London's European System is Breaking Apart; Only LaRouche's Helium-3 Science Driver Offers a Way Out

August 14, 2014

The planet has reached a turning point, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized today, where all of the nations heretofore part of Europe may blow up in the days and weeks immediately ahead. The system is already breaking apart, now, and an entirely new system, based on a totally different metric of value, has begun to take its place. A sharp inversion of values is taking place across the planet, LaRouche stated, where physical economic values driven by China's lead in a planetary Helium-3/fusion science driver program, trump all fraudulent financial considerations.

We are in the throes of a breakdown crisis of the trans- Atlantic system, LaRouche stated, and the sooner we in the United States and Europe realize that, and act to change our ways, the better. Little time remains, with the threat of thermonuclear war looming as a result of the British Empire's bankruptcy.

The real unemployment rate in Italy has hit 25%, according to the latest Confindustria study. It's good that they are recognizing it, said LaRouche; it was inevitable.

The economic sanctions between Europe and Russia "are a catastrophe for the whole of Europe," in the words of a desperate Austrian farm leader? Of course, LaRouche stated; what did they expect?

Germany's factory orders from the rest of Europe plunged by 10.4% in June. As LaRouche has repeatedly noted, Angela Merkel's view of value is idiotic and unscientific, so you can blame her for such developments.

As Europe shatters under the weight of the British Empire's lunatic policies, half of humanity—the half brought together at the mid-July BRICS/Unasur summit in Brazil—has simply jumped ship from the sinking trans-Atlantic financial system, and is rapidly consolidating agreements based on the development of their physical economic common interests.

    * Argentina and Russia are quickly moving forward with trade deals involving both food and high-technology areas such as nuclear and space, a fact documented in a seven-minute news report featured on Russian state TV, Rossiya 1, on August 10. A high-level Argentine trade mission is scheduled to arrive in Moscow on August 19. As Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner explained in a July 23 speech right after the BRICS summit: "There are new actors who don't want to bash your head in, but rather want to cooperate with you to see if, together, we can get this huge car that is the world today, moving."

    * Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has similarly responded to pathetic European Union pressure on Ibero-America to not replace the EU's exports to Russia, by sharply noting: "We don't need anyone's permission to sell food products to friendly countries."

    * Russian and Indian experts likewise held a teleconference yesterday to discuss increased cooperation, since "our countries are strategic partners," in the words of one participant from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tatyana Shaumyan. "It is especially important for Russia to cooperate within the BRICS grouping... as Europe and the United States are trying to escalate economic pressure on Moscow," Itar-Tass quoted her saying.

    * And China's official People's Daily pointed to the role played by such new understanding, based on new values, in defusing the danger of provocations for war, including Obama's actions in the South China Sea: "The U.S. underestimates the win-win relationship between China and Asian countries. Both the construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and the founding of the Asian Infrastructure Bank indicate that China and Asian countries are bound by a common cause."

The actual driving force behind that "common cause"—not just of Asia, but of all mankind—is the program for the proximate development of Helium-3-fueled fusion power, as humanity's next step to assert our mind's dominion over the Earth, the Solar System, and beyond.

The success in fulfilling those "common aims of mankind" will depend in large measure on the United States rejoining and leading that effort; and that in turn rests heavily on the shoulders of Lyndon LaRouche and his political-philosophical movement. As LaRouche has specified, that power of dominion is the real meaning of value: to quote Nicholas of Cusa, "Mind is a substantial form of power."

Cover Image by:Stephen Nakatani