LaRouche: We've Got a Problem: Obama's Nero Complex

April 12, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama has a Nero Complex, which was proven beyond a doubt in his performance at the recent G20 summit in London, and continues to be demonstrated in his ongoing trip to Europe.

"That's what we're up against, and we're going to lose the country unless this thing is brought under control," Lyndon LaRouche said today. "We have a President who was just inaugurated recently, with a Nero Complex, in the middle of a crisis, doing all the wrong things suddenly. We've got a problem!

"And you have to think about the Emperor Nero here, if you want to understand what this is all about. Which is what he has made himself appear to be, by this summit in London. He betrayed the United States, and he betrayed many people who had confidence in him as being an honest man. This whole operation was dishonest; he was engaged in a deception," LaRouche said.

LaRouche referred to the way Obama summarily banished Paul Volcker from his circle of economic advisors when he didn't like what Volcker was saying. "What was experienced by Volcker is simply an expression of the Nero problem. You see the way he's stripping off people that he's adopted as cabinet circles, and similar kinds of circles. One by one, as with Nero, they're going. One by one. The guy has a rotten streak in him. He betrayed the U.S. He did! He betrayed the United States."

On Obama's April 5 speech in Prague, where he embraced the Bush policy of placing missile defense systems in Europe, contrary to his own earlier statements, LaRouche said: "He's switching everything! Emperor Nero! Watch who's the next Seneca."

Seneca, who had been a critical advisor to Nero, was ordered by Nero to kill himself. He followed tradition by severing several veins in order to bleed to death, and his wife Pompeia Paulina attempted to share his fate.

"Nero is the fellow who told the guy who was his sponsor to go over and commit suicide by cutting his veins and dying in his bathtub," LaRouche noted. "And the issue is, the way that the Obama Administration is going now, that threatens to be the destiny of anyone who is a member of the Obama Administration.

"The way Obama is acting strongly suggests that he is a Narcissus case," LaRouche elaborated, "which has been shown in this connection with his changes in behavior in his visit to London and Europe. This has shown that the man has a chronic Narcissus complex like that of the Emperor Nero."

"He is fickle, fickle, fickle! Don't put any credence in interpreting what he says. We've already had an example of that. We saw what he pretended to be, up to a certain point. He went to London, and then he showed us what he really is. That's already established. That's not something that's debatable. That is a fact! And I know people get frightened when I say things like that, but you have to face reality. That's what our problem is.

"The guy got in and he fooled us. The possibility of that was clear," LaRouche explained. "We dealt with it, but we didn't have it. We didn't have concrete evidence, and that's because people were covering this thing up. So now what's happened is he's now in power, and what he really is, has been exposed. People were looking for a political commitment as the issue—that he had a different political commitment. And what you find out is he had no political commitment; he had an ego commitment. It's a Narcissus Complex."

LaRouche also took note of the growing opposition to Obama's top economic advisor Larry Summers: "This thing is not a Summers scandal," LaRouche explained. "What you are really talking about with this case is a much more interesting story. Many of us realize that Obama is really a Nero type; then they themselves got on the wrong end of his anger, and are not taking it lightly. Some of these people also have a historic, patriotic motive, and recognize that this guy is betraying the country. So now he's going to find himself, for those and related reasons, in all kinds of trouble. And although they will not go after him directly, they will peel off his apparatus," beginning with Summers, who is among the most vulnerable.

"It wasn't Summers that was caught. Summers was protected by the President. And now the President, being who he is, will abandon Summers. Anybody who can become inconvenient to Nero gets abandoned."

LaRouche concluded: "The Emperor Nero is not a popular institution inside the U.S. And we have to think in terms of the Emperor Nero, otherwise you don't understand Obama."