—I'm out of ideas on how to get a call for impeachment, Mr. LaRouche, so I'm going to shut up and listen.

LAROUCHE: [laughs] OK! All right. I know what you're saying. The way you describe it won't work. You have to throw this guy out of the White House.

You have to understand what happens. This is going to be a bit of an explanation, but it's important that you get the true answer, not the so-called approximate answer.

Look, the United States is bankrupt. That's a fact. Everyone can know that, because everything is getting much worse at an accelerating rate, in the economy. The Obama administration has been the worst thing so far. The continuation of the Obama administration is practically a death judgment on the American people. So if you can't remove Obama, if you don't know how to remove Obama, without shooting him—which is not a good idea—if you can't do that, then you have to sit back and say, I don't have an in-sight solution for this thing. And I think what you said to me, just now, is exactly that. You don't have an in-sight solution, for something which you know should be something that should happen.

There we agree. You have a desire for this. I share that desire. I know something about how to get that desire realized.

You've got to think; now, think carefully, because I know a lot about this, and I think it's very important in the kind of question you asked. In the history of the United States, we went through a struggle from our Revolution, the development of our Presidency, which has been a very difficult road. We've had the first four Presidents who were no damn good at all—we finally had a good President, in the 1820s. Then we didn't have any more good Presidents. Then we had Abraham Lincoln, and we had a great general, who led the war against the British, that is, the Confederates. And the Confederates were the British, they were British agents.

That was a crisis. We went through various things. We had some of our best Presidents were assassinated, like most commonly, the two Kennedy brothers and other people. The shootings of Presidents, the assassinations of Presidents, other crimes against people, these have been done as instruments to control the minds of the American people. But all during this period, from the beginning of the 20th century, the general trend of intellectual development, and scientific development, of the American population, as a population—still, some people were geniuses, but most of them were just population. And they became more and more demoralized.

If you look at the case of the school systems, for example. Look at the 20th century school systems. Look at, particularly, after Franklin Roosevelt. After Franklin Roosevelt, the intellectual level of the United States has degenerated. We've had Presidents, or attempted Presidents who had great qualities of leadership, but they didn't get elected, or they weren't able to stay in office. The problem is therefore today: our school system. Our school systems, and most of our universities, are actually junk shops, intellectually junk shops. They are a waste of time. That's what's happened to us.

So now you've got a population of human beings, American citizens, for example, and these are completely confused. They've completely lost any sense of authority, of their ability to judge how society must make decisions. We've lost that. We have a few people who remember that, who know that, know what this material is. But most of our population has been driven, generation by generation. What has happened intellectually, since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and a bit later, each generation, like 20 years of age, each 20 years of age, or approximately that, has been a lower level of intellectual capabilities, on the general case, including university students and graduates, has been inferior in its intellectual powers to think reasonably, with respect to where we had been relatively at the end of the 19th century.

That's a fact. Therefore, the fact, these citizens who still are able to think, have been deprived of access to the instruments, of their profession; that is, the knowledge that they need to have the access to kind of work, jobs, for example, the professions they need. And they're just limited.

They're just awed by an increasingly evil Presidency system. The Bush family, for example. And today, I find the typical citizen is intellectually far inferior in insight and judgment than he was back when I was born, back in 1922. And all the great geniuses that I've once known, they died out, in the normal course of events. They died out, they got older, or got diseases, they got problems, and they died. People die.

But the important thing, for us, is to maintain from generation to generation, a population which is not only going to progress, but can actually recoup, what they had lost in earlier generations. Our average student in schools, from little kids all the way to graduates, are less able to think competently than 50 years ago, or 25 years ago. And the Bush Presidencies have been no use in that case whatsoever.

So we have had a process of systemic miseducation, distortion of fact, by the major press. Oh, sometimes they tell the truth; most of the time they don't. They're practitioners, they're opportunists.

Therefore, what's the situation? What we have now, we have a few people I know of who I'm looking at as possible prospects to become the next President of the United States. Now, I'm not just concentrating on selecting one person who I think might be a good President, because I don't think it works that way. I think what works for the United States, as history has shown, is that if you have a population, part of a population, which is improving in its intellectual powers, going against the trend; people who are leaders who can evoke from people a realization that they too have the potential within themselves, to rather rapidly understand how to think about these matters. And therefore, the problem we have here, the challenge is, to produce a leadership now, which means a new Presidency of the United States.

Now a new Presidency of the United States is not a person. It involves a person. Now we have one, or possibly two, people I know of, who are inclined to appeal to a Presidential election of themselves, or immediate associates of them, who are possibly capable of providing  a leadership which is much needed. What's the need?

The typical citizen has been deprived of the means to have access to the kinds of knowledge, and the experience, required to produce the actual result we need. So, therefore, we're looking at the idea of finding people in our system of government, and related things, who, as a team, can lead us on the way to a turning upward in development. I'm not going to name names, but I do have some very definite names in mind. And I have a lot of names which they don't belong there.

What we have to do is create the kind of atmosphere, intellectual atmosphere, in particular, moral atmosphere, in which we can create a leadership group—not just a person, this person, that person. It has to be a leadership group, which can create and assemble what was done by Alexander Hamilton, for example, in his association with George Washington. And it was George Washington, but with the advice and counsel and direction of Alexander Hamilton, that the United States was created.

Under the people who were part of the Southern population of the United States, they tended to go for pro-slavery attitudes. And it was only people, in a few parts of the nation who actually had the guts and intelligence to create what became the United States over the course of the past two centuries.  And therefore, what we're looking for is the assembly of a relatively small number of people, who have the guts and qualifications to bring the people, in general, into an understanding of the opportunity which can be presented to them, and delivered.

And we had that with Franklin Roosevelt. Go into the case of Franklin Roosevelt. What you had: Once a great President [mckinley] had been assassinated, up until the time Franklin Roosevelt was introduced, the United States was a piece of junk, clinically; it was terrible. Franklin Roosevelt save the United States!  And after that, there was a  bum's rush, as soon as they found he was going to die, and on the day he died—I was familiar with a couple of the people who were walking down the hall, on the moment he was about to die. And I know what happened immediately, after the walk, two people, down that corridor, away from the President who was about to die, Franklin Roosevelt, and the changes that occurred with the Truman administration.

The Truman administration was the disease from which the United States has never fully recovered.

So, that's the point. You have to have forces in power, like Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt took a United States, which was about to be destroyed by part of its government; Franklin Roosevelt challenged those people in the government, successfully, even though the sickness he had, from his polio sickness, was tremendous. But while he lived, the United States was a great institution. The minute he died, even with great generals present, still there, and great political leaders, the virtual assassination of Franklin Roosevelt was a downturn in the history of the United States.

There were other Presidents, like Jack Kennedy, for example, who tried to do that. You know, Eleanor Roosevelt sponsored, provoked, Jack Kennedy to become President. And he was assassinated. And his brother was assassinated. In the process there was a Vice-President who was a qualified President, as Presidents normally may go, but he didn't have the guts to deal with things that he should have dealt with.

And after that, I got my experience with the inside of the Presidency, which is when I was on the inside of the Reagan Presidency, which was a short period. I ran a certain operation, an international operation, for the Presidency at that time. I was given a free hand in what they knew I was doing. And they got rid of me as soon as they could.  And that's the way things work.

So therefore, what we have to understand is what you need is not just individuals. You need to understand the composition of societies, how a nation can bring itself together, to assemble a leadership from its own ranks, from the people who are best qualified to make those decisions, and have the inclination to do that service for the nation.

We're all going to die; every one of us is going to die. That's pretty well established. We have no great miracles much on record of heretofore. So, therefore, we're living, sometimes for longer lives, as I am, or shorter lives. We go through a process, and the process is what we can contribute to the future.

Therefore, we want people who can contribute to the future, who can inspire larger parts of the population to recognize an opportunity. That's what happened with Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt took the United States, which was about to be destroyed. Franklin Roosevelt destroyed the forces that were destroying the United States. And recently, we haven't had any of those forces, like Franklin Roosevelt, who would have destroyed the Bush administrations of the United States.

That's the point. You've got to get the confidence of the people who are totally lacking in any confidence that they're able to solve the problem. You've got to find a bunch of people who become a leadership of the United States, in terms of the political functions and related functions. And we need such people to re-inspire our despondent general citizenry, into feeling potent again. What we want is potent things.

Now, what we want, therefore, is some simply defined solutions, which are true solutions, which will turn the corner, and give our people, our citizens and their descendants, give them the confidence,  to act, to take the kind of evidence needed to be considered, and bring that attitude there. But this depends upon assembling—which is the whole idea of creating a Presidency;  the idea of creating a Presidency is to create a concert of leading people, a team; a team which is qualified to work closely intermeshed with a leadership, a political leadership of the nation, and beyond. And by that means, to give the people of the United States the confidence to discover in themselves, the miracles they are capable of producing once that happens.

ASCHER: We're going to go to next question. You answered quite a few questions in that answer, Lyn.  No doubt about it!

LAROUCHE: Yep!  I think I really answered the question for them in this case.

Q9:  Lyn, this is A— from New York.  Let's see, in listening to tonight's call, I'm struck as someone who is an activist and keeps to try and organize people around the ideas and what's required, you mentioned and were just talking about the intellectual nose-dive of the nation over generations; I was certainly a part of that going into the '60s.  And that we just seem to be running into bluff.  I think the references of the questions and so on, it's reflective of the types of things that I find myself running into regarding, while not-unimportant issues or good questions, they take a practical form and you're holding firm on the realities that have to be faced.  And you know, people have to struggle with that.  And we run into that a lot, or I run into that a lot.

I've just recently come to begin to get the understanding of the necessity of Classical music as a road to improving one's intellectual powers, where then reality can be addressed.  And that means then you can have a chance to deal with the crisis and even then look toward the future.  So, there's just a certain amount of — which you handle as you do — but a certain amount of frustration when I hear things that tend to be practical.  And I'm just asking for further insight into how we can do better in helping people that would really like to do good, but want to be practical instead?

LAROUCHE:  You're right, that's the mistake.  The mistake is, for example, we have in the New York area, we have people who are senior veterans on the educational process.  And as you probably know from your experience, there was a group of teachers over several generations, who, in the New York area in particular, created a leadership among the citizens of New York.

In other words, people were going to school; they were coming from immigrant categories and things of that sort, and they were going to these schooling processes, and cultural processes that went together with that, like music and so forth, and this produced a population which had a very significant potential.  The citizenry of the ordinary persons — forget the rich people as such; the ones who want to get all the money — but the typical citizen, who wanted a meaning for the future of their lives for as long as that would exist, who had the idea, of having people who were with them  and look forward to what those people might contribute to the future.  It was a typical idea. You could go through Manhattan areas, and you would find whole areas which were characterized by this.

We had also in Manhattan, we had an excellent school system within the structure, you back in my age, and it was continued a little bit beyond that.  We had certain leading universities, which were not always things I would approve of, but they had a high standard of education in universities and so forth, and in other institutions, and it was there.

So you had an intelligent population in Manhattan.  You had other people there, but forget the other people.  Everything that's good is going to be based on the good people, not the slobs.  And therefore you had people who were not rich people, who were citizens more than anything else, but who had skills, who had experience and so forth.  And we lost that! We lost the authority of the typical member of society throughout the United States.

New York City has been a relative exception, as a model. What's happened recently in Manhattan area, around there, I know about that.  I know the horrible stories that are developing; now, I know the horrible things that happened.  But my view is, if I had to live — I don't live in New York right now, but if I had to live again in the New York City and where I lived, for example, in Boston area and so forth; I can tell you that the highest standard, moral standard, of any part of the United States, of any large part, there are local exceptions, but large parts, was New York City, Manhattan.  And that's been the case up to this time.

Now, I know what the conditions are in Manhattan, from then when I lived in Manhattan, when I was a consultant and various things in Manhattan; and I know what the changes have been generally since that time.  And I know other parts of the nation; I what the culture is; I know what the population is; I know what the kind of peoples are in different areas of the United States. I know some people from California, good people.  Some people are not so good. People elsewhere, even a few Texans are good.  I know them personally, they were actually good.  We have a lot of them who aren't; and we have a lot of them are just confused. Because you know, a Hispanic population which is more or less under some degree of reduced authority, and that's not good nourishment for any population.

The hard core of the Confederacy and its legacy, is in general, a real, real problem.  It has a quality of evil in it, which astonishes me, even to this day!

The Confederacy, which was created by a certain Presidency, or shall we say the third President of the United States, was a very evil man, who created the development of the slave system in the United States during the time of George Washington.  He was the chief enemy of the Washington administration within it.  I've known these things; I know them actively, still today.

So the answer is, is we have to talk in those terms.  When you get to a deep background, what's wrong with us?  Where did the wrongs happen to us?  What was good?  And I say that, in the case of Manhattan, I feel more confident about the nation in respect to the role of Manhattan and its history, and people who now almost my age but not quite.  And that is really a goldmine of humanity.  We have in other parts of the nation, we also have the same kind of goldmine, of humanity in our citizenry, those who've survived.  But they're relatively fewer. And therefore, as it always has been, ever since the foundation of our system of government, ever since then, that the Manhattan area has been the center of the greatest moral force concentrated in the United States.

And that's one of these things, so therefore, what do I do? I look at the people, like some of the ordinary people from the street who are sort of in middle age now; I look at some of the senior people; I look at some of the people who schoolteachers, senior schoolteachers who are still alive, who are still participating in the educational process: These were the kinds of people, who, to me, were my people, the people that I felt comfortable with.

They were not the only people I felt comfortable with, but the greatest degree of concentration.  Ever since Alexander Hamilton to the present day, in New York City, has been —  with all its faults, with all the crap that went on there, with all the criminal things that were done there — remains. Manhattan is actually the point of inspiration which I look at often, to check and see what condition it is.  Because that's the model, the Alexander Hamilton/George Washington model which created the Presidency.

And that's what I look to, that tradition.  And it's that tradition with all the scientific developments and other things that have happened since then, that's the secret.

Q10: Hi Lyn.  This is S— from New York City. And this may sound like a silly question, but since we have so many British agents in the U.S., working for the British Empire, how come we don't have American agents in the U.K., working for the Americans?

LAROUCHE: Well, I would say the U.K. is a problem, because guess what?  Wall Street! What have yougot? You've got the southern part of Manhattan, you've got buildings there; Alexander Hamilton is buried there; he's celebrated there! What have you got next to it? Wall Street!

The problem with Manhattan is Wall Street! You what you're going to do? You want to save Manhattan?  You want to save the reputation of New York City? Eliminate Wall Street! It's the one thing we never needed and caused the greatest damage to our country, of any single other process.

Q11: This is G— in St. Louis. I have a question for Lyn. I'll start it with a little statement, though. I think your analysis of where we are in terms of the intellectual capabilities of the American population is right on point. I do, however, believe that we've actually gone through an intellectual phase change, and because of this, the way that we communicate — trying to intellectualize, if you will, with the general population is failing to touch them; which is why what I believe that the art of poetry, along the lines of parables and allegories, are what we're going to be needing in order to spark in the population, the type of ideas that will help them to understand the real measure of the situation in which we're in right now.

For instance, here in the Ferguson area, there was just a report that was given out, and it speaks of the atrocities committed against the general population, but the general population doesn't understand that those were the same atrocities that were committed against individuals by the Nazis. And, thus they had no sense of calling for the type of justice that should come out of that.

And, I would like to say that I think we have to be extremely careful when we're talking to a population who has lost, if you will, that intellectual kind of balance. As much as I disagree with President Obama, inasmuch as I disagree with his policies, and all of those things, I think that when we begin, to refer to him as a "monkey," that sends a certain message to a population who doesn't think in terms of rhesus monkeys and experimentations, and those types of things. That sends a very literal message to them.

And so, with that said, I would like for Lyn to just respond, in terms of this phase change that I believe we've gone through in terms of intellect, and the usage of parables and allegories, in a poetic way to help this general population re-spark their spirit, their heart, for what has to be done.

LAROUCHE: The problem is the recipe that's delivered does not function. What you need to do, is you have to try to understand that mankind's ability to advance, depends upon a certain, very specific kind of development. For example, you cannot be "practical," as such. Practical people who esteem themselves for being practical, are failures inherently. Because, the achievement is generally, in the form of education.

For example, let's take an historic case — during a certain period in my life — I was always of course opposed to the Confederacy. I am, to this day, a devout and impassioned hater of the Confederacy. Why do I hate the Confederacy? Well, because of the President who helped make it, the third President of the United States. He was a criminal, and you had four Presidencies in a row which were criminal, once George Washington had dropped out. And, then we had about four generations later, we had a president, who only had one term in office, but he was one of the greatest Presidents we ever had.

But, Jackson replaced him, and Jackson was a piece of degeneration. And everything that Jackson did, was the worst kind of evil. And, in general, the Southern population of the United States was saturated with evil. Whites were degenerated by what they did to slaves; or what they were told to do. The Confederacy itself was a great evil! There's no other word for it: It's a great evil! It was a British agent, controlled by the British agents, entirely.

We had a great war, inside the United States, to try and remove that evil. And we didn't succeed. We had some successes, though.  For example, one of my involvements in this nature, in dealing with the Southern problem, and, the "Southern problem" is a term I hate.

We have certain people who had been formerly slaves; they had a history of slaves.  They came out of slavery by liberation in Southern states and moving into some other areas. They became some of the greatest geniuses among our artistic population in the United States, particularly in music, but also in science and so forth; the whole thing has a whole record.  And, I happen to have been involved with people who are now dead,  who I was actually with, who were some of the greatest musicians, and other talents of our United States. And they had been, coming up out of slavery, at the time of the Civil War!  And became the greatest intellects of the United States.

So, this idea of "gradual" evolution doesn't work. They had a great passion, those who did this — they had a great passion! That's understandable. But the passion was, that they were not degenerated.  They had not caved into the submission of "massah"!

But they were subjected to that, for generations, under the regime that was established by the third President of the United States. That's evil!

Then you look at the education system that's supplied; take the Hispanic population, the poorer part of the Hispanic population in the United States. Look at what happened to them: They were exploited as cheap labor. What's happened to the Southern states? The same thing goes on! It's not in the same form, but the stink is the same.

What's the educational quality, in that part of the United States? Now look at other parts of the United States. We have to go through the lower-income brackets of the Hispanic population; we have ex-slaves in the United States. Now, look at the genius that was expressed within one generation, by people who had been slaves, who were actual geniuses: That's the standard.

How do you make a genius out of a person who's been condemned to slavery? When they react, with a willingness to kill, to kill the slave-owner that controls them, if they had to fight their way out of slavery. And that's the spirit that won, as much as we won out of the Civil War.

The assassination of Lincoln, for example, was one of things that prevented this things from going further in a better way.

Now, we look at the history of the United States.  Look at the quality of education in schools in the United States. Now, I'm an expert on education; I've had a lot of exposure to education and I've done a lot of scientific work.

No, it doesn't work; that doesn't work.  What you really have to do, in order to do that, as a people who had been slaves, who got out of slavery, and came out as geniuses. And you've got no excuse to present to them — they were willing to kill; they didn't like to kill — but if they had to free themselves from slavery, and were threatened, by "Massah," they would kill, and they did; not often, but sometimes, under justified conditions.

And, if you know about that, and you know what's happened to the so-called "colored" population of the United States, as I do, you don't give much credence to the "improvement" of the culture of certain people who had been abused, and lured into acceptance of social values, which are not fit for mankind.

The problem is, for example, today in the educational system throughout the United States, with some relatively rare exceptions, there's not a decent teaching program going on anywhere, except in a few very rare cases. And if you keep people in that condition, cultivating that level of education and cultivating that approach to life — of adapting, giving in, adapting, being "smart"; ducking and weaving, that doesn't work.

And I know what you have to do, you have to depend upon people who will fight that crap! And know how to fight it, know when to fight it, when not to get into a fight.  But then there are times when you know you're going to get into a fight, and you hope it's an intellectual fight, not a fist fight and not a knife fight, or something like that. You've got to get people to change themselves.  Not to try to adapt and get a cover to hide their identity.

No, we have the means, and as you've spoken, you have the means.  You have the means if you have enough people around you who share that view; you have enough intelligence, you've manifested it already to me in itself;  you have the intelligence needed to do that kind of stuff.

But, will you do it? Can you do it? Can you develop in yourself the ability not to adapt; and not to go do crazy things, but not to adapt, not to adapt to bad education, bad ideas, bad music?  And most people in the United States don't have any knowledge of good music; what they call music, what you see, the popular music, today? It's a disease, it's not music.

What we need is a real cultural development.  What do we mean by cultural development? The power of the human mind to develop the ability to change. For example, I'll give you a problem: Right now we have a water problem in the United States in particular, and other parts of the world, too, a serious one. There's no water shortage.  Why is there a water problem? There is no water shortage.  For Earth? No water shortage!

Well, it happens, a lot of the Earth depends, in part, on the galaxy. And most of the water that mankind has available to mankind's use, is in the galaxy. And when we study the galaxy process, the galactic system, we know some other problems about water. We talk about water — what about raindrops, as opposed to respiration? How much water flows above the skies, all over everywhere you live? How much water is flowing over there?

Why are we short of water? It's because you haven't turned it into functional moisture.  A skill:  There are methods to know how to do that. So, therefore, if you want to be a "practical person," you're an idiot! Because you don't know what to do about this crisis of apparent water shortage.  You have the Governor of California is an idiot! He's a nasty idiot. His father was a good man, an achieving man. He's an idiot! He's a killer! He's demanding the reduction of the population of California, saying there's not enough water, cut off people's access to water. Destroy their lives; destroy their handicaps, all for his sake. And his intention is, expressly, publicly, is to kill off most of the population of California, and some other states as well —  on the pretext there's not enough water.

There is plenty of water! We have the scientific technology which allows us to do that.  So why don't we do it? "We don't know how to do that..." Ah! Now, there's the truth!  You don't know what to do, to save your own butt! Then, you try to be "practical"; you try to adapt to what other people think.  And you've lost the ability to fight. You may have an excellent mind in those ways; you may have excellent opinions and desires, but do you have the capacity, to recognize what it is you have to do to be successful? And submitting to other people's standards of education and entertainment, is not the way to win.

I will win for you, if I can! I'll give you everything I can, to have you win. [laughs] That's what I believe, I should be doing.

But, don't get practical: It doesn't work. It never did.

ASCHER:  Well, Lyn, I think this last answer really brought a lot to the discussion.  I wanted to see if you had any closing remarks here this evening?

LaRouche:  I sure do! [laughs] Look, this all goes to one thing. We didn't have much debate, back and forth, as we've often had, in these discussions. I think the questions that are posed, are, by their nature, and by the time this occurred, that things have gotten tougher. And people are not so relaxed, as they have been in earlier days— even recent days, even recent weeks.

Therefore, we have to shift the discussion upward, away from what are apparently simple explanations, or simple opinions, about this and that. We have to get much more serious about actually saying, we need a leadership in the United States, from within the ranks of the United States, as well, the eventual leadership. We need a group of people, who are going to, in a sense, stand forth, and look at what they should be able to do, to do things.

I dealt, for example, the question of the war question. That Obama is, intrinsically, the most immediate danger to the very existence of the citizens of the United States today. Now, I don't propose to shoot him, that's not a good idea, at all. To throw him out of the Presidency  —  aahhh! That's a very good thing to do. The question is, will you do it in time? Because, in the next couple of weeks, it may be the time, within which, you'll see, forces of the United States, of the United States government, and they're now moving in that direction; those forces are moving in the direction, of this present month, where they are very close to launching a thermonuclear war.

A thermonuclear war will be over very soon, and the number of survivors is highly questionable. It's very unlikely that the population of the United States, will survive a thermonuclear war, if it happens.

Because it will happen initiated by Obama, as the President of the United States, as Obama, the instrument which will launch the war, in cahoots with the British Empire. They would launch the war.

Once that war is launched, it will be, from the beginning, from the very beginning!  —  the first thing will be the launching of a general thermonuclear attack.  It will happen immediately.

Seconds later, after the United States forces, under command of Obama, have launched that war, Russia will have responded to a war it does not intend to have, but is prepared to deal with. Once that happens, the whole planet is going through the kind of war which mankind itself may not be able to survive;  and certainly whole parts of the planet, like the United States, won't survive at all, because you will be one of the major targets.

But it happens in one blow,  contrary to all rumors and doubletalk, it will happen.

And therefore, it's extremely important, that we understand what the problem of leadership is,  of nations. We've come to a time, where the extinction of the human species, by willful action by mankind, is an immediate proximity, now.

And therefore, my approach to these things deals, with what I know to be reality, not fantasy. I know that if we prevent Obama from remaining President, we probably can, thereby, prevent a global thermonuclear war, just by removing him from office. Because there are so many people in the United States, who would not support such a war, even at high levels, as long as he was not President.

And that's the reality. It's a reality that we're looking at right now, in this month. We don't know what date, exactly, something,  nobody ever really knows that. Even the people who are going to launch the thing don't know it. But when it happens, once it happens, then everything becomes precisely known. And very short, very quick, seconds:  Mere seconds can mean the extinction of much of the human race. And, if you don't understand that problem, you're not in the real world.

And therefore, I could give you a  lot of explanations of o a lot of things; I have a certain amount of experience in a lot of things. But, I'm telling you now, that all the things you think you know, boil down to one result: Are we going to have an Obama removed from the Presidency of the United States in time?

How is he going to be removed? I don't know. But he has to be removed. Am I going to shoot him? No. By no means. It doesn't make any difference.

If he's President, whether you kill him or not doesn't mean anything, because he'll be dead, anyway. If he launches something like that, he'll be dead automatically. Why? Well, because Russia will be, in a few seconds, or less than a few seconds after that's launched under Obama, then Russian weapons will hit the United States, and Obama will obviously be a prime target, by coincidence.

This is reality. Therefore, you have to address the remedies to prevent that which do the job,  knowing what the problem is, that you have to defeat. And this case,  yes, Obama is not the author of the war, he is the instrument of it! He is the "pushbutton" of the war. And he's operating under the orders of the British Monarchy. And recently, you've seen that the British Monarchy is determined to exterminate much of the human population, to reduce it from 7 billion people, to less than 1. And that's the authority,  because Obama was always a British agent.  And he's operating on the orders from the British agency, and anyone in Washington, who really knows the inside, knows that.

And therefore, that's the issue on the table. We're talking about within the coming couple week, or something like that, we're on the doorstep of a general thermonuclear war,  launched by the British forces, — launched by the British forces,  on behalf of Obama, as the instrument they choose.  And then you get a response, once the launch is made against Russia, which is planned, and China. Then, at that second,  that same second, virtually, the entire global thermonuclear weapons cache goes into action.

That's what you're faced with. Now, we can stop that! And if we don't stop that, there's not much meaning to life. So, that is the thing we have to do.

Now there are a lot other things that have been brought into consideration on that account. There are many things, lots and lots of things, which have not been discussed openly, in the general population, but which are essential.  We've lost much of our ability to think! Do you know what's happened to our successive generations of young people: the degeneration of their culture, the degeneration of their knowledge, the degeneration of their skills,  their ability to produce, their ability to solve problems? These are the things which should be on the agenda!

Keep the war off the agenda.  Especially the thermonuclear war.

ASCHER:  Okay.  I think you've given everybody a lot to think about here, Lyn.  That's the end of our call here this evening, and we look forward to talk to you next week.  This was our seventh Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche.  Thank you very much, Lyn.

LAROUCHE:  Have fun!



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