Water Genocide

April 14, 2015

The LaRouche movement's campaign to provide a scientific solution to the deadly drought and self-imposed water crisis that California--like the rest of the planet--is facing, has already produced a dramatic change in the global strategic situation.

"Suddenly we found the water issue had a really evil aspect to it," Lyndon LaRouche commented in his weekly webcast discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. It is less than two weeks since Ben Deniston provided the positive scientific basis for approaching and solving the problem, and now we are seeing an explosion of "Satanic voices," speaking for the British Empire. LaRouche said:

"Now we have people coming out saying there is no solution. You have to kill people en masse. They are out to commit mass murder. There is no difference between what they are doing and Adolf Hitler's operation. And we're getting a Hitlerian operation on the question of the use and supply and access to water...This is not Nazi-like; it's real Nazi content... We are in a contest for humanity and we are on the side of humanity. And the side of Wall Street and its fellow travelers is the Nazi side."

LaRouche explained that this is a global matter, not a national or regional one. South America is saturated with the same problem. We are seeing the identical, Nazi thinking in Ukraine, where our friend and leading political figure Natalia Vitrenko is facing fascist harassment and threats.

The simple, scientific truth, is that the water is there, so long as we develop the science to master the water cycle. Just look at the planet's oceans, for starters. As Ben Deniston has shown, the Sun evaporates prodigious amounts of water from the oceans every day, producing fresh water vapor in the atmosphere. About 90% of that falls back to the ocean as precipitation, but only 10% falls on land. And thus far, mankind has only dealt with the 10% falling on land, of which he uses about 9% on a planetary scale. So we are using less than 1% of the total fresh water that the biosphere, fueled by the Sun, is producing day after day.

But if we discover the solar and galactic scientific principles governing the planetary water cycle, as Deniston demonstrated, if we approach the matter as Kepler did, that will open the door to an entirely new "resource" base for mankind. Because contrary to the British Empire's bestial view of man, resources are not finite; they are defined and augmented by mankind's creative scientific advances.

LaRouche further remarked:

"The problem is that the oligarchy is incompetent, intrinsically," LaRouche elaborated. "What they are saying is, in effect, fraudulent. For example, the problem in California is that the authorities are incompetent on the subject of water, and yet they have control of the opinions and the minds of the population. And they are using that to perpetrate a mass murderous fraud against the people of California."

The United States must banish such scientific incompetence, and join with China and other BRICS nations in extending man's dominion over the Earth, the Solar System and beyond. "The United States as it is presently ruled," LaRouche stated, "is a disaster, and won't even exist if these policies continue." The next Presidency must be shaped now around the impending presidential announcement of Martin O'Malley, to bring about that change.