China’s successful December 2013 landing of their Yutu rover on the Moon has brought a new focus to the importance of our planetary neighbor for the future of mankind. As has been highlighted by leading Chinese officials, the Moon’s surface is filled with the a special fusion fuel, practically absent from the Earth—Helium-3. With China’s return to the lunar surface, Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that a program for the economic development of the Moon in conjunction with a crash program for fusion power would be one of the most important scientific driver programs for mankind. In collaboration with members of his Basement scientific team, LaRouche addressed the importance of this program in his August 8, 2014 webcast, stating,

Mastering nuclear fusion is the essential next stage in long-term human development. Forget making electricity: mastering fusion is as important as leaving the stone age or developing the steam engine. Jason Ross puts fusion, specifically helium-3 fusion, in the context of three stages of man: physical (the stone age), chemical, and nuclear.

"We know that the greatest power in the Solar System, accessible to us, now, the greatest power available to mankind in the Solar System, now, is what? It’s the Moon. It’s the helium-3 on the Moon. That’s the greatest power. Now, what if we should decide to take this great power, which is there, the Moon power — it’s more powerful than anything on Earth. The Moon is more powerful than anything on Earth! And, China’s working with the Moon!”
Lyndon LaRoucheAugust 8, 2014 Webcast


By Natalie LovegrenThe unique presence of helium-3 on the Moon will provide for us an abundant and powerful source of fuel for energy on Earth, and will be the basis for exploration of and settlement on other heavenly bodies. Attaining this superior fusion fuel will be the keystone to any proposed program for economic development for any nation on Earth or for any advances in space.

By Creighton JonesWhile the economy of the United States stands at the verge of collapse, hobbling along under the weight of the London-Wall Street money system, China is on a trajectory upward, propelled by its orientation toward an “American System”-style science driver economic policy and a defense of national sovereignty.

Interview with Dr. Gerald KulcinskiDr. Kulcinski is the Director of the University of Wisconsin Fusion Technology Institute, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering, and Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering. The Institute has done pioneering experimental work using advanced helium-3 fuel to produce fusion energy.


"Helium-3 is really complex problem, a very complex problem. In some ways it’s not complex, but it’s also complex. And therefore, what it means is, that when we’re dealing with Kepler, our friend Kepler who founded this whole system, the first one to successfully do so, that we find we have powers, mankind, has powers at will, to create a change in the Solar System. And this is not the practice of something. This is a modification of the Solar System, made by the will of mankind. And our challenge is to achieve the ability to do that, and that’s what it’s all about… Kepler understood, that there were forms of action in the universe, beyond the powers of mankind as mankind usually thinks of them, and that is what’s important. Our job is to make discoveries of the principles of science, the true principles of science, to make those discoveries, and to apply those discoveries, to making what is possible, what otherwise seems impossible. And that’s the challenge."
Lyndon LaRoucheAugust 22, 2014 Webcast

Discover the Kepler Principle

The May 28, 2014 New Paradigm for Mankind show features a presentation by Megan Beets on Kepler’s discovery of the harmonic organization of the Solar System, followed by a discussion with LaRouche.

Relive Kepler's Discovery

LaRouche’s Basement science team has developed a series of pedagogical websites designed to take the reader through a re-experiencing of the original discoveries of Johannes Kepler, from his original works.

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A December 2013 Interview with Kesha Rogers, former candidate and Democratic nominee for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas in 2010, 2012, and former candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014.

A January 2014 discussion with Lyndon LaRouche on the weekly New Paradigm for Mankind show.

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By Liona Fan-ChiangWith the rise of a new strategic alliance on the planet centered around the BRICS nations, comes the potential for a scientifically valid conception of the creative nature of mankind to govern the planet, and beyond.

By Megan BeetsThe achievement of controlled fusion has been at mankind's fingertips for decades. Had the trajectory established in the early decades of the U.S. fusion program continued, mastery of fusion as a power source would already be providing nations of the world with virtually unlimited energy, would have created a qualitative transformation in our powers of industry, transportation, and medicine, and would have completely revolutionized our species' power to transform the conditions of life on our planet through unprecedented rates of physical economic growth and development.