LaRouchePAC Livestream: January 17th International Schiller Institute Event

January 12, 2015

International Schiller Institute Event: BRICS Nations Realize Dr. King's Dream: Economic Justice ...

More than 200 people came together at Riverside Church in New York City January 17, under the auspices of the Schiller Institute, to launch the next phase of mobilization for the United States to return to its Hamiltonian roots, and join the BRICS. As befit the fact that the event occurred on the weekend of the Martin Luther King commemoration, the conference was dedicated to the subject: "BRICS Nations Revive Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream: Economic Justice Is an Inalienable Right."

After a gripping video of an interview given by Dr. King in 1967, in which he eloquently explained why he had opposed the Vietnam War, the audience was treated to a series of musical offerings from Handel's Messiah, one of King's favorites.

Lyndon LaRouche then delivered greetings to the conference by video, calling for a "mobilization of the spirit and intention of our republic, which is a task which is located essentially for our attention in the role of Manhattan, of New York City, Hamilton's New York City."

Helga Zepp-LaRouche's keynote address situated the potential for realizing the "beautiful vision of a world without war and terrorism" which Dr. King and the BRICS nations' emerging new world economic order advocate. Here in Manhattan, you have represented both sides of the battle ahead, she said: Wall Street, the ally of the City of London, on the side of the warmongers and terrorists, and the tradition of Hamilton, founder of the American System of Economics and key framer of the Constitution, on the other. Mrs. LaRouche strongly advocated the necessity for the release of the classified 28 pages from the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry, as an essential element of exposing the warmongers today, and elaborated the prospects for dramatic progress for mankind through the BRICS process already underway.

Former U.S. Attorney General (1967-69) Ramsey Clark followed Mrs. LaRouche, on the subject "Martin Luther King, Non-Violence, and American Policy Today," riveting the audience with his account of his personal role in the civil rights march to Montgomery, Alabama in March 1965, and his insistence on changing the horrible truth which Dr. King enunciated at Riverside Church, that "The greatest purveyor of violence on Earth, is my own country."

The BRICS Process was then presented to the audience by a representative of the South African Ambassador to the United Nations, advocate, counsellor, and legal adviser to the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the United Nations, Thembile Joyini.

Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) then addressed the event by video, pledging to "keep beating the drum" for release of the 28 pages from the 9/11 Inquiry, and directing the audience to pressure their Senators and Congressmen for action.

Jeffrey Steinberg, an editor of Executive Intelligence Review, discussed "A Time to Break the Silence: Reversing the Illegal Use of Secrecy from the Assassinations of MLK, RFK, and JFK to the Suppression of Sen. Graham's 28 Pages."

Jason Ross, editor of Twenty-First Century Science and Technology, then concisely summarized the "promised land" which the BRICS nations are building, emphasizing the principles behind the new world economic platform coming into being.

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