Prince Philip Makes Genocide into a Religion

June 23, 2015

Prince Philip's Alliance for Religion and Conservation (ARC) hailed Pope Francis's climate change encyclical, as "something very extraordinary in the journey to link religions with conservation and conservation with religions." Catholics make up one-sixth of the world's populations, 1.2 billion people, and the Pope is urging them "to make real changes in their lifestyles, energy consumption, and moral and spiritual priorities," the ARC stated on June 18; the encyclical "goes far beyond climate change and is a beautiful, deeply considered document taking us back to why everything exists and our human place within it, rather than our place outside it."

Prince Philip set out to take over the world's major religions for his Satanic Green policy 29 years ago, with the September 1986, founding of the "WWF Religion and Conservation Network," at a special conference held in Assisi, Italy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Prince Philip's top "religious" environmentalist operative, Martin Palmer took charge of the WWF "religious" project.

Palmer has dedicated his life to eradicating the Renaissance idea of "imago viva Dei," Man in the living image of God. In his 1992 book, Coming of Age: An Exploration of Christianity and the New Age, Palmer denounced Christianity's "deification of humanity and its products, science and industry, culminating in the revival of that most arrogant of statements, 'Man is the measure of all things.'" Palmer railed against the assertion that "human beings are the pinnacle of evolution, the raison d'être of life, and that the American (and with it, the European) way of life—conquest, colonization, and exploitation—is nothing less than the way life and has always been."

In April 1995, the WWF religious network was transformed into the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, at the "World Summit on Religion and Conservation," held at the Windsor Castle, under the personal direction of Prince Philip and Palmer. Palmer assumed the chairmanship of the ARC, a post he still holds today.

Sixty representatives of nine world religions plus ecologists attended. In his address to the conference, Prince Philip called for "vital action" to protect the environment from "the dramatic increase in the world's human population.... The key issue for the conservation of our natural environment is to find ways of protecting it from the consequences of the human population explosion."

At a Dec. 12, 2014 ARC celebration at Buckingham Palace, Palmer fawned over his Satanic master:

"If we are going to be honest about ARC, ARC has been the success it is because His Royal Highness has believed in it; he loves what we do, he is amused by what we do, he is fascinated by what we do, he enjoys engaging with the people we engage with. And the fact that he wishes, at 93, to continue to play that role with ARC and with me, is, I think, the highest honor I could ever think of, and I believe its an enormous statement about why this foundation, this programme of working with the faiths and working with the sacred groups, has a very exciting future. It's a future where we go back to doing what we do best, in order to make the world very different."