LaRouche: Bill Clinton Could Save the United States

August 21, 2014

Upon reviewing the political developments occurring in Eurasia, in Europe, in South America and in the United States, Lyndon LaRouche declared that the only U.S. political figure who could bring the United States on par with this rapidly shifting global dynamic, is Bill Clinton, particularly the former President's comprehension, back in 1999, that the world "needs a new financial architecture."

Mr. LaRouche asked, "the question is: how are we going to handle the situation, in such a way that Bill Clinton is going to be able to be the lever that causes the dumping of Boehner and so forth, and a lot of other things that need to be removed. And to take that very seriously because that has to be a very serious commitment. Without it, you don't have a nation. He's a very far-thinking person, so he already knows that I said. He'll settle himself in.

"We are in a situation where we have the ability, the means, in order to set control over the United States. We're at that point right now, that the only agency which is functioning as a Presidential feature, not as a candidate, but as a feature, a Presidential feature, who is capable of mobilizing enough of the U.S. population, to create a Presidency of the quality needed. That is Bill Clinton and there is no one else presently on the scene or in sight, who's capable of playing that problem. That's where we are."

"And "Boner," these creeps, do you think any of those creeps, that are crawling around the Congress right now, the Senate and so forth, do you think any of these creeps are worth anything? Do you think you want any of them, to be a leadership, a part of the leadership, of the United States government? Are you not determined that no such creature shall come near the Presidency?

"Governments are created, they are not made, and we have to {create} a government. We have one candidate who at this point is capable, of leading that charge, and that is Bill Clinton, not his poor wife, who's sodden in various ways. She's not important. {She has no historic importance in history at this time.} And all we have is a guy who was once a President, who is not running for President right now, but who is going to be, the determinant of the Presidency of the United States, or else. Or else, there's nothing. That's the situation as it stands right now."