First Test of the New Presidency: Get Obama Out Now!

June 2, 2015

It is becoming more and more transparent that the world is headed towards strategic confrontation between the Obama Administration and both Russia and China. So long as Barack Obama remains in office as President of the United States, that war danger will persist. It is, therefore, the first order of business of the new presidency to take the lead in forcing Obama's impeachment or removal from office under the provisions of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Events over the weekend have made it clear that there is no way that the United States, or the world as a whole, can survive, if the kinds of overt war provocations that have been carried out by Obama under London/Wall Street orders, persist. The deployment of the USS Ross, an AEGIS-equipped destroyer, into the Black Sea waters near Russia last week sent Russian fighter jets into the air to force the ship to turn around. NATO maneuvers are ongoing in the Baltic, Arctic and Scandinavian regions near the Russian border. Credible reports suggest that Western mercenaries are all over eastern Ukraine, backing up Kiev forces, in what could be a new round of provocations.

The newly installed head of the NATO Military Council, a Czech General, has called for NATO to use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia, ostensibly if Russia carried out a blitz invasion of the Baltic states.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the same escalating provocations are underway, targeted against both Russia and China. After last week's P-8 surveillance overflight over Chinese-claimed reefs in the South China Sea, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter used the occasion of the weekend's Shangri-La Dialogue of Asian defense officials to make new threats against China. Carter went from Singapore to Vietnam and other stops in the region, to drum up naval coordination against China. At Shangri-La, both the Chinese and Russian deputy defense chiefs blasted the U.S. policies, with the Russian openly saying that Washington's pursuit of Prompt Global Strike is a first-strike war plan against both Russia and China.

Russia has announced an ambitious summer of non-stop maneuvers, including of the Strategic Rocket Force, which has now been modernized to a very great extent. This past week, the snap maneuvers of the Central Military District were a clear show of force message to Obama and NATO that Russia will not back down from confrontation.

In the face of this growing madness coming out of the Obama Administration, some relatively sane voices, including Thomas Graham and even Michael O'Hanlon have called for de-escalation and efforts to forge a new European security architecture that once again incorporates Russia as a partner, not adversary. Graham made clear that Ukraine cannot survive without a viable relationship with Russia, and the U.S. should back off from the confrontation.

The bottom line, however, is that Obama must be removed. So long as the British Monarchy has its finger on the U.S. trigger, the world is facing extinction. That is the central issue. So far, the opposition to Obama has taken the form of "issue oriented" opposition. The Patriot Act was delivered a deadly blow on Sunday night. Obama's Fast Track Authority for his TPP and TTIP free trade swindles is likely to be defeated this week in the House of Representatives. While these are useful developments, they do not add up to what is the minimal requirement for mankind to be assured of survival.

There is an emerging potential for a new presidency, based on a revival of the FDR policies for the 21st century. This was most clearly reflected in Martin O'Malley's kickoff speech in Baltimore on Saturday morning. There are qualified, patriotic individuals who can be brought together around a new presidency, much as Lyndon LaRouche has spelled out these urgent requirements in recent public discussions. But that effort must start with a realistic assessment of the grave threat to mankind, represented by Obama remaining in office. And that required action.

The timetable is very brief. On Monday night, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Christine Legarde, Mario Draghi and some of Greece's leading creditors were meeting in Berlin to decide what to do, as Greece can not make the required June IMF loan repayments. A Greek default will trigger a chain-reaction collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, and recent statements by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Paul Krugman have openly acknowledged this reality.

The looming Greek default and ensuing blowout is the most immediate trigger for Obama launching a war against Russia and China--on behalf of the British. The clock is already ticking towards the Friday, June 5 first Greek IMF payment deadline. At this point, it is uncertain exactly what will happen. But the timeframe for a potential eruption of global war is measured in hours and days.



War Danger Becoming More Obvious — Obama Must Be Removed

So long as Obama remains in office as an instrument of the whole Wall Street/London crowd that is desperate over the death of its oligarchical system, the danger of war is on a hair trigger, and that war will be a general war of annihilation of humanity.

The recognition that war is immanent and the picture of how close that is, is reflected in several recent statements:

• In the May 31st Financial Times, Thomas Graham, a U.S. National Security Council senior director for Russia (from 2004 to 2007 during George W. Bush), writes that

"the west needs to avoid over-militarizing its response to what is largely a political challenge [from Russia]...The hard truth is that Ukraine cannot be rebuilt without Russia.... Containment has to be leavened with accommodation."

He says those who talk about a "Putin" problem, don't understand that it is "Russia" that is acting in its strategic interest, and talk about "containing" Russia is just "geo-political malfeasance."

• The Financial Times also ran an editorial warning that "the U.S. should stop grandstanding [against China] via the television cameras and should think hard before it sails warships past Chinese-built islands" [in the South China Sea]. The editorial made heavy reference to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's threats during the Shangri-La Dialogue international meeting of defense chiefs that the U.S. will "fly, sail and operate" over and around Chinese islands.

Brookings' Michael O'Hanlon has a similar call for de-escalation, in an article called "How To Save Ukraine," noting,

"It was encouraging to see Russian President Vladimir Putin and Secretary of State John Kerry meet several weeks ago in Sochi, Russia.  The last thing that the world needs now is another Cold War—much less a possible hot one—involving the world's two nuclear superpowers... [He calls for]...a big idea—an integrated package of policies that Russia, the European members of NATO and the U.S. Would negotiate, with Ukraine input along the way—to create a new and durable security architecture for Eastern Europe."

  Part of the deal he proposes is that there are permanent guarantees that Ukraine and all other Eastern European states not now in NATO never be allowed in, unless Russia approves, and perhaps Russia at some future point decides to join.  Russian cooperation is too important on too many big global issues, he says.

Czech General Proposes Nuclear War To Defend Baltics From Russia

Czech General Petr Pavel, who became the chairman of NATO's Military Committee yesterday, told a security conference in Prague, last week, that he believes Russia is a threat to Europe on par with ISIS, and that Russia could take over Ukraine and the Baltics in two days without a response from NATO. NATO's main problem, he said, is its cumbersome decision making process which involves bringing in all 28 members. The general said:

"NATO is incapable to react properly when the situation changes. The measures Europe takes to counter threats from Russia and ISIL are surprisingly ineffective...The alliance has one significant flaw — the complicated procedure of decision making. NATO embraces 28 member countries, and all of them have to reach an agreement."

NATO would face the question of whether to start war, perhaps nuclear, against Russia over the occupied Baltics, Pavel said, according to the Prague Post.

Pavel apparently didn't consider that, were NATO to employ its nuclear weapons in the way he suggests, life would be over for all of us, a reality noted by the Czech blog "Nova Republika," reports Sputnik.

"The biggest threat to peace is the mantra invented by NATO and a number of European and American politicians that Russia is an aggressor capable of invasion, and that therefore the alliance may launch 'tactical,' limited and 'humane' nuclear strikes against the country in the interests of self-defense.

"Nobody seems to pause to consider that this is how a global nuclear holocaust could begin."