LaRouche: The Center of the World Is Not the United States; The Center Now Lies With China & Russia

November 15, 2014

In discussion on Saturday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that contrary to the insanity of Obama, who claimed in Brisbane, Australia at the G-20 summit, that the United States is the "only superpower in the world," the future of the planet lies elsewhere. It does not lie in the US or Europe. The U.S. is in fact a systemic failure. As a result, the center of the world is not the United States; it now lies with China and Russia. The Russia-China relationship is crucial, the Putin-China relationship.

The situation in the U.S. is worse every day. The Republican role is no blessing. In fact, the Republican party is the Hitler fascist party. The Democrats are also bad. They don't have any guts; instead they are just stumbling around. They have failed to meet the challenge of the Republican Party.

No one in the United States is addressing the reality faced by the people of the United States. They are all fakers. And the citizens themselves are stupid, because of their pragmatism. The immediate context for LaRouche's remarks is the fact that while Russia and China, among other BRICS nations, and some other nations in South America and elsewhere, like Argentina and Egypt, are fighting for a just new world economic order, as evidenced by the recent APEC conference in Beijing, and the BRICS meeting, which just occurred in Brisbane, Australia, prior to the G-20 meeting. the United States, under British agent Obama, plus other members of the Gang of 7, are out to ruin what Russia and China are fighting to create.

In Beijing last week, China and Russia continued to build concrete momentum towards a new planetary, and ultimately, solar order, committed to the mutual benefit of all peoples, based on economic development and mastery of the laws of the universe, as defined by Johannes Kepler, for the benefit of mankind.

Today's BRICS meeting in Brisbane continued that process, as the five core nations discussed the progress they are making toward the implementation and operation of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA). In contrast to Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and other leaders of the G-7, who are thoroughly committed to destroying Russia and China as the main obstacles to continued British imperial rule, the BRICS nations are committed to an inclusive policy of creating peace based on development, the driver of which is the Chinese lunar program.

Instead of embracing the policies of the BRICS, Obama and Cameron, among others, have attempted to use the G-20 Summit to try to bully Putin, in particular, because Russia under his leadership has refused to capitulate to the Nazi coup Obama and the EU have carried out in Ukraine.

Among the gaggle targeting Putin is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her policy of pursuing the British, anti-Russian policy, against the actual interests of Germany itself, LaRouche said, is one of the greatest threats to Europe now.

Under these circumstances, only a fundamental revolutionary change in the United States can ensure that the gift of the future, which China and Putin represent for humanity, will not be squandered and ruined. Only if China and Russia are supported in their efforts, by political forces in the United States, as insisted upon by Lyndon LaRouche, can disaster be avoided and can humanity achieve its destiny.