On Razor's Edge: The Case of the Satanic John Schellnhuber

June 16, 2015

Every aspect of the global strategic situation is on razor's edge.

The world is poised at the brink of nuclear war, as Obama and the British escalate their provocations against both Russia and China. (Russian President Putin announced today that Russia will acquire over 40 new ICBMs this year, "that will be capable of overcoming any, even the most technically sophisticated, missile defense system.")

The trans-Atlantic financial system is hanging by the thinnest of threads, while Wall Street and the City of London issue one sadistic ultimatum after another to try to humiliate and make a bloody example of Greece. (Greek Prime Minister Tsipras announced today that he will be meeting with Putin in Russia on June 19.)

Barack Obama is fighting for his political life, and could be removed from office any day or week that Congress stops dodging the issue and decides to act like patriots. (The Obama White House today suffered a second embarrassing political defeat, when they could not bring the TPP fast track bill to a re-vote in the House, because they simply don't have the votes.)

And the dramatic countervailing momentum generated by the BRICS process is already changing the global landscape, in the run-up to the July 9-10 summits of the BRICS and the SCO, in Ufa, Russia. The corner-stones of an entirely new international economic system are being put in place.

Each of these dramatic situations is not the result of its own internal dynamic, but of the fact that the entire intellectual and cultural paradigm in the trans-Atlantic sector is imploding, bringing everything associated with it to razor's edge. This is the lawful result of a century of deductive, Aristotelean thinking which equates man's mind with that of the beast. Call it "Ockham's Razor's edge."

If we would address this problem at the root, we have to return to the principles of rigorous scientific thinking associated with Nicholas of Cusa, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. The question is: Is Man serving God, or is he trying to give Him orders? Cusa demonstrated that Man does not have direct knowledge of the Creator, but achieves that knowledge only indirectly through Man's own creative Mind. Cusa didn't try to interpret God; he didn't write: "God said this; God said that." Cusa made it clear that his concept of deity was of a ruler of a universal system, and that the universe operates under that higher authority, which Mankind must recognize. It is here that there is close coordination in the outlooks of Cusa with the Confucian philosophy of China today—as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has emphasized.

There is a process in the universe, LaRouche elaborated, which compels Mankind to grow up, through voluntary submission to that higher knowledge. That is the meaning of Man's unique, willful creativity among all other known species.

That is why, LaRouche continued, it is scientifically accurate to say that environmentalist "green" policies are pro-Satanic, a point with which all valid Christianity agrees, as seen in the example of Cusa. Those who are promoting the authority and views of people like John Schellnhuber, in the context of the upcoming Papal encyclical on climate change, are promoting a Satanic policy. Schellnhuber, Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), advocates the radical "de-carbonization" of the entire planet, which would demonstrably result in the reduction of the planet's population to 1-2 billion people.

LaRouche concluded:

"The Vatican should not be associated with the likes of the Satanic John Schellnhuber."



Putin Announces Deployment of 40 New ICBMs This Year 'Capable of Overcoming Any Missile Defense Systems'

In light of growing threats posed by the West's aggressive anti-Russia military deployment plans, including talk of deploying intermediate-range ballistic missiles on European territory, Moscow is responding sharply and quickly. Russian President Vladimir Putin personally announced that

"This year our nuclear forces will acquire over 40 new ICBMs that will be capable of overcoming any, even the most technically sophisticated, missile defense systems. We did and will pay particular attention to implementing the government's large-scale armament and defense industry modernization program."

Speaking at the opening of the Army-2015 international defense industry forum today, Putin also said: "The share of modern types of weapon should increase to 70 percent by 2020, and in some cases to 100 percent... These are really serious figures," he added, according to Interfax.

Lyndon LaRouche responded to this report of Russia's capability in newly developed weapons, by noting that Russia does not want war, but has made it clear that they will be prepared if it is unavoidable. With Obama in the White House staging more and more provocations on behalf of the British Empire, LaRouche continued, Russia is being presented with the need to respond instantly, and that will mean the extermination of the human species. The current crisis is usefully compared to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, where JFK was able to resolve the situation by getting the Soviet Union to desist. But today, LaRouche added, we have Obama in the White House, the leading nut job on the planet, who has embarked on a path that is leading the world to a war beyond most people's comprehension.

Among the provocations emanating from the Obama White House, is a plan to forward position heavy military equipment in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and Bulgari. On June 15, Tass reported that Poland's Defense Minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, told the Rzeczpospolita daily that during his visit to Washington last May, he had had a discussion with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on setting up such US military depots on the Polish soil.

"The final decisions have not yet been made, but this should happen quickly," he said, according to Tass. The Tass report also pointed out Siemoniak saying that "Poland expects that the rotating presence of US forces in the country will later become permanent, adding that Carter has vowed that the US troops could remain in Poland until at least 2016."

A Major Development: Tsipras To Meet President Putin at St. Petersburg

In a major development, Greek Reporter, citing Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, reported Tuesday that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas will have a working meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 19. The Greek premier will be in St. Petersburg to attend the three-day (June 18-20) St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), and ostensibly the meeting will take place on the sidelines of the forum.

The meeting is of great significance, since the EU, on behalf of the creditors, has exerted the heaviest pressures on Greece to bankrupt and destroy itself. Tsipras had earlier received a formal invitation from the Russian government to join the BRICS New Development Bank, and it was reliably reported that this topic would be discussed during Tsipras's visit to SPIEF. Now, it turns out he will be meeting with Putin, as well as other with Russian representatives.

Besides the urgent issues of the day, Greece and Russia are linked by long historical, cultural, and religious ties. According to the posting in the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs website today, "contacts between the two countries are frequent and include reciprocal visits of the ministerial and political leadership... There is a Joint Inter-ministerial Committee between the two countries on issues of economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation... There are also broad prospects for cooperation in the cultural sector, and by joint decision of the two sides, 2016 will be a Year of Greece in Russia and a Year of Russia in Greece."

The prestigious St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has attracted thousands of important participants this year, despite the efforts of the Obama administration to isolate Russia internationally. Most recently U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, Victoria Nuland's errand boy, called on American corporations to not participate in SPIEF. India's Modi government has announced that Nirmala Sitharaman, India's State Minister for Commerce and Industry, will lead the Indian delegation. Her objective will be to increase India-Russia trade to advance the intent expressed in the Joint Statement issued by President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December 2014. China's delegation to SPIEF will also be the largest ever. 

Obama Fails Again to Ram His TPP Fast-Track Package Through Congress

Having spent the entire weekend twisting arms, making phone calls, and "strategizing" to no avail, the Obama White House had to back off from their plan to hold a re-vote today on the trade-adjustment assistance bill (TAA), the prelude to fast track authorization for the noxious TPP. The best the flailing Obama administration could muster was a House vote of 236-189 Tuesday to go along with a plan to extend until July 30 the deadline for attempting to pass Obama's bill somewhere down the line.

But don't expect Obama and the British to let this go quietly. Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas said the delay would allow House Speaker John Boehner to bring up the issue for a vote at any time in the next six weeks, with no notice. He said Republicans are looking for the ideal time to muscle through a broken trade policy.

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro, one of the leading opponents of Obama's trade plans, was quoted by McClatchy News saying:

"This is one more attempt to play games with the future of hard-working families.''

The ins and outs of the parliamentary shenanigans, backed by backroom and under-the-table arrangements, have to overcome a 76 vote margin for the House to pass the trade-adjustment assistance measure, which is billed as support for people who lose their jobs because of the "trade'' bills themselves. After the assistance measure was defeated by a combination of Democrats (who might otherwise support the measure) and Republicans, Boehner went ahead with a vote on fast-track itself, which passed 219-211. But the Senate version of the bill includes the TAA, and the votes don't exist in the Senate to pass fast-track without the TAA.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was quoted yesterday by the Washington Post saying:

"I think the longer something like this sits out there, the harder it is to bring it back. I think before the summer's out, you've got to have it done. And I think each week that it goes on may make it a little more difficult."

In an op-ed in today's USA Today, Rep. Nancy Pelosi wrote that the era of fast-tracking trade deals is probably coming to a close:

"The benefits of globalization have overwhelmingly flowed to the most affluent and powerful, while the costs have been shouldered by ordinary citizens in both developed and developing nations. I suggest a new global engagement on trade — an engagement that enables voices from all aspects of the world's economies to be heard.''

She suggested going through the United Nations or "in a new conclave created to give voice to representatives of public, private and non-profit organizations.