London and Its Neo-Nazis Are Pushing Hard for World War

February 23, 2015

Despite the fact that the ceasefire, negotiated between Putin, Poroshenko, Merkel, and Hollande, is moving forward in eastern Ukraine, there is a concerted drive, spearheaded from London, to provoke a general war with Russia, in the immediate days ahead. Victoria Nuland's house pet, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was on Fox TV on Sunday, peddling the lie that there is no ceasefire and Russia is engaged in a full invasion of eastern Ukraine. These words echoed statements over the weekend by an ever more hysterical British government, claiming that Putin is on the verge of conquering the Baltic states, and that new draconian sanctions must be imposed on Moscow. Obama, while feeling pressure from France and other European allies to withhold arms from the Ukrainian military, is also threatening heavy new sanctions—the economic equivalent of all-out war.

LaRouchePAC rally in New York City at Columbus Circle on February 21, 2015.

What should be increasingly clear, is that this London-directed war drive is itself driven by the panic in the City and on Wall Street, over the hopeless bankruptcy of the entire trans-Atlantic British empire financial system. Greece is the detonator, and the decision on Friday by Eurozone finance ministers, to extend the current bailout deal, for another four months, is simply based on the fact that no one is prepared to pull the trigger on the entire trans-Atlantic financial system. Liam Halligan, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, warned that the Euro experiment is dead, and the only way out is to organize an orderly Greek exit from the Euro, as the first step in a return to separate and sovereign currencies for all of Europe.

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized on Sunday that such a move must begin with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall in the United States and throughout Europe. Only a return to a Hamiltonian credit system can avert world war and launch a new Renaissance.

Significant circles in Washington are worried that we are in the kind of period in which the oligarchy, in its desperation to hang on to a dead system, will resort to high-level political assassinations to get their way. The obvious list of BRICS and allied heads of state is of paramount concern. These circles warn that Obama and his CIA Director John Brennan could easily be on the side of the assassins. What is driving London doubly insane, is the rise of the BRICS as the seed of a new, just world financial order—free from the power of oligarchy.

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According to news reports, Right Sector killer Andriy Parubiy is heading to Washington this week to make a pitch for lethal aid to Ukraine. Hollande and even Merkel concluded days ago that a U.S. arms shipment to Ukraine can be the trigger for general war, and this informed their concerted efforts, along with Putin, to reach a deal in Minsk on Feb. 12. The now publicly acknowledged neo-Nazis—like Parubiy—are the key tools of London in the current war drive, and they, along with their troop leader Victoria Nuland, need to be bounced from any power if the war is to be prevented. Obama needs to be either removed from office or rendered so powerless that he can no longer carry out London and Wall Street's orders.

We have some important flanks in this fight. HSBC, the Crown Jewel of the British Dope, Inc. apparatus, is going down, and this is the fruit of a long-running effort, dating back to the original, late 1978 publication of the book Dope, Inc., that exposed the role of HSBC—then the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Company—as the central clearinghouse bank for the world's opium trade. Since 1865, Hong Shang has been in the dope business—as the exclusive agents of the British Crown—and nothing has changed in that arrangement right up to the present moment. It is that Dope, Inc. apparatus that Obama, Holder, and Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch are adamantly protecting. That, alone, represents sufficient cause to remove Obama from office—this week.





Liam Halligan Calls for Grexit, Pronounces Euro Doomed

Liam Halligan, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, called for Greece to negotiate an orderly exit from the Euro. Beyond that sensible approach, Halligan went much further, equating the Troika deal with Greece with the 1919 Versailles Treaty, which imposed killer reparations payments on Germany, and led to world war. While Halligan noted that he doubted there would be a war in Europe as the direct result of the Troika looting of Greece, he concluded that the entire Euro system is doomed—and the major European powers are too stubborn and too blind to see the inevitable.

After quoting from John Maynard Keynes' famous denunciation of Versailles, Halligan reviewed the stand-off at Friday's meeting of Eurozone finance ministers, which put off a decision on Greece for four months:

"Without it, creditor payments would have seen Greece running out of cash as early as next month. That would have sparked default and bank-run across the systematically important, state-owned Greek banks, with the country crashing out of the eurozone. Contagion would then have spread, upending financial markets worldwide. That is why Mr Varoufakis has been so regularly on the phone to his US counterpart Jack Lew, providing updates."

Halligan forecasted that ultimately, Germany would have to make concessions to the Greeks, but that this would, itself, trigger political instability throughout Europe, translating into political victories for anti-EMU parties in upcoming elections this year in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and boost similar parties throughout Europe, including in Germany, creating a Europe-wide "anti-Brussels mandate."

Halligan concluded:

"The best outcome of these negotiations, long term, would be for the two sides to agree to differ, acknowledging the single currency is a dangerous nonsense and make all efforts to secure for Greece, and whichever other countries want it, the closest we can get to an 'orderly exit...' The euro will eventually break up. But, before it does, we'll see a lot more democratic transgressions as big countries, aided by the Brussels machine, impose their will on smaller neighbours... I'm not predicting war in Western Europe. But I am saying the eurozone will generate ever-rising tensions and spiralling financial instability until it finally implodes or is deliberately dismantled. Some of us predicted that years ago—and now it is coming to pass."

Will HSBC Probes Sink Loretta Lynch?

The British and Swiss governments are moving ahead with investigations into allegations of HSBC's global tax evasion conspiracy, centered in its private bank in Geneva, but, according to Reuters, the bank executives' biggest fear is that the US Department of Justice will be forced to reopen its investigation and reopen the 2012 deferred prosecution agreement that let HSBC and its top officials off the hook, in exchange for a $1.9 billion fine.

This week, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has scheduled a Feb. 26 vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the next Attorney General. However, she has been given nine questions about her involvement in the HSBC deferred prosecution deal, in her capacity as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and the answers may determine whether her nomination survives or sinks.

This week, HSBC is due to release its annual financials for 2014, and the bank will declare $21 billion in pre-tax profits. While that figure is down 7 percent from 2013, the release of that data is likely to put a renewed spotlight on the bank's global criminal operations.

Herve Falciani, the IT employee who delivered the evidence of the global tax evasion scheme to French prosecutors, and is now under French government protection against Swiss criminal theft charges, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa this week that the HSBC case is the tip of the iceberg, and that the entire offshore financial empire is one gigantic criminal enterprise, with all of the too-big-to-fail banks engaging in the same swindles.

This week, Executive Intelligence Review will be publishing an extensive report on the HSBC Royal crime syndicate, with detailed background on the LaRouche movement's 35-year war against the Dope, Inc. apparatus, centered around HSBC.

British Hysteria Against Russia Drives Threat of World War

It should not be surprising that the hysteria against Moscow for its alleged transgressions in Ukraine is really coming from London. It began last week, when British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon claimed that the Baltic countries were Russia's next target. He was followed by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw a day later, who warned that Russian irregular warfare could undermine NATO decision making. Then, yesterday, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in London to meet with British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond. With Hammond by his side, Kerry threatened further sanctions against Russia. Former Defense Secretary Liam Fox, in a Feb. 21 op-ed in the Daily Telegraph, called for providing weapons to the Kiev regime—"the capabilities they most require in order to defend themselves against the military superiority of the pro-Russian separatists and their Kremlin allies."

Now, Prime Minister David Cameron has joined the chorus, saying yesterday in Glasgow:

"What we need to do now is to deliver the strongest possible message to Putin and to Russia that what has happened is unacceptable, that the ceasefires need to hold and if they don't there will be more consequences, more sanctions, more measures. The truth here is that we have to be clear that we're prepared to do this for the long term and that Russia should not make the mistake of thinking in any way that America, Britain, France or Germany will be divided or will be weak. We won't. We'll be staunch, we'll be strong, we'll be resolute, and in the end, we'll prevail."

The prevailing defense policy of the Cameron government, however, ever since the 2010 Strategic Defense and Security Review, has been to cut the hide out of the military budget, something for which Cameron himself has been under increasing criticism. The flight, last week, of two Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers around Cornwall has served to put the spotlight on the shrinking capabilities of the Royal Air Force, particularly its lack of surveillance and intelligence-gathering aircraft. In the midst of that hysteria, the Telegraph opines that the decision to cut Britain's military "now looks like a big mistake," in hindsight. "No one can predict the nature of future threats," the Telegraph editorial concludes. "Hence, let us be prepared for anything." The problem, of course, is that the shrinkage of Britain's armed forces has done nothing to slow the Empire's drive for World War III, something that the Telegraph neglects to acknowledge.

The only sign of sanity in all of this comes from former Foreign Secretary William Hague who ruled out the possibility of the UK sending arms to the Kiev regime. "We are not planning, as the UK, to send arms to Ukraine. It has not been our approach in any of the conflicts in recent years to send arms into those conflicts," Hague told the BBC, adding that one has "to think very, very carefully" before sending additional weapons to a conflict zone.