Chinese Foreign Minister: We Stand By Russia And Will Help

December 23, 2014

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday reiterated that China views its cooperation with Russia as strategic, and China stands ready to provide any type of assistance Russia needs to face its economic difficulties.

Russia's current "difficulties" being a product of economic warfare waged by the British-Wall Street-Obama group, the Foreign Minister's statement did not go unnoticed by Western media.

"We believe that Russia has the capability and knowledge to overcome the current difficulties in the economy," Wang Yi said. "The China-Russia partnership of strategic coordination remains on a high level. We always provide support and assistance to each other. If the Russian side needs it, we will provide all necessary assistance we can."

Pravda via its website quotes Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Huchang:

"As for some fluctuations on the stock market and currency fluctuations on the foreign exchange market, some equity investors are likely to be interested in that. As for practical cooperation, we remain calm, actively promoting the development of such cooperation."

Pravda reported that Chinese media are reporting that "most likely, China will not offer direct investment to Russia, but prefer to stimulate joint infrastructure and investment projects to support the Russian economy."