Harkin Joins Schumer in Attacking Obamacare, Says Dems ‘Blew It’

December 4, 2014

Retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) told The Hill in an interview that the Democrats should not have passed Obamacare, but should have held out for a single-payer system or a public option.

"We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified healthcare, made it more efficient, and made it less costly, and we didn't do it," Harkin told The Hill.

"So I look back and say we should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all... What we did is we muddled through and we got a system that is complex, convoluted, needs probably some corrections and still rewards the insurance companies extensively."

Harkin pointed out, in contrast to those deluded souls who claim that Obama had no choice, that in 2009 the Democrats had the votes to enact a single-payer or similar system, and that the Democrats should have gone on an [fdr-style] "hundred-days" mobilization.

"We had the votes in '09. We had a huge majority in the House, we had 60 votes in the Senate," he said.

Harkin believes Congress should have enacted

"single-payer right from the get-go or at least put a public option would have simplified a lot," adding, "We had the votes to do that and we blew it."