Russia Prepares

December 12, 2014

Russia is not an insignificant country, they do not take the question of War lightly, and they are indeed preparing for War. NATO is continuing to encroach on Russia's borders, and actively practicing war games against Russia.

"payment systems are the nuclear bombs of the financial war."
— Wolfgang Muenchau • July, 2014— Spiegel Online

Harsher and harsher language is being used to threaten Russia, from the resolution adopted in the U.S. Congress this week, to Angela Merkel's recent trip to Australia, and there are even insane, blatant calls from the White House that "We will make Russia less secure."

The sanctions imposed upon Russia by the west are tantamount to Economic warfare.

Those actions will make Russia less secure
— Brian McKeon • Dec. 10, 2014— Congressional Testimony

Above and beyond that continuing crime, the Trans-atlantic financial circles are contemplating barring Russia from using the SWIFT payment system, in what Wolfgang Muenchau called "the nuclear [bomb] of financial war." Russia is continuing to build up its military resources, while NATO uses, in the words of Russian Gen. Gerasimov "Fairy tales," to justify their own buildup to the east.

In short, thinking patriots of the United States, whether they be citizens or congressmen or both, should not underestimate the fever pitch of war now breaking out, nor the level of preparedness of the assumed enemy that we would face.

The reality, though, is that Russia should in fact become our closest ally. As a leading member of the BRICS, there is no fundamental reason that we could not or should not be cooperating with Russia, China, India, and the rest of the BRICS nations to assume a leadership role in bringing humankind out of our infancy. No longer must we use wars to resolve conflicts, no longer should we allow any human being to suffer for want of the most basic human needs. No longer can we accept the fact that most of our species lives in squalor and destitution, while the means for their salvation lay readily at hand.

This war threat should remind us, each and all, that human life is too sacred to be wasted for a British tool like Obama, or the British Empire he represents. We must remove him from office immediately, along with Victoria Nuland, and destroy the potential candidacy of Jeb Bush, which would represent the worst possibly continuation and expansion of these terrible, British policies.



Russia Girds for Financial Nuclear War

Vladimir Komlev, the head of the Russian National Payment System (NPS), announced in a Dec. 8 interview with Rossiya 24 TV, that Russia will run a test of its own SWIFT-style bank clearing system on Dec. 15. It will be tested with eight large banks, including VTB bank (#2 in the country), and SMP and Rossiya banks (both sanctioned by the west). Komlev said the new system should be up and running by May 2015. Russia Today reports that this is "part of Russia's ambitious initiative to move away from the Western dominance of its financial markets." Russia has also made it clear that it is working with China on an alternate bank clearing system.

Recall that it was Walter Munchau in the Financial Times who earlier this year called for bringing Russia to its knees "in a week," by expelling it from the SWIFT system, since

"payment systems are the nuclear bombs of the financial war."

On Dec. 3, Andrei Kostin, head of Russia's VTB (Foreign Trade Bank), stated that such steps would constitute a "bright red line" and that, "in my personal opinion, it would mean war, if this type of sanction were introduced."

That same Kostin, back on October 2 told Izvestia: "Two to three years is enough, not only to launch [settlements in rubles], but also to complete these mechanisms."

He said he had made the proposal about a decade ago, but

"I did not find understanding in this matter with the previous leadership of the Central Bank... Under the new leadership the position of the Central Bank changed. I think that soon we will achieve a major breakthrough."

Kostin then described the threat to expel Russia from SWIFT as "a point of no return." He added that Russia has developed its own system, "the Central Bank has tested this system, and we can switch to it at any moment."

On Nov. 14, Ramilya Kanafina, deputy head of the NPS department at the Central Bank of Russia, told the press that Russia would have its own system up and running by May 2015. "Given the challenges, Bank of Russia is creating its own system for transmitting financial messaging.. It's time to hurry up." In September 2014, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov visited Beijing to discuss setting up such a joint system of interbank transactions, and he told the press afterwards: "Yes, we have discussed and we have approved this idea."

Gerasimov: US/NATO Telling "Fairy Tales" To Justify Military Build-up

Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Gerasimov charged yesterday, that NATO was using 'fairy tales' to justify its military build-up in eastern Europe, reports Sputnik News.
"Ground-, sea-based and air forces of the alliance have stepped up their activities in Poland, the Baltic region, and in the Black and Baltic seas," he said, during an address to foreign military attaches in Moscow.
"Military exercises and drills explained by contrived fairy tales of 'threat from the east' have also intensified."

He also said that leaderships of western countries are directly involved in overthrowing legitimate governments in a number of countries. "Throughout the year there were continued attempts of interference in the domestic affairs of a number of sovereign states using the so-called color revolution format," Gerasimov said during a meeting with military attaches from several countries. According to Gerasimov's assessment, "public interest and direct involvement of the political leadership of leading western countries in overthrowing the legitimate state power by using any method cannot but call for our serious concern."

Gerasimov: US Is Trying To Counter Russia's Nuclear Deterrent

General Valeriy Gerasimov, the chief of the general staff of the Russian military, warned today, that the policy of the United States, along with its European allies, is to weaken Russia's military-economic potential. He delivered the pointed message to the widest possible international audience of professionals: some 70 military attaches from 50 countries accredited to Russia.

"Steps are being taken to implement specific measures to weaken Russia's strategic nuclear force," said Gerasimov, according to Tass. "Building up the combat capabilities of the US global missile defense system has been selected as one of the chief means of such counteraction."

Gerasimov said that the military potential

"that is being built up in the European missile defense system on some plausible excuses, in reality surpasses the level necessary for neutralizing the existing and potential missile threats to Europe many-fold...In defiance of our repeated proposals neither the United States, nor the European countries, nor NATO in general wish to guarantee its non-use against Russia."

Gerasimov also said that the United States and NATO take Russia as one of their main geopolitical rivals. "This relates to crisis settlement in Syria, Iranian nuclear program, events in Ukraine, creation of a positioning area of US missile defense system in Europe, and other pressing problems of global security," he said.

NATO Practices for War Against Russia

NATO's war build-up took another step forward this week, with the completion of Exercise Trident Lance, held with 3,700 troops at Grafenwohr, Germany, and other locations. The purpose of the exercise, according to a report in {Stars & Stripes}, was

"improving the effectiveness and reaction time [with which] the Alliance's land forces could respond to an international crisis."

The scenario, S&S further reports, "dealt with the hypothetical invasion of NATO member Estonia." Although planning for the exercise began two years ago, NATO Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove put it squarely in the current context.

"As you have seen over the past few months, Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine have triggered the Alliance to begin a series of assurance and adaptation measures to assure our allies and adapt our military organizations to the new security environment in Europe...Trident Lance is a part of what will be a persistent and continuous level of activity, to include exercises large and small to ensure our forces are prepared to respond on short notice when needed."

Lt. Gen. John Nicholson, the commander of Land Command, said that the exercise showed that the command has finally reached its full operational capability.

"We've learned a tremendous amount through the exercise, but we're also confident that coming out of this exercise we're very capable, and we as an Alliance are capable, of conducting large-scale land operations," Nicholson said.

US War Provocations Against Russia

The US is trumpeting the impending rebasing of two additional Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyers -- the USS Carney and the USS Porter -- to Rota, Spain, in 2015. They'll be joining the USS Donald Cook and the USS Ross, which arrived there earlier this year and have both subsequently spent time in the Black Sea.

"Stationing these [aegis-equipped] naval assets in Spain places them in a position to maximize their operational flexibility for missions in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and allows these ships to operate forward and have access to the strategic crossroads. It also allows a rapid response to any crisis, which in itself, is a significant deterrent,"

US Naval Forces Europe, the navy component of United States European Command, told Sputnik News.

Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland's boy in Kiev, Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyiuk, declared, December 10th, that the Kiev regime will be moving forward with aligning Ukraine with NATO.

"The law that was passed as a bribe to Russians, on the so-called non-bloc status of Ukraine, should be cancelled. Ukraine will adopt a new law on the foundations of domestic and foreign policy, where the non-bloc status will be cancelled and the Ukrainian army should meet NATO standards," he said.

McKeon to Congress: We Will Make Russia Less Secure

Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Brian McKeon told the House Foreign Affairs Committee, December 10th that Russia is not in compliance with the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty, and that military measures are in preparation to "make Russia less secure." McKeon accused Russia of breaking multiple treaties: Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, the Threshold Test Ban Treaty, the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, the Treaty on Open Skies, the INF Treaty, and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

He said Russia denies non-compliance, so the US is preparing "diplomatic, economic and strategic" responses.

"We do not want to find ourselves engaged in an escalatory action/reaction cycle as a result of Russia's decision to possess INF Treaty- prohibited weapons. However, Russia's lack of meaningful engagement on this issue, if it persists, will ultimately require the United States to take actions to protect its interests and security along with those of its allies and partners. Those actions will make Russia less secure."